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In Crimson Lights, Billy asks Victoria about her trip to the Big Apple and questions her about not traveling alone. Vikki wonders why it bothers him so much that she’s spending time with Ashland. Billy explains he’s in the middle of a messy divorce, and warns she has no idea how messy it’s going to get. He’s concerned about their kids. Victoria doesn’t buy it; she believes he liked the idea of her pining for him. She learns the sleepover went great and that Johnny asked if Billy and Lily were married. “I told him the truth like I always do. I said no, but we’re in love.” Victoria muses, “That’s a very serious statement.” Billy’s trying to be transparent and repeats that he’s worried about her involvement with Ashland Locke — he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Victoria appreciates his concern, but it’s not like she hasn’t been hurt before… by him.
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At the hotel, Sally takes a call from Eric Forrester who confirms he’ll call Marchetti and recommend Summer Newman for the position in Italy. He asks, “Are you ready to move forward with this?” Sally glances at the elevator, where Summer has just emerged. Sally tells Eric she has to set things up right first. He’s bewildered. “I thought this was all above board.” Sally reassures him and he disconnects. Sally loudly pretends to still be on the line so Summer can hear. When she ‘hangs up’ she informs Summer that she didn’t get the job in Italy because someone in L.A. bad-mouthed her. Summer thinks it’s karma. Sally relays that Summer’s name was mentioned. Summer denies having any part of her not getting the job — she’d love to see her go to Italy. Sally shares that her name came up in a good way — they love what she’s done with JVC. Summer muses that all her hard work has paid off.
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At the Abbott house, Kyle looks on as Tara asks Ashland what made him do a complete turnaround about Kyle being part of Harrison’s life. She wonders if Victoria Newman had anything to do with it. Ashland’s offended at her questioning his personal life given the way she conducts hers. He says his lawyers have finished the custody paperwork and he’s also changed his will — he has a lot of money and a big company; it has to go somewhere. Tara wonders if he’d punish Harrison to get back at her. Kyle pipes up that the boy will always be taken care of, and Tara thanks him. She tells Ashland his nasty little games can’t hurt them now. Ashland invites them to make their plans; maybe if they get lucky they’ll get more than six months to live them out. Kyle and Tara are perplexed. Ashland breaks the news of his lung cancer.
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Kyle asks Tara, “You believe this?” Locke has no time for mind games anymore, besides, what would he have to gain? Tara presses him about treatment. He advises them to focus on Harrison and assures them that the boy’s in his will, but Tara is out. Tara’s appalled and reminds them they shared a life together for years. Ashland doesn’t want to hear how much she cared about him and doesn’t want her pity. Whatever remaining days he has left he wants to spend near his son. Unfortunately, he’s in the position that has to ask something critically important of the two of them. “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t share my medical condition with anyone.” He wants to tell Harrison in his own way when the time is right. Kyle and Tara agree.

After Ashland leaves, Tara gasps, “This is shocking!” Kyle still wonder if it’s a ploy. Tara believes him and feel it’s devastating. Kyle asks if she’ll still go through with the divorce. Tara accepts that her marriage is over and knows he wouldn’t want her back. She has to focus on the future and worries that Harrison will be devastated. Kyle will do anything to help her get through this. Summer appears and asks, “Get through what?”

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At Society, Lily tells Devon his musical instruments were a success with Katie and Johnny. She then asks Amanda about her case. Amanda explains she’s no longer Sutton’s attorney and alludes to not having to keep ‘the secret’ anymore. Lily asks, “What secret?” Amanda fills Lily in on her familial connections off-screen. Lily wonders why she’s off the case. Amanda believes there’s something her grandfather’s not telling her. Lily offers the job at Chance Comm, but she’s not sure she’s ready to come back yet. She wants to see if criminal law is the road she wants to go down, but right now she has to find out what happened to her father.
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At Newman, Nikki asks Victoria about her trip. Vikki says they had a nice time. Nikki wants details. Victoria tells her mother it didn’t get too serious; though they shared dinner, drinks and conversation. She insists he’s a nice man. Nikki warns news of her trip with Ashland got out. “Your father is aware.” Victoria supposes she should brace for a lecture. Nikki muses that he didn’t seem to be against the idea at all. Vikki figures he’d like to see her with anyone other than Billy Abbott. Nikki’s glad she enjoyed her trip and heads out. Victoria goes back to her laptop, but the phone rings — it’s Ashland. He has a sure-fire cure for jet lag and invites her to lunch. She accepts.
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At Chance Comm, Lily has just finished filling Billy in on Amanda’s family and her decision not to return. Billy will miss her, and if she wants to pursue criminal law she has his support. Talk turns to Ashland and Tara’s divorce. Billy can’t get anyone to talk. Lily reminds him they decided not to pursue that for Kyle’s sake. “I guess you need saving from yourself already?” Billy doesn’t want to turn it into an Adam-style expose, but they can’t give their competition the edge. Lily thinks it’s personal for him just like Adam’s story. Billy insists it’s still newsworthy. He wants to talk to Kyle and get approval. Lily acquiesces.
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In the hotel lobby, Imani tells Amanda that Sutton is furious she’s left him and the legal team in the lurch. Amanda counters that Naya told her different. She’s sure their grandfather will land on his feet. Imani argues that the legal defense is in shambles. Amanda won’t cater to someone who was ready to discard her. Imani wonders if she’ll still pursue the truth about Richard and doesn’t like the idea. Amanda snaps that’s too bad — it’s her birthright. She warns that nobody will stop her from getting it.
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Imani relays that she’s decided to stick around Genoa City, and says she’s impressed how Amanda stands up to anyone and everyone that gets in her way. She’d like to find out what other traits they share and isn’t hating the idea of having a sister. They sit at the bar and Imani shares that her upbringing wasn’t all sweetness and life. Being an only child in a political family was isolating. Amanda says jumping from one foster family to another wasn’t conducive to friendships either. Imani wants to get to know her… and maybe she can help her find the truth she’s searching for. Amanda suspects she’s there to keep tabs on her. Imani is saddened that she can’t see a sincere gesture. Amanda heads to her suite.

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Devon walks into the hotel and Imani storms up to him and says she doesn’t understand what he sees in that stubborn, rude girlfriend of his, “And from what I’ve heard, Amanda’s twin was just like her.” Devon chastises her for talking to him like that and bad-mouthing Amanda and his late wife. Imani complains that Amanda refuses to acknowledge their connection and adds, “Really, what family does she have left?”

Upstairs, Naya is waiting for Amanda and warns her she doesn’t want Sutton Ames for an enemy — she had better stick to this case. Amanda asks, “Seriously? Is that a threat?”
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At Society, Ashland opens up to Victoria about his feelings about not being around to see Harrison grow up or teach him to take over the business. “Time flies when you’re dying.” Victoria marvels at him joking. It’s a defense mechanism.

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At Crimson Lights, Sally picks up her phone and types out, “Urgent that we meet.”

At the Abbott house, Tara and Kyle cover up their conversation from Summer. Tara gets a text from Sally saying, “Urgent that we meet. I promise this will be a good thing for you.” She says has some errands to run and takes off. Summer asks Kyle what she walked in on and reminds him they can’t have any more secrets. Kyle tells her it has to be kept in confidence. “Ashland is dying.” Summer is aghast. She thinks it’s terrible for poor Harrison and asks what it means for Kyle and Tara.

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At Newman, Victoria asks Ashland if he’s thought about what will happen to Locke Communications Group. He doesn’t have anyone he trusts enough to take over the company after he’s gone. Victoria thinks that’s why he should pursue treatment. She took the liberty of looking up research. Ashland doesn’t like the side effects and wants their interaction to be an illness-free zone. Victoria invites him to kiss her… like he almost did in New York.
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