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At the park, Kyle and Jack watch Harrison playing in the sandbox at the park. When there’s a dust-up, Jack warns he can’t always protect his son and cajoles, “Welcome to parenthood.” Kyle can’t imagine his life without him in it now. Jack replies that thankfully he doesn’t have to. Kyle wants to be a part of it all — good days and bad. Jack felt the same way when Kyle came into his life. He asks how it will work out with Harrison having two fathers. Kyle’s not worried about that right now. Jack urges him to trust his instincts and be ready to compromise. Also, he should do everything to foster a healthy relationship between Summer and Tara.
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At the Abbott house, Tara tells Summer she’s heard from a reliable source that Marchetti is going to offer her the position at Marchetti. Summer scoffs that she’s obviously been talking to Sally and shouldn’t listen to her. Tara continues, “It’s a very generous offer and you are going to accept it.” Summer wonders why she and Kyle would pack up and move. Tara wants Summer to go to Italy on her own. There’s no job in the world she’d take over Kyle. Tara argues she will take it — not in spite of her love for Kyle, but because of it. She points out that Kyle’s priorities are shifting; he’s dreaming of watching Harrison grow up and he would never want to give that up. “If something came between him and his little boy, imagine how awful that would be.” Summer thinks almost sounds like a threat. Tara makes it crystal clear; “If you don’t take this job and leave the country, I will make sure Kyle never sees Harrison again.”
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Summer marvels that she’s seeing the real Tara Locke for the first time and how she’s fooled everybody. She’s astounded how quickly she’s started to make plans now that Ashland has six months to live. Tara’s taken aback. Summer confirms that Kyle told her because they don’t keep secrets. They’re meant to be together and they’re going to get married. Tara needles that they don’t share the most important thing — a child. Summer plans to tell Kyle about her threat the moment she sees him. Tara vows if she does, she’ll disappear, and Kyle will never see his little boy again. Summer promises the Abbotts will never let her get away with this. Tara has learned a lot from Ashland — she can handle anyone or anything, including the Abbotts. Summer advises Tara she’s miscalculated this situation. “I’m going to warn them about you.” Tara thought there was nothing she wouldn’t do for Kyle. “Guess I was wrong.” Summer replies that she’s seeing the real her for the first time too and exits.

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At home, Abby breathes in Chance’s sweatshirt as Mariah and Nina enter. Mariah thinks her and the shirt need to get a room. Abby explains how she came to have it and enthuses that a few months from now, she’ll be able to introduce the baby to the sweatshirt. Mariah leaves for a walk, and Nina tells Abby she wants answers too; they should get as many answers as they can about Chance. Abby knows who to call.
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At the Grand Phoenix, Ashland informs Victor and Nikki he had a wonderful time with their daughter in New York. Victor remarks on the optics given he’s in the middle of a divorce. Ash reminds him he’s the injured party. Nikki begins to complain about how it looks for Victoria to be the other woman when Victoria interrupts her. She warns neither of her parents to say another word. Ashland doesn’t want to fight with anyone — a friend advised him to end the marriage with civility and he took it. Victor assumes that was his daughter. Nikki questions if it’s the time to get involved with someone new. Ashland muses that if Victoria thought it was a rebound, they wouldn’t be there. Victoria calls a halt to the interrogation. Nikki wants to know more about Ashland and he talks about Florence. Victor surmises that Victoria told him a lot about her life. Nikki mentions she’s going there to see Leslie Brooks perform. Ashland’s familiar with her and it tickled to hear that Nikki’s a pianist. He once played too. Nikki says he should take it up again. “It’s never too late you know.” Ashland and Victoria exchange a look.
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At Newman Media, Nikki tells Victor that as much as she doesn’t like seeing their daughter entangled in a divorce, it’s not like they can forbid Victoria to see Ashland. Victor muses that there’s more going on — he watched them very closely. “I can’t figure it out yet, but I’m going to figure out what it is.”

In the hotel lobby, Ashland feels Victoria’s parents are just worried about her. They don’t trust what the “big bad wolf” will do to their daughter. “You never stop worrying about your kids. Not that I’ll have to contend with that for very long.” Victoria discourages him from making jokes and urges him to be honest about his feelings. Ashland is enjoying the time he has left, especially with her. He doesn’t want to talk about putting his affairs in order there. “Come upstairs with me.” Victoria follows him into the elevator.

Summer passes through the park and spots Kyle sharing a father and son moment with Harrison. She grows increasingly distressed as she watches them bonding. Jack joins her and relays he’s planning to get all the Abbotts together to meet Harrison. He remarks on Ashland’s former plan to cut Kyle out of the boys’ life and muses that it would be devastating to him. Tara appears and Summer eyeballs her.

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Christine arrives at the Chancellor Estate, where Abby and Nina bring her up to date on Chance’s last disturbing call. They press her to use her contacts to try and find out if he’s okay. Abby needs to know that her baby’s father is safe! Chris wishes she could give them some news to relieve their worry — she’ll do what she can. Later, Mariah returns and Abby talks her into letting her fix her a snack. Mariah agrees and rubs her belly while saying, “This boy loves his peanut butter and apples.” Nina and Abby’s heads jerk up. Abby asks, “Are we having a boy?” Mariah stammers and tries to backtrack. Abby demands she look her in the eye and tell her the truth. Mariah apologizes; it just came out. “Do you hate me forever now?” Abby hesitates and then bursts. “We’re having a boy! We’re having a son!” She can’t wait for Chance to get home and to tell Devon.
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In their suite, Kyle packs as he explains to Summer that Harrison invited him for a sleepover; he couldn’t turn him down. He wants the boy to know he’s in this thing forever. Summer looks upset. He asks her what’s going on. Summer casts her eyes downward, “It’s nothing.” He reminds her they agreed to tell each other everything.

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In Ashland’s suite, Victoria hopes he feels comfortable talking to her about his next steps. They marvel at their connection given they haven’t known each other long. She’s still hoping he’ll recover. Ashland muses that nothing in his life is easy right now and he invited her into the middle of the chaos. Victoria could have said, “No.” Ash asks her to always be honest with him — she’s under no obligation to stay past his expiration date and is welcome to shake hands and go her separate way. Victoria doesn’t want to do that, and assures him she’s more than capable of letting someone know when she’s had enough. “Now, I think we should talk about getting your business affairs in order.” He’s taken aback. She’s still hoping for the best for him, but will help him prepare for the worst. Victoria may even be able to make it pleasant. She points out he’s dying without anyone to leave his legacy to. Ashland is still waiting for the enjoyable part. Victoria thinks they should get… a lot closer. She proposes a merger between Newman Enterprises and Locke Communications Group. It would fend off the predators and take his legacy into the future.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack assures Tara that Kyle will soon be there. He enters the house while disconnecting from a call with Summer and reports that she was distressed before. She wanted to tell him something but couldn’t. Tara hopes she’s willing to make room for Harrison in their lives. Kyle believes she knows how important he is to him. Tara smiles; she thinks she does.

In her suite, Summer takes a call from Marchetti in Italy, who wants to talk about her becoming her new creative director. “Is this a good time.” Summer says it’s a great time; she’d really love to hear about it.

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On the Crimson Lights patio, Christine disconnects from a call about Chance as Nina arrives and asks, “Do you know something you’re not telling me. Do you know where he is or what he’s doing?”

In the Chancellor Estate, Abby is asleep on the sofa when a shadow looms over her.

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