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At the ranch, Victor tells Nikki she looks radiant and wonders if it means he’s in trouble. She’s just excited about their trip to Italy! Victor hums and haws. “Do you think we could postpone the trip?” Nikki demands to know why he’s had a change of heart. Victor claims Connor needs support, but Nikki points out he has Adam to look after him and Summer need his support too. Victor agrees to go.

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In the park, Chelsea thanks Dr. Hedges for the field trip as an orderly from the mental hospital looks on, making sure she doesn’t bolt. Chelsea wants Hedges to contact Chloe to come and meet her. The doctor explains someone else is here. Adam appears. She asks if he brought Connor, but Adam informs her she’s made a huge mistake. Hedges leaves, and Adam informs Chelsea that Victor knows she tried to blackmail the doctor. He points out if she exposes him, she’d have to admit she faked her breakdown and will go to prison. All she’s done is prove to Victor she’s a loose cannon. Chelsea argues that she had to find a way to get out of that hospital. She insists she doesn’t want to go on the run with Connor. Adam appreciates her confessing so he could get his life back and will try talk to his dad, but she needs to continue her treatment. She argues that there’s nothing wrong with her. Adam debates the point and warns her to play by the rules and let him help her.
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Michael greets Kevin, Chloe and Myles at Society and tells them Lauren is too busy at work to join them since Summer bolted. He swerves to Chelsea’s case and admits he’s curious about what she and Chloe talk about during their visits. Chloe points out she doesn’t judge her, and they debate. Chloe doesn’t condone her pal’s response to the photo of Sharon and Adam, but she doesn’t think Chelsea should be separated from her child either. Kevin tries to change the subject, but Michael doesn’t bite. He asks if Chloe believes Chelsea is capable of being a mother right now. Chloe blames Adam for her issues. Michael wonders why she’s working for him then. Chloe’s trying to ensure Chelsea has a job to come home to. Michael notes the people closest to Chelsea seem to think she’s going to bounce back from this serious mental illness quickly… almost as though she weren’t that sick to begin with. He next questions how Chelsea acted alone and muses that whoever aided and abetted her got away with it… this time. Chloe gets a text and has to go.
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At Crimson Lights, Faith, Rey and Sharon joke and chat about Miami. Rey takes off for his run and Faith tells her mother things seem good between them. She wonders if it will be a problem that Adam’s moved in next door. Sharon thought Rey might be upset about it but he seems fine. She asks how Faith feels about it. Faith says he has every right to be there but she won’t be happy if he messes with her mom’s marriage to Rey again.

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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby enters the room as Nina’s concluding a call with Christine and asks if it was about Chance. Nina relays she has no new information. Abby explains that Mariah had a last minute business trip last night — she texted her from the airport. Soon, Tessa appears and reports that she texted Mariah last night, but she never responded… and she still hasn’t. Tessa speculates that she may be shopping… she didn’t even pack a bag to take with her. Nina wonders if she’s finished up and on her way home. Abby decides she’ll call Jack and get the scoop. She leaves him a voicemail asking for Mariah’s hotel information and asks him to get back to her.
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At Newman Media, Adam updates Victor on his visit with Chelsea in the park. Victor figures she’d agree to anything right now and is still concerned she’d run off with Connor. Adam debates the point, but Victor doesn’t trust her and says, “She’s a dangerous woman.”
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In the park, Chloe shows up to meet Chelsea, who reports that Adam was there and knows she faked her breakdown. Chloe doesn’t trust him, but he did give her a job, so he may do the right thing. Rey jogs by and comes to a halt. “What are you doing here?” Chelsea claims she’s on an outing for good behavior and Chloe suddenly has to go. Rey thinks she seemed a little nervous. Chelsea figures he must be used to being intimidating. Rey asks if Chelsea’s seen Connor. She tells him Adam’s being protective; she’ll have to keep the faith. Rey wonders if she envisions leaving town with the boy. She feels he deserves to know his family. Rey wishes her luck on her recovery and jogs off.
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At Crimson Lights, Connor enthuses to Sharon about the horses on the ranch and she tells him Faith won trophies for riding. Adam asks how Faith’s doing, and she appears. Sharon suggests she give Connor some riding pointers and she offers to take him today. Connor’s stoked. The pair go to the kitchen for brownies and Adam tells Sharon it will be special for Connor to grow up around Faith; it’s almost like a big sister.
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Talk turns to Chelsea, and Adam reveals she could be released soon. Sharon wonders how much he’s told Connor. Adam replies that he only knows she had complications after surgery and is back in the hospital. Rey appears and announces he saw Chelsea in the park. Connor overhears and is confused — he thought she was in the hospital. Rey tells the kid she misses him.
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Connor asks Adam to take him to see her. He shoots Rey a look and says he’ll look into it. They step aside and Adam tells Rey he wishes he hadn’t said anything about Chelsea. Rey agrees it’s not his business, but adds anyone can see how much Connor misses his mother. Meanwhile, Sharon listens as Connor tells Faith their ride may have to wait — he hasn’t seen him mom in a long time and really misses her.
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At Society, Kevin is upset to hear that Chloe left Michael’s interrogation to go see Chelsea. “When is this going to stop?” He fumes that the only reason she’s not facing charges is because his brother is the D.A. Chloe argues the case is closed. Kevin warns Chelsea is still fighting with the Newmans and she could get caught in the crossfire. “Our family cannot afford to lose you again!”
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At the Chancellor Estate, Tessa plays a song she’s writing for the baby for Nina and Abby. Abby gets a call back from Jack and learns he had no idea Mariah was leaving town. They’re all taken aback, but feel sure Mariah will have an explanation.
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At the park, Chelsea asks for two more minutes. She sits and breathes deeply. Suddenly, Connor comes roaring up shouting, “Mom!” Chelsea embraces her sweet boy and looks up at Adam, who is smiling.

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