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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Jack joke about Harrison’s energy when Tara appears and asks where Summer went. Kyle explains she had to go and head upstairs to read to his son. Jack asks Tara if she’d like a nightcap and they discuss the challenges of divorce and custody battles. Tara asks what happened with Jack and Diane — knowing Kyle’s background would be invaluable.

Upstairs, Kyle reads Harrison a book about a silly dragon that he read when he was his age. He marvels at reading it now to his own son.

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Downstairs, Jack tells Tara about Phyllis battling with Diane. He admits he and Diane weren’t in a good place when she died. Tara hears about Kyle’s love for hockey and his move to a boarding school. Tara assures Jack he succeeded in raising a wonderful son. She admires how close they are and believes it’s because Jack held him close to his heart from the moment he learned he was his son. Jack explains that his dad was the emotional center of the Abbott family. Tara smiles, “And you followed in his footsteps.” She knows Kyle will be an extraordinary dad thanks to the example he’s set. Jack doesn’t mind the flattery and continues to talk about his family. Tara’s looking forward to the gathering. In the meantime, Jack offers to get her a copy of the family memoir. He’s grateful to have his grandson in his life and thankful she didn’t keep up the lie about the paternity or run away. Tara’s pleased that Harrison will be a part of the family for the rest of his life. Jack assures her she will be too.
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Phyllis shows up at Summer’s suite, where her daughter informs her she may have to let Kyle go. Phyllis asks why she’d have to do that. Summer, choked up, replies, “So he can have the life that he deserves.” Phyllis is perplexed and demands she tell her what’s going on. Summer swears her to secrecy before revealing she was offered the position at Marchetti. Phyllis gasps; she’s so proud of her, but she can’t understand the problem. Summer can’t ask Kyle to leave his son. Phyllis realizes she hasn’t told him and assures her they’ll make it work. Summer doesn’t want to make him choose between her and Harrison and Jabot. Phyllis accuses her of playing the martyr and questions why taking this job should affect her relationship at all. Summer insists she’d have to walk away and blurts that she’s not trying to hurt Kyle; she’s trying to protect him. Phyllis asks, “From what?”
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Phyllis suggests that if Summer truly believes Kyle won’t be happy in Milan, she shouldn’t take the job. She senses something else is going on and Summer’s holding back. “What’s really happening?” Summer denies she’s hiding anything. Phyllis learns Kyle is sleeping over with Harrison and assumes Tara’s real happy that he’s spending the night. She fishes to find out if something happened with Tara. Summer claims she’s just isn’t sure where she fits into the picture since they arrived. Phyllis reminds her she was excited about being a stepmom. Summer becomes increasingly emotional as she responds to Phyllis’ inquiries, so her mother apologizes for coming on too strong. She supports her 100% whatever she decides, but urges her to dig deep first so she doesn’t live to regret it. Summer thanks her. Before leaving, Phyllis informs her daughter she knows she’s holding back, but she won’t push her — she knows she’ll tell her eventually. Outside the door, Phyllis’ expression turns from nurturing to darkly suspicious.
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At Society, Nate tells Elena, “I’m glad you could make it.” She asks, “What is all this?” Nate wanted to treat her to a meal after she saved his life. They joke about the crab cakes and Nate wants to tell her why he told her he didn’t want her to take the job in Baltimore. She figures it’s gratitude for saving his life and warns she has to make a decision and start planning for her future. Nate would never get in the way of her happiness, but reveals he wants her to stay there with him. He sees the passion she puts into her work and the beauty in her soul. She dazzles him. When they first got together it was too fast, but he believes she has deeper feelings. “Was I wrong?” Elena confirms that he’s right; she just wasn’t sure he would ever be able to feel this way again. Nate just pushed them down, but now he can’t hold back and risk losing her. He wants to let go of the past and move forward with her by his side. “Do you think you can take that leap with me?”
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At the mental hospital, Chelsea dreams of Victor visiting and telling her she’s never going to get out of there. He goes on that she really blew it and chuckles about her plan backfiring — Sharon is happy and Adam is free. He calls her a lousy mother and says Connor deserves better before reminding her she’s responsible for all of this. She screams at Victor to get out and Adam appears. He wants to help her get out and come home. She asks, “Really?” Adam laughs and says no. Does she really think he gives a damn what happens to her now?! He calls her pathetic for having lost her grip on reality. Chelsea hollers that he’s the one who should be in there; he gaslighted her! She believed in them. Adam levels that she really is out of her mind then.
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Rey appears in Chelsea’s dream and declares that he is glad to finally know the truth — that she was playing him all along. Adam disappears. Chelsea insists to Rey that she’s not really crazy. What she did was justice. Rey marvels that she actually believes she’s walking out of there. He adds that she’s trapped in the prison of her own mind and will never be free. Chelsea awakens with a start, and then sinks back into the pillows, distressed.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam orders a black coffee and Nick appears. He figures Adam can’t stand going home to an empty house. They sit down and chat about Christian and Faith. Adam admits he was right about him not wanting to go home to be alone with his demons. Nick has a sitter for a while and offers to stay and talk. Adam opens up about all the reminders he sees of Chelsea and how he screwed things up. Adam notes that she and Connor are desperate to see one another. Nick learns he told her it was best they wait until she’s released and she hates him. Nick figures it’s the illness talking. He feels Adam should just focus on Connor’s needs right now; he’ll have to find a way to explain this to him. “If you help Connor through this, it might make your demons go away.” Adam appreciates the advice and thanks Nick for helping him talk things through. “See you tomorrow.” Nick replies, “See ya’.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle rejoins Jack and Tara as Jack asks about her family. Tara says her parents passed away but she grew up in a very happy home. Kyle takes a call from Summer, who asks if now is a good time. She would like him to come back to the suite; she doesn’t want to be alone right now. After disconnecting, Kyle informs Jack and Tara that he’s going to be with Summer. Jack chortles, “Number one rule; never disappoint the bride!” Tara looks uncertain.

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Nate and Elena burst into his suite at the hotel kissing passionately and shut the door. This isn’t where Elena was expecting this night to end. Nate replies, “Who says it’s over? I think we’re just getting started.” They begin to undress as he nuzzles her neck. After sex, Elena emails Baltimore to turn down the job offer. She has everything she needs right there in Genoa City. They kiss.
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Kyle arrives in the suite and asks if Summer’s okay. She didn’t mean to worry him; she just wanted to hold him close. Kyle will always be there — hers — now and forever.

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