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At Crimson Lights, Nikki greets Ashland and says she’s heard a lot about him lately. They exchange pleasantries about Victor and Newman Media before talk turns to Victoria. Locke calls her an amazing woman and he admires how they work together. Nikki warns that where her daughter is concerned she wants to make her position very clear. She hasn’t forgotten how he toyed with her during the Cyaxares deal and doesn’t want Victoria treated like that again. She’s also concerned he’s on the rebound. Ashland won’t take advantage of her friendship. His time there is finite and they’re just enjoying each other’s company. Nikki wants him to set her mind at ease by joining her, Victor, and Victoria for dinner.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria asks Victor to what does she owe this pleasure. He notes she didn’t return his call and wants to know why she went to New York with Ashland Locke. Victoria mocks his “digging” and figures he could get lots of views if he published their trip. Victor wouldn’t do that and admits he rather respects the guy; they have a similar attitude toward business. But he doesn’t like his daughter’s involvement with a man in a divorce battle. Victoria knows him better than her father does. Victor muses, “That brings me to the next point.” He wants her and Ashland to have dinner with him and Nikki. Just then, Victoria gets a text from Ashland about it and fumes about her parents’ scheming. Victor asks her, “Yes or no?”
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At the penthouse, Abby talks to Devon about her fear for Chance. She hasn’t heard from him since the line went dead. Devon tries to reassure her. Abby misses him so much, but is desperate to stay positive. Devon has something to give her and he thinks it’s the perfect time. He pulls out a manila envelope from Chance that is marked, “Give this to Abby when she needs it most.” Devon reads the accompanying note as Abby opens the package to reveal Chance’s favorite sweatshirt. The card says, “Wear this and feel me wrapped around you. There’s no place I’d rather be. Love, Chance.” Abby recalls wearing the sweater after they went ice-skating — it was the first time they were together. Devon points out he was planning on there being lags in communication and urges her to keep thinking positive. Abby thanks him for helping her relax. Her smile is all the thanks he needs.

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At Society, Nate learns Moses’ plans for the summer include a lot of work and a little fun. Elena walks in and Nate invites her to join them for crab cakes. He updates Moses on Elena’s job offer on Baltimore. She admits she’s still debating, and Moses wonders why she wouldn’t take it. Elena is torn and teases that Nate refuses to give her advice. Nate’s throat closes up as he says he rasps that he only wants Elena to be happy. As Moses and Elena grow concerned, Nate gasps, “I can’t breathe.” As the doctor falls back onto the sofa, Elena leaps into action and sends Moses for an allergy shot. Once it’s administered, Nate resumes breathing. Elena guesses he didn’t know he was allergic to crab cakes. Nate feels damn lucky she was there when he needed her.
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In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Summer and Kyle discuss the news that Ashland’s dying and what it could do to Harrison. Kyle reminds her not to tell Phyllis. Just then, her mother appears. They go off to wedding plan. Billy appears and tells Kyle that Chance Comm is about to run a story and he wanted to give him fair warning.

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Kyle knew the divorce story would get out, but needs to know what Billy’s angle will be — he’s concerned about Harrison. Billy insists it won’t be tabloid journalism; they don’t want to hurt anyone. Kyle asks him to think about this as a father and remember what Katie and Johnny went through when he was accused of shooting Chance. It’s personal, they’re family, and he’s asking him to reconsider. Kyle adds that Victoria’s involved with Ashland and the article could have an effect on his kids. Billy will take it under advisement. He asks how Summer’s doing… off the record. Kyle says she’s been accepting and understanding; they’ve never been stronger. Billy wishes them the best. He knows it won’t be easy for her to have Tara involved in Kyle’s life.

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In Phyllis’ suite, she and Summer discuss wedding arrangements. Phyllis wonders if she pushed up the wedding because of Tara showing up in town with Harrison. It’s just interesting that she’s here with her kid and is possibly going to be working at Fenmore’s with Lauren. She wants Summer to ask herself if she’s rushing into this marriage because she’s feeling insecure — that’s no reason to walk down the aisle. Summer admits she gets a bit overwhelmed sometimes, but nothing has changed between her and Kyle. She believes, over time, she’ll make a good stepmom to Harrison. Phyllis is concerned about Tara — a woman like that will do anything to use that kid to drive a wedge between two people. Kyle’s mom, Diane, did it, and she may or may not have done it in the past also. Summer promises she’s keeping her eyes wide open where Tara’s concerned.
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In the park, Tara tells Sally, “I don’t even know why I came,” and asks her what she wants. Sally reiterates that they need to work together to rid themselves of Summer Newman, and they need to work fast. They go over Summer’s plans to get married and lockdown her future. Sally reveals that she’s made sure Summer will be offered an incredible job that will take her out of the country. Tara can’t imagine Summer taking it. Sally responds, “That’s where you come in.” Tara doesn’t have magical powers to make Kyle fall for her. Sally insists they have to pave the way for Summer’s exit, but this only works if they trust one another. She knows how much Summer loves Kyle, and the plan won’t work without that. “The best part? Summer’s leaving will be her own doing.”
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At Devon’s place, Moses, Nate and Elena fill him in on his cousin’s near-death experience. Nate says Elena saved his life. After Nate and Elena exit, Devon asks if Moses is okay. He’s not; not really. The young man worries what kind of doctor he’ll be if he freaks out at medical emergencies. Devon tries to make him feel better; it’s scary when someone close to you is in jeopardy. Elena would have been scared too but learned to handle herself in those situations. In time, he’ll be where he needs to be.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Victoria thanks Ashland for meeting him there a bit early. They discuss how he won Phyllis over to let him stay there. Ashland feels like a teenager getting the once-over after asking out the most popular girl in school. Victoria warns her father thinks no man is good enough for her. They laugh and she thanks him for going along with hit. Ashland wants to spend more time with her while he can. He asks her not to tell her parents, or anyone else, about his illness. She’d never do that. Nikki and Victor join them and Victoria takes her mother to task for having more questions than she let on. Beside them, Victoria’s jaw drops when Victor asks Ashland to tell him about their trip to New York.
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At the Abbott mansion, Summer and Kyle express their love and Tara appears. Kyle updates them on Chance Comm covering the divorce. He tried to talk Billy out of it, but the best they can hope for is that they keep it professional. Tara worries the paternity situation will come to light; she’s dreading that. Talk turns to Harrison and Tara urges Kyle to take him to the park. Once he’s gone, Tara asks Summer to hang out — there’s something important they should discuss. She says she knows Summer’s aware of the growing bond between Kyle and Harrison, and that she’d never do anything to come between them. Summer confirms she’s correct. Tara continues, “So, I have a proposition for you.”
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On the coffee house patio, Nate tells Elena she is an amazing doctor — the hospital in Baltimore would be lucky to have her… but he doesn’t want her to take that job. There’s a whole lot more he wants to say as well.

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Inside Crimson Lights, Sally calls Eric Forrester to tell him it’s the perfect time to make the call to get Summer the job offer in Italy. Eric’s pleased to do it. He’ll hope for the best for Summer, and for Sally, who is working hard to start over. She’s a talented designer and Eric wonders if Summer takes the overseas position whether there might be an opportunity for her to move up and run JCV. Sally admits it would be a dream come true.

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