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Amanda storms into Devon’s penthouse, tosses her purse, and informs Devon that her mother’s a real piece of work! Devon learns that Naya confessed to the call with Richard and that he knew he fathered twins. She’s not just heartbroken, she’s furious. Naya knew the whole time and didn’t say a damn word! It wasn’t bad enough that she made her spend her whole life without a mother’s love, but she made her believe her father didn’t want her either. But he did!
Amanda heartbroken upset Y&R

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Devon next learns that Sutton knew about the phone call too. Amanda seethes that he played her — he didn’t think she’d ever get to the truth. If her theory is right, it means her father died because he loved her and he was looking for — and that her grandfather was behind the car accident that killed him. Devon thinks it’s ironic that Victor became her greatest ally in this. Amanda corrects him; he has been her greatest ally — he’s been there since the beginning. Devon’s only stood by and watched her stay strong as she took on people who should have been there for her and Hilary from the start. Amanda feels like a fool. He assures her she’s not one. Amanda chokes up; all she ever wanted was their love and acceptance.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Abby and Nina laugh at a photo of Mariah in a “Baby on Board” shirt. Abby decides it’s good that Chance hasn’t contacted her; he’s staying focused. They agree he’s a hero. Nina has to go and will see Abby back at the house. Suddenly, a voice says, “Hello, Abby.” Abby turns and sees Stitch. “Ben?!”

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Abby marvels that it’s been so long and asks Stitch what brings him to Genoa City. Ben’s there for a celebration for his old boss, who’s retiring. Abby assures him it’s nice to see him. Stitch congratulates her on her wedding; he’s so happy for her. Abby asks about Max and learns he’s been moved from facility to facility, but Stitch won’t give up hope. Abby’s sorry and wants what’s best for both of them. Ben sees the photo of Mariah on Abby’s phone and Abby explains she’s a surrogate for her and Chance. Stitch is dismayed to hear she can’t carry a child to term because of the miscarriage. He’s so sorry. Abby assures him she’s not bitter. Stitch wishes them all the best.
Abby sees Stitch Y&R

Inside the coffee house, Sally updates Tara that Summer has called Lauren about an important matter. She assumes it’s to say goodbye. Tara won’t gloat, but Sally can’t understand why not. Tara points out it’s Sally’s plan; she’s hoping to be promoted. Sally counters that they’re in this together — she wants to trade one powerful, sexy man for another. Tara needles that she had her eye set on an Abbott as well. Sally genuinely cared about Jack. Tara says she has her number and leaves.
Sally, Tara bicker Y&R

At Society, Jack tells Nick that Kyle isn’t ready to give up on Summer yet. They debate whether Kyle’s to blame. Nick knows it’s a complicated situation, but it’s also not the first time they’ve broken up. Jack shakes his head; maybe it’s not in the cards for those two.
Jack, Nick discuss Skyle Y&R

In their suite, Kyle tells Summer it’s crazy to move to Italy overnight. She has to make a clean break. It’s best for everybody involved. Kyle won’t give up; he’ll follow her to Italy if he has to; they still love each other so much. Summer informs him she doesn’t love him like he loves her — and she never will. Kyle can’t fathom why she’d even say anything like that. Something isn’t right — he knows she loves him. Summer protests that it’s turned to resentment and rants about another woman being in the picture. Kyle argues there’s nothing going on with Tara. He won’t leave and she tears up pleading with him. “You have to go. Please. Kyle, get out!” He exits, and Summer sobs.
Summer heartbreak Y&R

In the lobby, Phyllis texts Nick to see if he’s heard from Summer. Just then, Kyle storms up and asks if she’s aware of Summer’s plans. Phyllis relays she dropped the bomb on them earlier — she’s sorry. Kyle retorts, “Don’t just be sorry. Do something. Help me fix this.” Phyllis doesn’t understand what Summer’s doing, but she’s a grown woman. She reminds him he has a son — how did he expect her to react? Kyle asks if he’s supposed to just walk away. Phyllis says it looks that way. “I’m sorry.” Kyle takes off.
Kyle asks Phyllis for help Y&R

Lauren arrives at the hotel and notes Phyllis’ bad mood. She can’t talk about it, but admits it has to do with the message she got from Summer. “Can you talk some sense into my daughter, please.”

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Upstairs, Summer is tearfully packing when Lauren arrives. Summer apologizes her for the late notice but she’s resigning from JCV. Lauren won’t take her resignation so easily. Summer explains she’s been offered a position at Marchetti. Lauren thinks it’s unusual when she hears how it came about. Summer agrees, but it’s an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Lauren counters that she could have passed it up and asks about Kyle. Summer tells her it didn’t work out. Lauren worries she’s running from her problems. Summer won’t deny it, but it’s her decision and she’s running somewhere really great. After Lauren is gone, Summer calls Angelina to tell her she looks forward to meeting her in person, and then cries as she removes her engagement ring.
Lauren, Summer resign Y&R

In the hotel lobby, Phyllis learns Nick has decided to go to Italy with Summer to help her get settled. Phyllis wonders if he’ll try to get her to change her mind. Nick knows she’s like her mother and will probably not be persuaded now that her mind’s made up. He works to convince Phyllis to join them, but she worries Summer would feel her parents were smothering her. Nick will handle it solo. Phyllis loves that he’s putting what he feels aside to do what’s best for their daughter. She worries, though, that they did this to Summer with all the flip-flopping between partners when she was growing up. Nick feels they ended up happy and wants that for Summer one day too.

Abby joins Mariah and Nina at the Chancellor Estate where Mariah reports that she’s been feeling the baby yawn. Abby’s distracted and tells them she ran into her ex-husband, Ben, at Crimson Lights. Mariah thought he had left town for good. Abby explains that he’s in town for a retirement party. She relays that things got uncomfortable when the miscarriage came up. Abby tells them that Max still hasn’t recovered from his brain tumor — she feels terrible for Stitch, especially since her life is filled with so much joy.

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At Devon’s place he asks how Amanda will move forward. She won’t stop until justice is done and will need irrefutable evidence. Amanda can’t violate attorney-client privilege so she’ll find justice another way. Devon doesn’t want her doing anything dangerous. Amanda reassures him; she’ll just hit her grandfather another way. There’s a knock and Devon admits Imani, who stalks up to Amanda and demands, “What the hell have you done?!” Amanda tells her to check herself, and Imani accuses Amanda of not knowing when to leave well enough alone. Devon warns her to take it easy. Imani wants to know what Amanda said to her mother. Amanda corrects, “Our mother,” and informs her it’s more what Naya said to her — the truth has finally come out. Imani snaps, “What truth?” Amanda replies, “The truth about what happened before my father died.”
Devon stunned Y&R

Imani learns the details of Naya’s phone call with Richard and that she told Sutton about it. Imani’s unimpressed and stuns Amanda by saying her mother’s confession didn’t stop there — she just turned herself into the Genoa City Police Department… for murder. Amanda marvels, “Our mother is claiming she had Richard killed?” Imani confirms it. Thanks to whatever Amanda said to her, she is now taking the blame for his death. “Are you happy now?” Devon asks, “What’s your problem? Can’t you see she’s upset too?” Amanda wants to go and see her, but Imani rants that she’s done enough — she shoved her way into the family and decided she was morally superior to them — or maybe poor little Amanda didn’t feel loved enough so she had to tear them apart and make them pay for all her suffering. “I may have just lost my mother to prison, and that is all on you!” Amanda glares.
Imani holler at Amanda Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Jack marvels at running into Sally twice in one day, and again notices her good mood is unshakable.

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On the patio, Stitch sits alone and flashes to Abby telling him she’s pregnant, and then to the aftermath of the miscarriage, and finally to their goodbye.
Stitch memories Y&R

Nick enters Summer’s suite and tells her the Newman jet is gassed up to take her to Italy in the morning and he’s her personal escort. “But I gotta ask one last time. This is absolutely what you want?” Summer confirms it. Nick tears up; he’ll have to learn how to say “Supergirl” in Italian.
Summer, Nick escort Y&R

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In the Abbott living room, Kyle swigs scotch. Tara enters and asks if he’s alright — it looks like his whole world just fell apart. He says it kind of has. Tara replies, “I’m here. I can help.”

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