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At home, Lily tells Billy how sexy he is and he returns the sentiment. Over tea they chat about Victoria and Ashland. Billy wonders if she’s finally met her match, but can’t believe she’s actually emotionally involved with the guy — he’s not her type. He realizes he’s going on about his ex again, and Lily agrees, “Yes, you are.” Lily wonders if they should tone down how big a part she plays in their article about Locke. Billy will keep the kids out of it and believes all’s fair in love and journalism. Lily warns things could get emotionally dicey… she’s not sure he’s prepared for that. Billy argues that Victoria might like the limelight; she and Ashland could be a power couple. Lily counters that she could have genuine feelings for Ashland — some people have that effect. Billy wants to take Lily upstairs to show her the effect she has on him.

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At Crimson Lights, Stitch is pleased to run into Victor and the two shadow box before talk turns to Max, and then Abby. Ben sensed she wasn’t doing as well as she let on. Victor thinks it’s nice he’s concerned about her and assures him that Chance will be home soon. Stitch reveals he’s headed back to Iowa tomorrow and is saying goodbye to Victor when Nikki appears. “Ben! It’s so good to see you after all these years.” After they chat offscreen, Stitch is glad to hear Nikki’s not having any MS flare-ups. After he leaves, Victor and Nikki feel bad for Stitch, who is watching his own child fade away.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Tessa finds Mariah has moved from the bed to the couch. She was having trouble sleeping due to the baby and is reading a pregnancy book. Just as Mariah confides she feels guilty, Abby arrives with goodies for Tessa from Society. Mariah hurries to get plates and Tessa exchanges a look with Abby.
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When Mariah returns, Tessa asks her what she feels guilty about. Mariah attempts to play it off, but Abby prods her to open up. Mariah feels guilty because the pregnancy is incredible and she gets to experience and Abby doesn’t. Abby reassures her; she’d never want her to feel bad about this journey. She asks her to describe what it feels like to be so far along. Mariah talks about her heart beating faster and getting flushed. Her senses are heightened and she can feel the baby move and kick. Abby places her hands over her own tummy. She can almost feel it, and it’s magical. Abby heads upstairs, and Tessa wants to take Marian to bed. Mariah will be up in a minute. Once alone, Mariah tells the baby that he has one special mommy and a very special daddy who will be there soon. As she rubs her belly, Stitch watches, unseen, in the dark window.

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At Society, Jack and Sally laugh about her driving in the snow. She teases about his teaching, but he thinks he could learn a thing or two from her about tenacity. They realize the place is closing, and Sally admits she didn’t think he’d show up. Jack admits he wasn’t sure he’d come, yet here they are having talked for hours. He wants to know why she asked him there. Sally feels she needs his forgiveness to move on and live the life of her dreams in Genoa City. Jack asks, “What does that life look like?” She sees herself returning to her design roots and relaunching her own line. Jack chuckles before things turn serious as Sally explains she wants to find a partner. In her golden years, she’ll travel and will donate the bulk of her earnings to charities… but she’ll never stop designing.

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Jack thinks Sally can have it all if she maintains this new improved version of herself. She asks for his forgiveness again, and he questions why it’s so important to her. Sally talks about how awful it felt to fall so far out of his favor. She was ashamed. Sally recaps falling for Jack and tells him he was worth all she went through to win him over. She was hoping this wasn’t a one-way connection. Jack tells her it’s not; there’s definitely something between them. However, he still doesn’t feel the two of them are a good idea. Sally can accept his view that it’s the worst idea ever, but seems a night of chatting is harmless. Jack wouldn’t use the word ‘harmless’ where Sally’s concerned, but agrees they could do something like this again.
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At the Abbott house, Kyle finds Tara up and recalls she always had a hard time sleeping. She can’t believe he remembered. Tara reminds him of the nights they’d stay together in the Hamptons… and the night they spent by the pool under the stars. Kyle agrees the sneaking around made it difficult to sleep and was stressful. Tara apologizes for ending it so abruptly. Kyle gathers she learned she got pregnant. Tara wanted to tell him, but didn’t want to complicate things or risk Ashland going after him. She second-guessed herself all the time. Now that everything’s out in the open, though, she still can’t sleep. Kyle suggests breathing techniques and shows her how. They hear a noise and she goes to check on Harrison.

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Kyle pulls out his phone and looks at Summer’s photo. Tara returns and imagines him deleting it and then kissing her. Kyle interrupts her reverie by asking about Harrison. He had a bad dream but she assured him his daddy was there. Talk turns back to the Hamptons and Tara lets Kyle know she’s glad about what happened; it gave her Harrison. Kyle is glad too. The time he spent with her is a reminder that he can have a life without Summer. They reminisce about the cocktails they drank and a night on the pier. Kyle marvels that it all led up to this; you can’t predict the twists and turns so you have to live in the moment. Tara couldn’t agree more. Kyle declares that Harrison is his top priority, followed by his work. What comes next, he’ll have to figure out.
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Victoria shows up at Ashland’s suite and has news he needs to hear. Intrigued, he invites her in and pours them each a bourbon on the rocks. Victoria informs him her father has suspicions about his health — he overheard them in her office. Ashland’s unbothered, but Victoria warns he’s probably planning a move as they speak. She advises he won’t be able to keep this under wraps. Ashland doesn’t want to appear weak or vulnerable. Victoria doesn’t see him that way. She respects him keeping his condition private, but suggests they speed things up and flip the script. Victoria wants to push ahead with the merger to ward off sharks. Ashland’s not afraid of sharks but likes the idea of flipping the script. Victoria takes that as agreement, but he warns it’s not… and that their deal isn’t final yet.
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Vikki admits she’s pushing hard because time is a factor, and she wants Ashland to share in the spoils with her — side-by-side. Ashland finds her passion contagious. He wants to go out with a bang. “Would you like to spend the night with me?” After a pause, Victoria says she has to get home to the kids, but they can celebrate in Los Angeles. Ashland tells her she’s giving him another reason to live. She hopes that means he’s reconsidering treatment. The idea is on his radar.

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