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Billy enters Chance Comm ready to pop the champagne, but Lily warns him to hold off even though their story on Locke’s divorce has gone viral — who knows what backlash could come their way? Billy muses, “You’re not wrong. Especially given our last-minute bombshell revelation.”

At the ranch, Victor reads Chance Comm’s piece on Ashland and Victoria and texts Adam to read it ASAP.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam, who is lunching with Connor on the patio, reads his dad’s text and puts his phone down. Inside, Sally’s reading it and mentions it to Sharon.

At the Abbott house, Kyle, Tara and Jack have discovered the article. Kyle slams his tablet down, proclaims it unbelievable and says he’s going to kill Billy! Jack agrees it’s not good for anyone involved. Kyle’s furious on Harrison’s behalf and wonders what the hell they’re going to do. They go over the situation and Tara blurts that she hopes Ashland can find happiness with Victoria in the time he has. Jack asks, “Wait. What do you mean ‘in the time he has’?” Tara hedges that there’s a chance the rumors about her ex’s health could be true. Jack leaves and Tara worries to Kyle that the truth is going to come out. She’s more upset than she let on to Jack. Kyle asks if there’s anything he can do. Tara suggests they lean on each other going forward.
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Back at Chance Comm, Billy pops the cork as he proclaims he’s proud of their scoop even though Victoria might be a little taken aback. Lily thinks she comes off well, but Billy feels even if she gets burnt, she should know that playing with Locke is playing with fire.

At the hotel, Victoria and Ashland are preparing to leave for Los Angeles, but he has chest tightness and feels he should call off the trip. Victoria is expressing concern when they each get texts from their PR team about the Chance Comm article. He complains about someone leaking his doctor’s visit to Genoa City, and Victoria isn’t thrilled at how she comes off in it either. He’s sorry he dragged her into this. Victoria assures it’s just Billy being Billy — he warned her she was courting disaster by getting involved with him. Ashland asks, “Is that what we are? Involved?” Victoria breathes, “I hope so.”
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After, Ashland contemplates suing Chance Comm, but Victoria doesn’t see the point. Ashland grimaces and then admires Victoria’s eyes as they fill with concern. She urges the treatments. He teases that then she wouldn’t get her merger. She argues they could merge their companies and run them together. “Picture how amazing that would be.”

In the lobby, Phyllis video chats with Nick, who is still in Italy. She misses him and Summer, but is pleased to hear her new apartment and office are amazing. Nick can tell she’s hurting though. Phyllis is glad he’s there with her. She warns him about the article that was published on Chance Comm. Nick rants about Billy and then tries out some Italian on a tickled Phyllis.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Connor they’re moving to the ranch with the horses. Connor’s stoked, but asks about seeing his mom. Adam assures him she’s resting up in the hospital. Connor pleads to visit her. Sharon appears and he tells her he misses his mom, but is excited to move to the ranch.
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Adam sends Connor for a glass of milk and confirms to Sharon that they’re going to be neighbors. “I hope that’s not going to be a problem for you.” Sharon asks about Chelsea and learns that Adam won’t give it another try with her; there’s no coming back after what happened. Adam admits he still has to tell Connor and make him understand that they’re still a family. Sharon regrets that things went wrong for them. Adam muses that things can go wrong for even the strongest of couples. They share a look.
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At Chance Comm, Billy updates Lily that one of their reporters learned Ashland flew in a doctor specializing in late stage cancer cases. Lily gawps, “Oh my God, that’s horrible!” Billy agrees. Lily knows what it’s like to get that news and feels for Ashland. She thinks they should have additional confirmation before publishing such sensitive information. Billy thinks Victoria may know and muses about how it might fit into her agenda — if Locke is dying, Victoria may be angling for a seat on the board at his company. Lily’s skeptical. Billy proposes a bigger score than getting that scoop and says, “What if Chance Comm took over Locke Communications Group altogether?” Lily balks at taking advantage of a dying man, but Billy argues his company will have to go somewhere, and it would give them the power to fend off the attack they both know is coming from Victoria and Adam. Lily warns they first have to confirm he’s sick and if he is, they’ll have to ask fast. She questions where they’ll find the money. Billy will talk to Jill or they can go after more backers. Lily asks if he’s okay undermining Victoria. Billy muses that when she went after Cyaxares she claimed it was to protect him; he’s just returning the favor.

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Jack greets Sally at Crimson Lights and learns her first day heading up JCV is going well, but she’s more nervous than she looks. Jack talks up her confidence and tells her to be proud that she came into this honestly with no schemes or ploys. They move to the patio where Sally talks about carrying on where Summer left off at work. Jack is encouraging. Phyllis enters and pulls up a chair. “What’s going on?” Sally informs her she got promoted to acting president of JCV. Phyllis is taken aback to hear that Summer recommended her and snarks that she won’t have the position long.
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Jack pulls Phyllis inside the coffee house and tells Sharon, “Phyllis’ drink is on me,” then turns to the redhead and says, “Enjoy it in here.” Phyllis warns that Sally has an agenda but Jack warns, “Not another word!” He rejoins Sally and Sharon asks Phyllis, “Would you like your usual?” Phyllis shoots her a look Sharon recognizes — she used to use it on her. She advises Phyllis “not to go there,” but the redhead isn’t about to let Jack fall into Sally’s trap.
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Phyllis and Sharon watch Sally leave and then Phyllis rushes up to Jack to ask how the Abbotts are doing after Billy’s article. Jack replies that they’re weathering the storm. Phyllis hopes he won’t go to a troubling source for solace. Jack snarls that it’s none of her business. Phyllis will back off but asks him to have dinner with her instead of Sally. She turns on the waterworks over Summer and Nick being gone and feeling very alone. There’s nobody in the world with that Jack Abbott charm. He gives in, but warns if there’s one word about Sally, she’s paying.

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At the ranch, Connor runs off to text his friends after chatting with Victor. Adam and Victor discuss what to do about Billy’s article. Adam has to take care of one very important thing first — he’ll explain later.

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At the mental hospital, Chelsea sighs and fixes a crooked painting on the wall. Adam enters and updates her that Connor’s home. She hopes he’s in the hallway, but Adam says he’s not — Dr. Hedges says she’s not ready. Chelsea protests, “You can’t do this! I have to see my son!” Adam insists he didn’t come to taunt her and informs her they’re moving to the ranch. Chelsea can have the penthouse. She’s unimpressed. Adam will bring Connor when the doctor says she’s well enough… that’s all he can give her right now. Once alone, Chelsea cries and shakes her head. She screams into a pillow until Hedges comes in. She knows Victor had him tell Adam she wasn’t to see Connor and informs him she has to get out of there. “What kind of a deal can we make?” Hedges tells her only time will heal her wounds and walks out. Chelsea frantically thinks.
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Adam returns to the ranch, where Victor says, “You’re finally home, my boy.” Adam agrees it finally feels right. He got a tip that Ashland was supposed to fly to Los Angeles today with Victoria but cancelled at the last minute. Victor wants to act on the information about his health, but Adam points out he’s on their board. Victor replies that you have to be ruthless in business. He doesn’t give a damn how ill Ashland Locke is, if he’s seriously ill he’s sorry, but they have to use the information to jump on it before anyone else can and gobble up his company.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle can’t understand how he’ll get over Summer. Tara counsels that it will take time. She muses about moving on and finding connection — if it’s true for Ashland than it can be true for anyone.

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At the hotel, Ashland moves in close and tells Victoria he won’t make the desperate choice; he accepts what his future holds because he forges his own path. He wants to make every moment he has count, starting with this one. Ashland pulls her into a passionate kiss and she puts her arms around his neck as he lifts her off the ground.
Victoria, Ashland kiss Y&R

Next on The Young and the Restless: Chelsea plots her escape.

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