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Ashland and Victoria enter his suite together as he concludes a call with a lawyer. After he disconnects, he tells her this isn’t just another deal, it’s everything; his legacy. Vikki muses about Newman and Locke — two great entities coming together as one. Ashland thinks it will be extraordinary. Victoria replies, “We’re not talking about the merger anymore, are we?” He says, “You tell me?” As the mood turns intimate, Victoria muses that maybe they should focus on one type of merger at a time. Ashland’s phone rings and she prompts him to answer it. He glances at the screen and grimaces. “How could this have happened?”
Ashland, Victoria call Y&R

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Chloe visits Chelsea at the mental hospital and notes she was angry at her before for accepting Adam’s proposal. Chelsea assures her she’s fine now. Chloe notices she’s acting very upbeat. Chelsea whispers that it’s her new way out. Chloe endeavors to find out if she’s really feeling normal or just acting normal. Chelsea shoots her a look and explains she didn’t spend all those years running cons for nothing. Chloe questions if she can really pull off two back-to-back miraculous recoveries without anyone becoming suspicious. Doctor Hedges comes in and needs time with the patient. Chloe goes after thanking him and saying it’s obvious Chelsea’s going to make a full recovery soon. Chelsea tells Hedges she realizes now he’s on her side. He’s glad she’s finally seeing that there’s more going on in her psyche than she realized. Chelsea is determined to get healthy for her son and believes he’s the person to get her there.
Chelsea, Chloe visit Y&R

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Outside his penthouse door, Adam flashes to better times with Chelsea, and then to her setting him up. He sighs and gets on the elevator.
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At the Abbott house, Tara listens as Kyle tells Jack by phone that Summer’s gone; he couldn’t stop her. He disconnects and she enters the room and tells him, “If there’s anything I can do…” He tells her there’s nothing. Harrison appears and chirps, “Daddy!” Kyle takes him to the kitchen.
Harrison daddy Y&R

At Chance Comm, Lily notices Billy’s distracted. He’s thinking about Kyle and hopes things work out for him. Lily has something for him to see and holds up the tablet. The National Inquisitor is reporting that Ashland Locke is dying and has six months to live. Billy muses, “If this is true, and Victoria knows, that makes this a huge story.” He explains she’s putting up walls when he questions her, so Lily decides she should do it. Billy agrees. “Divide and conquer.” Lily replies, “Our specialty.”
Billy, Lily news Y&R

In the hotel suite, Ashland presumes Victoria got the news alert and apologizes for dashing off but there’s someone he needs to see.

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Nikki arrives at Newman Media with a framed photo of her and Victor for his office. He loves it. They flirt and he teases about stealing her away from Victoria. She doubts he’ll do that given he likes her as a spy at Newman Enterprises. They muse about Summer’s happiness until Adam flies in saying, “Wait until you see this!” Nikki goes, and Adam shows Victor the article about Ashland Locke. They ponder if buying Cyaxares was just the first step for them. Adam’s suddenly more excited about their meeting with Locke later. Victor agrees, “So am I.”
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At the Abbott house, Kyle’s about to join Tara and Harrison in the kitchen for ice cream when the doorbell rings — it’s Ashland. Tara reappears and he accuses her of leaking news of his illness to the media. He figures now that she’s latched onto the Abbotts she can afford to be vindictive. She denies it, but Ashland argues she’s the only one with motive to destroy him. He rants as Tara warns him to keep his voice down and insists she has no idea what he’s talking about. They bicker until Kyle intervenes and orders them to stop fighting — Harrison can hear them. Tara walks out of the room and Kyle tells Ashland to go.
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Locke needles Kyle about being dumped and marvels at them being in the same boat before leaving. Once alone, Tara isn’t going to dwell on Ashland’s accusations and wonders what he said to Kyle. He admits it was about Summer. Tara urges, “Don’t let him get to you,” and lets him know he can lean on her. Kyle opens up about Summer’s sudden decision to relocate. “Now she’s gone and I have to figure out how to start over.” Tara hopes she and Harrison didn’t play a role. Kyle relays that Summer told him there was nothing left to fight for; he’s never felt so helpless. He thanks Tara for listening. She thinks their similar situations connect them. Kyle is sorry about what happened to her too. If he has to go through this, he’s grateful for the company.

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At Crimson Lights, Lily compliments Victoria’s outfit and sandals before seguing into the article on Ashland. Victoria, irritated, informs her if this is her fishing for information about her relationship on Billy’s behalf, she should know she already shut him down. Lily thinks she deserves someone in her life, if that’s what’s happening. Victoria snarks about being grateful for her permission. She says she thinks the rumor about Ashland is to make him look vulnerable and excuses herself.
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At Society, Victor and Adam meet with Ashland, who is impressed with their vision. Victor hopes he keeps that in mind when he’s ready to spin off his other divisions. Adam brings up the “elephant in the room” as Ashland chuckles and Victor asks if the rumors are true. Billy appears and interjects, “Well there it is, the question on everyone’s lips. Hey Ashland, how ya’ feeling?” Locke doesn’t recall asking Billy to join them. Billy persists and Adam expresses surprise that he believes everything he reads — he should recognize trash. Billy suggests Ashland make a bucket list, to which Ashland responds by quoting Mark Twain. “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”
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After Billy and Ashland have gone, Adam and Victor note that Ashland never denied he was dying. Victor notices Adam’s distracted and tired. Adam admits he’s not sleeping well; the penthouse is full of ghosts. He’s thinking about moving out. Victor thinks it’s a good idea and may have a place for him to go to — the tack house. Adam will think about it. Victor wishes nothing more than for him to become a member of the family — a Newman.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria finds Nikki snooping in the paperwork on her desk and asks, “Looking for something?” Nikki is surprised to see something in the works she hasn’t been consulted about. Victoria informs her mother if she wanted to run something by her, she would have. Nikki’s just trying to do her job. Vikki snarks, “Good to know.” Nikki asks if the document has to do with the future of the firm, and does it have to do with the news that came out today. Victoria claim she doesn’t know about his health. Nikki questions if that’s true or if she’s trying to protect him. Victoria swears her mother to secrecy and confides that Ashland is dying and they’re trying to merge the companies before word gets out. Nikki wryly observes that she’s certainly her father’s daughter. Victoria warns her not to speak a word of this when they’re so close to making it a reality.
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At Chance Comm, Lily and Billy deduce that there’s something Victoria doesn’t want to get out since she shut them down. Billy thinks they’re getting somewhere and reminds Lily he knows Vikki better than anyone.

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Adam visits Chelsea at the mental hospital to tell her Connor’s coming home soon. He hopes it will give her motivation to push harder for her release. He also breaks the news that he’s thinking about moving to the Newman ranch. Chelsea accuses him of setting it up to have time and space to turn Connor against her. Adam denies it. Chelsea informs him, “You are my biggest enemy.”

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