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At Billy and Lily’s condo, the kids run around exploring the place enthusiastically. Billy warns them he and Lily will run a tight ship and the rule still apply. Johnny asks if this means Lily is his new wife now. Billy explains they’re not married, but are in love. The kids run upstairs to play Devon’s musical instruments. Billy keeps looking at his phone and explains to Lily he hasn’t heard from Victoria, who may be with Ashland. Lily questions him checking in on her. She doesn’t understand why his first instinct is always to protect her. Billy explains she’s always had his back, as Lily has, and he wants to reciprocate that. Lily seems unconvinced.
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In New York, Ashland tells Victoria that right this minute he’d like to kiss her — a dying man’s last wish. Victoria laughs. Ashland muses, “Nothing fazes you, does it?” Victoria muses that they should proceed carefully. Ashland raises his drink and agrees; “Sold.” He’s encouraged that she used the word proceed, so all hope is not lost. Victoria would like to see where things go. Ash chuckles that it will be a short journey. She notes his use of humor under the circumstances and she questions him not pursuing treatment. Ashland teases that she sounds like she doesn’t want to lose him.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon assures Rey, by phone, that she’s just finishing up and then she can focus on their second honeymoon in Miami. She disconnects and turns to see Adam standing there. Sharon chats with him about Noah considering doing some work for Newman Media. Adam confirms he has a lot of talent. If he decides to take the job and come back to town, he’ll learn he no longer has anything to fear where Adam’s concerned. Talk turns to Chelsea and Connor. Adam would love to have good news for his son, but… He sighs. It’s not okay for him to open up to Sharon anymore. Adam tells her she deserves to be happy. Sharon feels he deserves peace too.
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At the mental hospital, Chelsea apologizes to Rey for going off on him before. She blames Adam’s visit for making her irrational and hopes he’ll accept her apology. Chelsea jokes about trying to stay sane and laughs about the group sessions. She admits it’s helping and says it’s all about getting back to Connor. Rey will come back and visit her after his trip and reminds her Sharon’s not the enemy. He wonders why she got so agitated when her name came up. The doctor enters to take Chelsea to her session. Chelsea heads out and Rey grills the doctor about Chelsea’s remarkable turnaround. The doctor insists she’s there for a reason and rushes off.
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Victor welcomes Amanda into his office and asks her to be honest with him. He ran into Sutton Ames, who is not only her client, but her grandfather. “Right?” Amanda asks, “He told you this?” Victor says not in so many words. She supposes he’s called her there to confirm or deny his suspicions. Victor relays that Sutton had a slip of the tongue and tried to cover. Amanda confirms she’s his granddaughter and that she is the child Richard Nealon was looking for. Victor can relate to growing up without either parent.
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Amanda shares she recently tracked down her mother, and it meant a lot to learn Richard tried to find her. Talk turns to her defense strategy and she warns the Newman angle is still a part of her case. Victor has bad news for her — there was nothing illegitimate about the moneys paid to Sutton Ames. He’ll send her the report. Victor marvels at how calm she is considering how personal this is for her. Amanda admits she’s emotional below the surface. Victor hopes she gets to the bottom of what happened to her dad; closure is important.

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Amanda enters Grand Phoenix and finds Naya waiting in the lobby. She’s spoken to Sutton, who needs Amanda and knows it. Amanda asks if he’s ready to endorse her theory that Richard contacted him to help find his daughter. Naya admits he’s still not on board. Amanda feels it doesn’t make any sense; revealing a chapter in the family history doesn’t compare to going to prison. She wonders if there’s something he’s keeping from her. “If we go down the road I’m suggesting are we going to uncover more family secrets?” Naya asks, “What would he be hiding?” Amanda replies, “You tell me.” Naya denies there is anything else and suggests the personal shame is too much for him to bear. She encourages Amanda to look at things from Sutton’s point of view. Amanda finds it interesting that he sent Naya and asks her to inform her grandfather that she’s done. Amanda walks toward the elevator and Devon, by the bar, asks, “Are you alright?” She reports that she suddenly has a lot more time on her hands.
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In New York, Victoria and Ashland agree to proceed slow and steady. He suggests they forget his proposal and drink more wine. Victoria should call it a night. She learns he’ll be returning to Genoa City with her in the morning — he needs to see Harrison. Ashland thanks her for salvaging his trip to New York before leaving her for the night.

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In the condo, Billy and Lily have an art contest and pizza with Johnny and Katie. Lily asks Billy to judge the drawings and Billy thinks they’re all winners.

At Newman Media, Victor and Adam revisit their argument about going after Billy Abbott. Victor doesn’t want Locke to know they’re considering it. Adam thinks Ashland is otherwise occupied — he’s learned the mogul flew to New York with Victoria. Adam’s source can let them know when they return, but there’s no way of knowing if it’s about a deal or something else entirely. Victor doesn’t think Victoria would involve herself in a divorce. Adam next updates Victor on Nikki’s earlier visit and warning. Talk turns back to Victoria and Ashland’s trip. Adam’s not interested in the reasons behind it. When he walks out, Victor leaves his daughter a voicemail asking what the hell she’s doing with Ashland Locke.

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In New York, Victoria sees the voicemail from her father but keeps working on her laptop. She then makes a call advising someone she’ll be back in the office tomorrow and asking them to gather information on Locke Communications Group.

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In her suite, Amanda updates Devon on quitting the case — she ran into roadblock after roadblock. Now she can focus on her father and will see this through to the end. Devon’s proud of her and reminds her she’s never alone in all this. Amanda tells him, “I know. And that means everything.” Devon leaves, and Amanda calls Denise Tolliver. She wants her to find out why her father was really killed.
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With the kids in bed, Billy and Lily share a toast in their living room to a successful evening. Billy opens up that sometimes he feels he didn’t earn what they have; it’s so good. Lily thinks their separate paths and journeys led them to each other.

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At the mental facility, the doctor worries to Chelsea about Detective Rey Rosales, who was clearly digging for something — has she made him suspicious? Chelsea assures him she has everything under control, but the doctor’s unconvinced. He warns he has a lot on the line and advises her to remember that he holds her future in his hands.
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Rey arrives at the coffee house and Sharon asks how his meeting went with Chelsea. Rey says it was fine but he was distracted thinking about going to Miami with his wife. They happily head out for their trip.

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