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At Crimson Lights, Sally pays Jack a compliment on Jabot’s new mascara. He notices she’s in a remarkably good mood and wonders the reason. Sally claims she’s happy with where her life is now and she still counts him as one of the most fascinating men she’s ever known. She plans on being in Genoa City and at Fenmore’s for the long haul.
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At the hotel, Tara calls Lauren to get together and discuss her shoe line. She tells her that relocating to Genoa city was a fabulous mood — everything she and her son need is right here. Phyllis watches her as she disconnects and walks out. Nick shows up and frets because Summer hasn’t answered her text yet. Phyllis reminds him he’s not even supposed to know about the job offer. Nick doesn’t care — let her blow up — he wants to know why she’s considering leaving Kyle. He then decides all of their daughter’s worst decisions were connected to Kyle. Phyllis teases that she knows another couple like them. She wants to focus on the sudden change. “Why does she want to go to Milan so bad?”
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At Society, Summer tells Kyle that the call she took earlier was from Angela Marchetti, who offered her a coveted position in the company. Kyle’s happy she’s being noticed. Summer says it will take her career to the next level. Kyle replies, “You mean ‘could’ right?” He’s stunned to hear that she’s going to take it and reminds her that her whole life is there. “Why would you even consider it?” Summer pleads, “Because I need to get away from Genoa City!” She reminds him they’ve been here before. Kyle argues they can face anything. Summer told herself that until Tara and Harrison came into their lives. She has to trust her instincts this time; she’s getting a bad feeling again.
Summer leaving Kyle Y&R

Kyle protests — she told him repeatedly that she was okay with everything. Summer was pushing away her gut feelings and claims pushing up the wedding was a desperate act. The reality is that she can’t see herself raising a child with him who is the product of a woman who is still part of his life… a woman he clearly still has feelings for! Kyle argues that Tara likes Summer, who has been telling him she was fine with everything. Summer insists they’ve been sharing close intimate moments — she walked in on him telling Tara he wants her in Genoa City. Kyle explains it’s what’s best for Harrison — Summer is the only woman he loves. Summer won’t stand in the way of him being with his son. Kyle decides he’ll go with her to Milan or fly back and forth. Summer believes he would resent her for making him miss out on special moments with Harrison. She’s being realistic. Summer cries, “That’s why I’m taking this job. So I can live the life that I want and you can have the life you need to.” Kyle, floored, says there has to be another way. Summer protests, “I can’t.” She says she’s doing the best for everyone and flies out of the restaurant.
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On the coffee house patio, Denise Tolliver informs Devon and Amanda that she accessed Richard’s old phone records. He didn’t call anyone at Newman in the days before he died, but there were calls with Sutton and Naya’s cellphone. The call lasted over five minutes. Amanda’s shocked. Naya swore she didn’t take his calls and never spoke to him. Tolliver thinks it could be crucial to her case. Amanda adds, “And very upsetting.” She can’t get over the secret-keeping. Denise hopes she gets answers. Once alone, Devon admits he’s not surprised to hear Naya lied. Amanda wonders if she learned he found out about the pregnancy and came clean. She could have told him he had two daughters, or told him nothing. She needs to look her in the eye and demand the truth.
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In her suite, Amanda looks at a photo of her father while admitting to Devon that it’s been harder than she thought to treat this like any other case. She knows she would have loved him. Devon asks what she’d say to him if he were standing there right now. Amanda tears up. “Probably a combination of ‘thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry’.” It means so much to know he looked for her; that she mattered. She laments her family lying to her from the beginning and feels she’s let Richard down. Devon argues that they let her down. She hasn’t stopped fighting to find out what happened to her father, which proves how strong she is. Amanda questions if she’s strong enough to walk away from what’s left of her family. Devon assures her that whether Naya lies to her again or tells her the truth, she’ll be just fine. Naya arrives and Devon goes.

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Naya admits she almost didn’t come; Amanda sounded angry. Amanda points out she was threatening at their last meeting. Naya wonders if she’s reconsidered Sutton’s case. Amanda says the depends how she answers her questions. She asks if Naya spoke to her father before he died. “Did you tell him about me?” She lets Naya know she has phone records and they talked for five minutes. Naya finally admits he reached out to her. He claimed to have confirmation that she’d been pregnant and said someone at his job steered him toward an investigator. She offered him money to let it go but he was insulted and disgusted. Richard said to hell with Sutton and all he wanted was his daughters. “He knew I had twins.” Amanda knows Naya never would have kept this call from Sutton — she would have told him Richard knew everything. “You ran straight to daddy.”
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Suddenly, Amanda realizes that Sutton had Richard killed to protect the secret, and reels. “My. God. Sutton was willing to commit murder to keep Hilary and me a secret!” She exclaims again, “Oh my God!” Naya protests, “Amanda…” Amanda hollers, “Don’t say my name!” Naya insists she wasn’t lying when she told her Sutton didn’t kill her father. “Your grandfather is not that kind of man, you have to believe me.” Amanda seethes, “I don’t believe you. I don’t believe a damn word coming out of your mouth.”

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At the hotel, Phyllis catches up with a tearful Summer and admits she told her father about Milan. Summer shrugs that it doesn’t matter because she told Kyle everything. Nick appears to ask if Summer really thinks this is such a good idea, why all the secrecy? Summer explains Marchetti is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Nick can’t understand her even considering moving away from Kyle after moving up the date of her wedding. Summer insists it’s something she has to do. Phyllis and Nick are stunned when she says Angela Marchetti wants her to start right away. Nick wants a straight answer and demands to know what Kyle did to drive her away. Summer warns her father not to go there. She insists she can’t live like an outsider while Kyle and Tara raise their child. “Do not blame Kyle for my decision. Just respect that this is something that I have to do.” Summer stalks off and Phyllis remarks how much she defended Kyle. Nick still thinks he did something to hurt her. Phyllis isn’t so sure.
Summer confronted by her parents Y&R

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Kyle stumbles into the Abbott house and Tara asks what’s wrong. He can’t discuss it with her. Tara exits to let him talk to Jack. Kyle sputters, “Summer… Harrison…” His life is suddenly on the brink and he has no idea how it happened. He rants that Summer’s leaving him and the story spills out. Jack is on his side, but is also sympathetic to Summer. Kyle argues they were together in this. Jack urges him to see this from her point of view; the dynamic of their relationship has changed in ways she never imagined. Kyle is desperate to stop her from going. Jack wonders if he’s ready walk away from Harrison because that’s what this comes down to. Kyle fumes, “This can’t be how we end. There’s always a way and I will figure it out.” He breaks down a little as he says that they could have something beautiful. Jack says, “You convinced me, but can you convince her?” Kyle rushes out the door — he has to.
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Tara, meanwhile, has been lurking around a corner watching the scene between Kyle and Jack. After Kyle’s gone she questions Jack, who muses that change is more difficult; sometimes more than you ever imagined. Tara texts Sally, “We’re so close to getting what we both want.”

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At Crimson Lights, Sally reads the text and beams.
Sally text from Tara Y&R

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Kyle finds Summer in their suite. She wipes away tears and explains she was trying to pack. Kyle tells her he can’t let her do this — he won’t.

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