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At the ranch, Adam tells Victor that he’s going to dig into the rumors about Ashland’s health. Victor says having him there with Connor has been great.

Chloe visits Chelsea at the mental hospital. She tells her of Adam’s visit and says she’s going to have to force her doctor’s hand. Chelsea rants about Victor getting his hooks into Adam again, sure that he will poison Connor against her. Chloe sympathizes but thinks she may be blowing things out of proportion. Her friend has a new plan to get out of there. Later, Chelsea calls her doctor in and accuses him of being Victor’s flunky. He insists she can’t prove he’s taken money from Newman. Besides, no one would believe her. Pulling back the sheets, she reveals she’s been recording this and threatens to send it to the medical board unless he has her released. After Dr. Hedges leaves, Chelsea sends the recording to Chloe.

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In Ashland’s hotel room, Victoria drops her robe and leaps back into bed with him. Once they’ve had sex again, he wanders the room in his robe and talks about how energized she’s made him feel. He wants to walk in the air and feel the sun on his face. She wonders if it’s a good idea to be seen in public together. That only means more publicity. He doesn’t care about prying eyes and wants champagne.
Ashland and Victoria lounge in bed at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Stitch arrives in Society to say goodbye to Abby. As they’re parting ways, Adam wanders in. He says hello but Stitch takes off in a hurry. Abby starts musing about the two Adams: the hated one and the one who saved Ben and Faith. He knows he has a lot to make up for but all he can do is try.

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Ashland and Victoria come in. As he gets a table, Abby quizzes her about Mr. Locke. Victoria insists that they are just friends. Abby just wants to see her happy in love. When Victoria catches up to Ashland, he’s having trouble breathing. He walks off to take a call and Adam sarcastically comments that he seems fine. Victoria is surprised he’d give reports from the competition credence. He claims to be concerned for a colleague. That brings out her sarcasm. Adam insists he’s really changing and getting along with their dad. He guesses she doesn’t need their father now that she’s attached herself to another billionaire. He can see there is more to their relationship than he thought. When Ashland returns, Adam takes off. They order champagne and she warns him they need to be careful while Adam and the other vultures are circling.
Adam and Victoria talk Ashland at Society Y&R

Ashland and Victoria return to his room. He felt so good before, but not now. He’s eager to get their deal closed. Being with her is wonderful, but he’s worried he’s making things complicated for her.

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Devon and Nate sit with Moses in Crimson Lights. Moses is still having nightmares about Nate’s allergic reaction to shellfish. Faith comes in and has a question about the summer reading list, so she and Moses go out to the patio. When Elena joins Nate and Devon, the billionaire asks the couple to join him and Amanda for drinks tonight.
Nate and Moses talk allergic reaction at Crimson Lights Y&R

On the patio, Faith and Moses talk about his reaction to Nate’s emergency. He’s having second thoughts about pursuing medicine. She tries to reassure him. If he’s not going to be a doctor, he doesn’t have a reason to stay in Genoa City. She’d hate to lose him. He’s her only friend.
Moses and Faith talk future at Crimson Lights Y&R

Stitch appears before Mariah in the park while she’s taking a break from jogging. They chat about exercise and he offers to connect her with a colleague’s research on pregnancy. She’s not interested and soon jogs off.

Amanda walks Naya and Imani back to her room. Naya says that she’s confessed and is guilty. Amanda doesn’t believe it and tells her she has to drop this lie so she can keep her out of prison. They argue over this until Amanda takes her aback by calling her “mom.” The lawyer tells her she needs her to understand how important this is. Now that she’s finally found her, she doesn’t want to lose her. Naya can’t believe Imani is going along with Amanda’s plan and refuses to renounce her confession. She claims there is no proof against her father, but Amanda is determined to find it. Her mom insists that she do what Sutton originally ordered regarding this case. Amanda refuses.
Amanda and Naya debate case in apartment Y&R

Imani sides with her sister and says that her grandfather doesn’t deserve her sacrifice. What Sutton has done is inexcusable. Naya accuses her of being brainwashed by her sister. Imani caves and tells Amanda she needs to do what their mom says. The lawyer changes her tune and agrees to look at other options for the defense. Once Naya exits, Amanda admits she’s still determined to make Sutton pay. Devon shows up and asks Amanda over for drinks with Elena and Nate. She wants to include her sister. He agrees.

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Adam returns to the ranch and updates Victor on Ashland. He’s sure they need to make their move immediately. Dr. Hedges walks in, eager to speak to Victor. Adam demands to know what’s going on.
Victor and Adam talk at the ranch Y&R

Next on The Young and the Restless: Billy makes a bold move.

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