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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tries to convince her father that Ashland’s not dying. Victor muses, “So where there’s smoke there’s no fire. Is that what you’re saying?” Victoria complains that he’s not usually one to traffic in gossip. Victor’s concerned about her if it’s true. She’s not buying it — she thinks he’s interested in Locke’s business. She rants that Nikki, Billy and even Lily have been asking questions. “What is it that makes Ashland so risky?” Victoria then says she doesn’t care how her father answers. She can do business with Ashland… hell, she could even marry him, and it’s nobody’s business. Nikki enters as Victoria hollers, “I wish everyone would just butt the hell out of my life!” Victor explains to his wife that he was expressing concern about Ashland Locke’s health, but Victoria reassured him everything’s okay.

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After Victor leaves, Nikki tells Victoria she must have been very convincing and questions if she mentioned the possibility of folding Locke’s company into Newman. Victoria didn’t and wonders if there’s something she should know. Nikki warns Victor will dig deeper and then he and Adam will have confirmation that the corporation is vulnerable. He might make an offer or attempt a hostile takeover. Victoria’s unbothered. She’s holding all the cards. Nikki protests that Ashland could change his mind and sell to Victor and Adam — he did it before and could do it again. Victoria argues that Ashland wants to protect his legacy from sharks. Their agreement is based on more than business, they’ve become friends; in fact, he asked her to go to Los Angeles. Nikki muses, “Maybe he just likes to play games.” Victoria argues it’s literally a matter of life and death. Nikki wonders if she has proof. Victoria’s confident he won’t turn on her, but Nikki advises caution.
Nikki plants doubt Victoria Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Sally spots Tara picking up brownies for Harrison and wonders if she’s planning a celebration with Kyle. Tara warns her not to act so happy that Summer’s gone. Sally thinks it worked out well for everyone, including Summer. Tara doesn’t think Summer would agree. Sally insists she’ll see it that way eventually — she and Kyle were headed for heartbreak. She brings up the rumor about Ashland and Tara refuses to discuss the trashy gossip.
Tara, Sally brownies Y&R

At the hotel, Kyle tells Phyllis he’s checking out and complains about Summer dumping him again. Phyllis asks if he’s moving into the Abbott house. Kyle says Harrison’s there; he wants to be close to his son. Phyllis interjects, “And his mom?” She apologizes; she knows he’s not interested in Tara. Jack shows up and Kyle takes off.

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Jack and Phyllis agree Kyle’s punishing himself for the whole thing. Jack asks her, “Why did Summer really leave town?” Phyllis says she was in an impossible situation with Harrison and Tara — can he really blame her for taking a job in Italy. She rants, “This is a complete mess, and you… you invited it into your home!” Jack sympathizes with Summer’s dilemma but is thrilled to have his grandson under his roof and plans to be there for that boy. Phyllis tells Jack he has a big heart despite having been burned so many times. And he’s not jaded like her; it was hard for her when she got back with Nick. Jack doesn’t want to discuss that, and feels love in all its forms is worth the risk.
Phyllis, Jack meddle Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Mariah rocks along to Tessa’s new video and screams with glee, which brings Abby running. The doorbell rings — it’s Ben. He has a gift for the baby so Abby invites him in to say hi to Mariah. Stitch asks about Sharon and learns she’s happily married to a cop. Stitch tells her what she’s doing for Abby is generous. He learns it’s a boy and imagines Chance is excited to do father and son things. Abby explains he’s away on assignment and will hopefully be home for the birth.
Stitch baby gift Abby Y&R

Devon arrives and is surprised to see Stitch. Abby explains that Devon is a very big part of their baby family. “It takes a village!” Ben is happy for all of them. Abby asks when Stitch has to get back to Max, and Ben explains his son doesn’t really recognize him anymore. He has to go to the retirement party and asks Abby if she wants to come with him. She has to pass. Stitch wishes them all luck as he leaves. “It was wonderful to see you again, Abby.” Mariah shoots Abby a look as the door closes.
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Mariah thinks Ben’s visit was weird, but maybe she’s just being judge-y; it wouldn’t be the first time. Mariah heads to Crimson Lights and Devon senses Abby was hit harder than she let on by seeing Stitch. Abby admits she feels a lot of guilt where he’s concerned. Devon reassures her. Abby just wants Ben to be happy. Talk turns to Chance. Abby’s doing her best to keep her mind off the dangerous possibilities.
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Kyle arrives at the Abbott house where Tara deduces he’s moving in and asks if there’s anything he needs. Kyle replies, “Just some alone time,” and goes upstairs. Later, he comes down and apologizes for being short earlier. Tara offers to listen. Kyle opens up about how hard it was to pack up the hotel room where he and Summer lived and planned their future. He can’t believe it’s over. Tara entices him with brownies and they head to the kitchen.

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At the hotel, Jack’s business meeting was canceled and he asks Phyllis to update him on Summer. He turns to leave as Sally comes in and reveals that Lauren asked her to be the new acting president of JCV — Summer recommended her for the position. Jack congratulates her and feels Lauren will undoubtedly be impressed. As Phyllis nears, Sally asks Jack to have a drink in hopes that maybe one day they could be friends again. Phyllis interjects herself — she needs to speak to Jack before he leaves. Sally tells Jack she’ll be at Society. Phyllis warns Jack he doesn’t want to do what he thinks he wanted to do. Jack tells her to stay out of this — whatever he does it’s for him to decide.
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Victor visits Abby at home and they discuss Summer’s abrupt departure before Abby starts talking about missing Chance. She then reveals Stitch is in town. Victor recalls he’s a very good boxer and was a very good man. Abby updates her father on Max’s condition. She feels that everything that’s happened with his son has destroyed a part of him. Abby wishes she could help him. Victor muses that maybe she already did; she could have turned him away at the door, but instead she was gracious and compassionate.

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Mariah spots Stitch at Crimson Lights and wonders why he’s not at the retirement party. Ben just made a quick appearance. He invites her to sit down and tells her how great the surrogacy is and asks how she’s feeling. Mariah’s past the morning sickness now and wonders what he’s been up to. Stitch hasn’t been doing anything newsworthy but is still practicing medicine and spends the rest of his time checking on Max. They part ways and Mariah wishes him a safe flight home.
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At the Abbott house, Tara gets paperwork from Ashland’s lawyers. Kyle watches as she opens it and reports that it’s the custody agreement — it’s joint custody, exactly as he said it would be. Kyle says, “It’s great news. For Harrison… and for us.”
Tara, Kyle paperwork Y&R

In her office, Victoria calls Ashland to see how he’s feelings and informs him she’s free to join him in Los Angeles after all.

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At Society, Sally is thrilled when Jack joins her for a drink at the bar.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victoria has news for Ashland.

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