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At the hotel, Lily tells Nate that MD Now has taken off because he’s the face of it, and Billy chimes in about the numbers. He then claims a colleague is having trouble catching his breath and an oncologist is involved. “That’s not a good sign, is it?” Nate isn’t impressed at trying to be tricked into going on the record for a story. Lily insists they’re just concerned about the person. Nate concedes that it could be a sign of lung cancer, but he can’t make a diagnosis and hopes their friend seeks treatment as soon as possible. He has to go, and Lily’s happy to hear he’s off to Devon’s and that they’re in a good place — and that he and Elena are in a good place as well. Once alone, Lily tells Billy she knows what he’s up to next and he has her full support.
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In Ashland’s suite, he tells Victoria that spending time with her is making him inevitable and he gets the benefit of knowing his legacy is secure, but she will have to witness his decline. Vikki brings up treatments again, but he’s unwilling to consider it. “I need to know that you accept my decision.” Victoria never considered that he might not try to beat this, but Ashland doesn’t have time to waste. He has to secure his legacy for Harrison. Victoria says their deal would accomplish that. Ash tells her she’s the only one he can count on. She pleads with him to try the treatment so he can have more time with his son. Ashland wants to live the time he has left to the fullest. Victoria just wants to keep him around as long as she can, but agrees to accept his terms. “We have a deal.”
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Victoria enters the lobby to find Billy waiting. “How’s Ashland feeling?” She stops short. Billy offers to make it an exclusive — she can tell him when Locke plans to admit the truth about his condition. Victoria snarks about him speculating, but Billy claims that an unimpeachable source confirmed he has cancer. Victoria is angry about him digging into Ashland’s personal affairs. He gathers by her response that it’s true and is concerned about her. “How long does he have?” Victoria informs him he should leave this to the tabloids — it’s beneath him — and walks out.

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Billy pays Ashland a visit in his suite. He’s 90% sure he’s suffering from a terminal illness and figures he’s scared, but willing to face reality. Billy thinks they share a certain vitality and wants to take over Locke Communications. Ashland’s certain he can’t afford it. Billy vows he will make him an offer, and whether they do a deal now or down the road, he can ease out of this empire smoothly knowing his company has been left in the best hands. Ashland snarks about Billy’s gambling habit, but doesn’t say no. He invites him to write down his offer on a piece of paper. If he’s interested, he’ll hear from him by day’s end tomorrow. Billy jots down what he’d be willing to pay for the empire. He tells Ashland he hopes he’s wrong about his prognosis, and leaves.
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At Devon’s place, he lets Amanda know they can cancel if she’s not up to a gathering, but she thinks it will be a good distraction from her mother’s troubles. Imani arrives with wine and is glad that Amanda went ahead with it; she’s in the mood for a party. Nate arrives, explains Elena’s running late, and greets Imani. Devon and Amanda exchange a look as Nate and Imani laugh and reveal they met up again after their first introduction. Imani asks Amanda, “Can we tell him?” Amanda reveals, “She’s not my co-worker, she’s my sister.” Nate’s stunned. Imani teases that Nate needs some wine; “I think we just broke him.” Imani and Nate sit down to chat about him being the Internet’s hottest doctor. She feels it must be gratifying to have such a platform.

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Nate and Imani are engaged in conversation when Elena arrives. Amanda offers her a drink and introduces the women, who already met. Elena asks, “So how long are you in town?” Amanda and Imani explain their connection. Amanda reveals that she’s no longer representing her grandfather, but instead, her mother. Imani flirts with Nate repeatedly as she and Amanda ask to keep their family stuff private, and Elena notices.
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Devon plays some jazz and Elena recalls hearing the group live at a club. Imani wonders how Elena knows so much about Devon’s business. Nate tries to change the subject, but Imani’s not having it. Amid much throat-clearing, it’s revealed that Nate and Amanda, and Devon and Elena, dated. Nate recaps that everything worked out the way it was meant to. Imani muses, “Fascinating.”
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Later, Amanda tells Nate she was glad he was able to join them. Nate wonders how she’s holding up. Amanda’s been through a lot, but she was determined to find her family and she’s getting what she wished for. Imani, meanwhile, thanks Devon for inviting her. Elena thinks Amanda is lucky to have her. Imani glances at Nate as she reports that Genoa City is really growing on her. Elena shoots him a look as Amanda walks her sister out.
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At the ranch, Adam’s perplexed at Chelsea’s doctor being in his father’s living room. Victor tells Hedges he’ll catch up with him later and the doctor leaves. Adam isn’t buying that the visit didn’t have to do with Chelsea and he wants to know what’s going on. When he refuses to drop it, Victor admits he offered Chelsea the chance to avoid considerable prison time. She agreed to confess to the poisoning of Rey Rosales in return for an insanity plea. Adam reels; so she’s just been faking and pretending to have had a breakdown? Victor purses his lips. “I wouldn’t go that far.” He doesn’t believe she’s well, just that she had a strong sense of self-preservation.

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Adam gathers Victor paid off the shrink. Victor counters she’s where she belongs. She hid her recovery and poisoned Rey — she needs psychiatric care. Adam understands why his father did it, but he should have told him right away. He’s worried about how to get her out of there without serving jail time. Victor argues she’s getting the help she needs there. Adam isn’t so sure and wants to hear Dr. Hedges’ assessment of her condition.
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Hedges returns and tells Adam that Chelsea has legitimate mental issues, but her con artist skills are fully intact. Adam and Victor learn that she recorded him on a phone that appeared after a visit with Chloe Mitchell. Victor reminds him if she uses the recording, she’ll be confessing to having gamed the legal system and will end up in prison. “We’re finished here, doctor. Thank you.” As Hedges walks out, Victor warns him not to screw this up again.

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Once alone, Adam tells Victor that Chelsea is desperate and they need to get her out of there as soon as possible. He owes her that. Victor says that’s his guilt talking and argues that they can’t let her out of there hoping for the best. “What you and I need is a bargaining chip. A real bargaining chip.” Adam decides he’ll go to Chelsea and offer her a chance to get her life back. Victor advises Adam to warn her that if she even thinks of betraying him she will no longer have any access to her son. “You think you can do that?”

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria walks up to Lily and tells her it’s time to put a leash on Billy. She complains about their trashy article and speculating on whether a man is sick or dying. She expected better from Lily. Lily asks, “Do you feel better now?” Victoria retorts, “Much.” Lily smiles as Victoria stalks out.
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At home, Billy learns Lily got a tongue-lashing from Victoria and he reveals that she expended a lot of energy trying to keep him from speculating about Ashland. He then visited the mogul, who invited him to make an offer for his company. Lily asks him to write it down just as he did with Locke. Billy does so and hands her the paper. She opens it and gawps, “Um, excuse me. Where are we going to find this money?” Billy will worry about that when Ashland accepts the offer.

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In his suite, Ashland reads Billy’s offer, but remains stone-faced.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Rey talks Adam into a reunion.

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