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In Ashland’s hotel room, he admits he’s surprised by Victoria’s proposal for a merger. He points out that, thanks to Billy, the rumor is already out about Victor taking advantage of his heart attack. If word got out about his cancer along with their merger, people might say the same. He asks, “Doesn’t that give you pause?” Victoria replies, “Only if you’re one of those people.” She explains how she can take some of the burden off his shoulders so he can focus on things that matter. He’s impressed by her negotiating skills, but wonders if he will see her again if he says no. Victoria reassures him, and talks about what it’s like to be with someone who is on her level. She hopes for a longer relationship with him and will miss him when he’s gone.

Victoria understands that Ashland will need time to consider her proposal. Locke reminds her that the deal could take months to put together. Victoria counters that they already went over Newman’s books when she bid for Cyaxares, which will save time. When she gets up to leave, he wonders why she won’t stay to convince him. Victoria will check back with him tomorrow.

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As Abby sleeps on the couch at the Chancellor house, a shadow looms over her. When Nina comes in and turns on the light, there’s no one there. Abby awakens and wonders if she was just dreaming someone was there. Mariah enters complaining about her waistband as Nina explains that Christine will have some news about Chance soon. They sniff perfume samples from Jabot’s R&D until Christine shows up. She was in touch with Chance’s superior, who has heard from him, so he’s okay. There’s not much else she can say, but it sounds like his assignment is coming to an end.

At the Abbott estate, Kyle comes downstairs and talks to Tara about how Harrison has been handling the divorce news. She thinks the kid will be crushed when Ashland dies. Kyle has ordered books on how children grieve so he can learn how to deal with it. She’s glad to see how committed he is to his son. Kyle presses her to meet with Lauren about her offer, but hopes she won’t be in a big rush to find her own place. Tara thinks it’s been sweet to see how close Harrison and Jack have been getting.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Summer accuses Sally of making a “self-serving deal” with Tara Locke. She explains that she got the Italian job offer — the one Sally claimed she wanted. Sally privately looks triumphant but then turns to Summer and snarks about the position she wanted falling into her lap. Summer knows she told Tara about the job offer. Sally sighs, “So what if I did?” Summer warns about them conspiring against her. Sally won’t make the mistake of talking to Tara about Summer again and complains that everyone, including Locke, is rooting for Summer. Summer insists she didn’t express any interest in the job and doesn’t understand why it came her way. Sally’s irritated when she says she doesn’t know whether or not she’ll accept it.
Sally and Summer talk job at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Victoria steps off the hotel elevator, where Billy presumes she’s been in Ashland’s room and convinces her to have a drink so they can talk about the kids. She accepts and they discuss Johnny and Katie, but Billy quickly brings the conversation back to Locke. Victoria fumes and warns him not to use their kids as an excuse to express an interest in her life. She reminds him he moved in with someone without mentioning it to her. Billy can’t believe she’s getting involved with a risky person like Ashland. She wonders if he ever listens to himself and insists she knows what she’s doing. She alludes to having a plan. When Lily appears, Victoria promptly exits.
Billy and Victoria argue about Ashland at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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As they sit at the bar, Billy talks to Lily about Victoria and Ashland. He isn’t buying their friendship and thinks Victoria may be up to something. Lily says his instincts are usually right so if his alarm bells are going off they should take it seriously. Billy relays he didn’t tip Victoria off about Ashland’s divorce story. Lily decides she’ll oversee the investigation with him. He has no objection and thinks it will be fun.
Billy and Lily discuss Victoria at Grand Phoenix Y&R

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Summer shows up at the Abbott house and wants to talk to Kyle elsewhere about why she’s upset, but Tara interrupts. She sends Kyle upstairs to say goodnight to his son. Tara asks Summer if she got the call from Italy. Summer still thinks it’s weird she knew about it, but admits it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Tara’s disappointed she didn’t take it, and warns Summer about telling Kyle about her threat. She reiterates she will take Kyle’s son and never come back. Summer urges her to take a step back and they’ll pretend this never happened, but Tara wants Harrison’s parents together. She plans to rekindle Kyle’s old feelings for her and is sure she can. Summer calls her delusional and insists that Tara was just a rebound from her.

Summer informs Tara that even if she moved to Italy, Kyle would remain faithful to her. Tara makes it clear that she wants Summer to break up with Kyle before she leaves the country. Summer’s aghast. Tara feels her deep connection with Kyle is obvious — why else would Summer try to rush her wedding through? Summer warns Kyle will see through Tara and accuses her of being a gold-digger. Tara’s undeterred and repeats her threat to leave with Harrison. Summer seethes, “You utter bitch!” Kyle returns, praising his son. Tara announces she’s going for a walk, and Kyle notices that Summer is upset. She says it’s a work thing and promises she can handle it on her own.
Tara threatens Summer at Abbot house Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Mariah eats chips and marshmallow fluff while Nina reflects on the bizarre cravings she had when pregnant with Chance. They realize Abby is still worrying about Chance. Mariah offers a distraction and asks them both to pull out their phones and play songs for the baby. When Mariah and Nina go to the kitchen for more snacks, someone watches Abby through the window.

Victoria drops by Crimson Lights for takeout when she bumps into Ashland. He admits he was planning to stay up late and think over her offer, but seeing her again has made him realize he knows exactly what he wants. He’s realized that teaming with her can help him be proactive and shield his company from vultures — he’d also like to spend time working with her. “Yes, I’m interested.”

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In her suite, Summer calls her mom and leaves a message — she’s been looking all over for her and wants to talk first thing in the morning; it’s really important.

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