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At the hotel desk, an agitated Phyllis leaves Summer a voicemail to call her back.

In her suite, Summer flashes to Tara threatening her while Kyle is in the shower. Her phone rings and she assumes it’s Phyllis but it’s Angelina Marchetti, who is looking for an answer as to whether she’s going to join her in Milan. Kyle appears in a towel and asks, “Who’s on the phone?” Summer apologizes that it’s not a good time to talk; they can reconnect soon.
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After Summer hangs up, Kyle asks if she’s okay and she admits she’s stressed. He worries, “It doesn’t have anything to do with Harrison does it?” She replies, “Actually, it does.” Summer claims she feels guilty about asking him to come back and spend the night. She doesn’t want Kyle to have to choose between them. Kyle will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t become an issue; he loves them both. Summer has to go and bustles out the door after agreeing to meet him later. Once outside the door, she looks distressed.

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In the lobby, Phyllis spots Summer and asks, “Where are you going?” She hopes Summer was honest with Kyle but can tell by her expression that she wasn’t and starts talking. Summer implores her mother to just stop; she’s driving her a little crazy. Phyllis will calm down but tells Summer she’s got to give her something.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack finds Ashland in his living room and muses that if his impromptu visits are the cost of having Harrison there, it’s worth it. They agree the boy is a delight as the kid appears and cheers, “Father!” After Tara joins them, they watch Harrison play and Jack tells Locke he raised him well. Tara prompts Jack to take the boy to the kitchen and then expresses worry about Ashland, who agrees to get along for their son’s sake. He feels good today and will treat every day like his last one. Ashland admits he likes being in control. Tara thinks some of that rubbed off on her.
Jack tells Ashland Harrison's a delight Y&R

After Ashland is gone with Harrison, Tara tells Jack about her interaction with her husband. Jack’s impressed with how she’s handled things. Kyle arrives and learns Harrison is gone with Ashland. He mentions having lunch with Summer and Tara announces she’s heading to the spa. Once alone, Jack asks Kyle if everything is okay. Kyle remarks, “She’s dealing with a lot.” Jack agrees and warns Tara will need all the support he can give her as long as Summer doesn’t mind. Kyle has to make Summer his priority and Jack agrees he’d be a fool to lose her now. He waxes poetic about them being something special together.

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Still at the hotel, Summer worries to her mother that Harrison is Kyle’s once in a lifetime love and she’d be an evil stepmother. Maybe she’s selfish but she can’t ignore that feeling. Tara appears in the doorway as Phyllis deduces there’s more to this — she doesn’t sound like someone on the fence, she sounds like she’s made up her mind. Summer begs off and leaves. Phyllis texts Nick to come by when he’s free. Tara approaches Phyllis and asks about the spa. They spar sweetly and Tara reveals she’s relocating to Genoa City since Lauren Fenmore has offered to work with her. Phyllis needles her and Tara reflects on everyone being so warm and welcoming. She’s basically living with the Abbotts and their lives have become intertwined. Phyllis marvels at her gall.
Phyllis grills Summer Y&R

At Newman Media, Adam and Nick are discussing their partnership when Billy shows up. They spar as Adam calls him a nuisance and Billy cajoles that he came to check out the new digs. Adam figures he’s on a fishing expedition to find out their plans to bury Chance Comm and informs him they’ll be taking the high road. Billy’s unconvinced given Victor made his plans clear. Adam retorts that Victor’s not calling the shots. Nick interjects to tell Billy that he can take Adam’s word for it; he’s trying to make better choices, something that Billy could learn from. Billy makes another dig as he goes.
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Later, Adam tells Nick that Billy wants a war but he’s not going to get one. He swears he’s disappointed about that. Nick thinks Genoa City could use some peace and quiet. Adam asks about Faith. Nick says she’s doing great, but feels bad talking about the kids. Adam reassures him, and thanks him for his advice about Connor and for having his back with Billy. Nick grunts, “Not a problem.”
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Ashland is hanging with Harrison at Crimson Lights when Victoria enters. Ash introduces them and Victoria chats with the boy about hunting for frogs at Jack’s house. Billy appears on the patio and hangs back to watch and listen. Victoria and Ashland step aside and whisper about the merger being underway. He warns that news of his condition will get out and the sharks will circle. Victoria has an idea, but spots Billy, and clams up. They decide to meet for dinner later and Vikki leaves.
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Ashland shoots Billy a look before rejoining Harrison. Billy comes inside and Ashland sends Harrison to get a cookie before confronting him about eavesdropping on him and Victoria. Billy warns if he hurts Victoria or embarrasses her he’ll come after him… hard. Ashland, amused, says that sounds like a threat. Billy reiterates, “You don’t want me as an enemy.” Ashland observes that the last person on the planet he needs to protect is Victoria — he’s surprised he hasn’t noticed that.
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Nick arrives at Grand Phoenix where Phyllis brings him up to speed on Summer suddenly not wanting to marry Kyle. She doesn’t know what’s going on but it’s very big. Nick has to agree; for months she worked to get his support and now she’s going to bail? Phyllis and Nick decide none of it makes sense. Nick wonders if Summer’s job is going well and question why she’d want to leave. Phyllis doesn’t know and is concerned that she’s intimidated by Tara and Harrison and their relationship with Kyle. Maybe she’s trying to make it easier on him by making the choice for him. Her instincts tell her that Tara’s nuts. Nick thinks it would be a shame if Summer and Kyle lost what they have because she can’t tell him what she’s feeling. Can they put the brakes on this? Phyllis muses that it’s Summer’s choice… or is it?
Nick, Phyllis confide Y&R

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Kyle arrives at Society and sits down at a table. Summer watches him through the window and reads his text letting her know he’s there and can’t wait to see her. Summer joins him and he can tell something is bothering her — he can feel it. He implores her not to keep things from him. “Just tell me.”
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Billy enters Victoria’s office at Newman and announces he has something to say. She snarks — could he not have told her earlier at Crimson Lights when he was spying on her. Billy informs her Chance Comm is about to publish a story on Ashland’s divorce and her involvement is news. “People are curious.” Victoria snaps, “People are curious. Or maybe YOU are curious.” She thinks this might be a way for him to pry into her personal life. Billy wonders if she’d rather he didn’t tell her. Victoria thanks him for his courtesy, but she thinks he’s overestimating Chance Comm’s reach. She adds that there soon will be actual news about her and Ashland, but when he finds out it will be on her timetable. Billy invites her to tell him now, but she’d rather drive him crazy trying to figure out what it is. Billy realizes she’s enjoying this.

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