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Jack spots Summer on the coffee house patio, talks about his time with Kyle and Harrison and tells her she would have been welcome to join them. Summer is wedding planning , but does agree to accompany him back to the house. When he walks inside to get cinnamon buns she looks worried.

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At the Abbott house, Tara updates Kyle that so far, Ashland is making good on his offer for shared custody. She shares Jack’s theory that he may be moving on with Victoria Newman and less interested in punishing her. Kyle realizes he won’t be an obstacle to him being in Harrison’s life. Jack arrives and they all talk about Tara and Harrison putting down roots in Genoa City. Summer arrives as Jack tells Tara they’re welcome to stay in his house as long as they please. Summer asks if there’s news on the custody front. Kyle explains it’s working out and Tara’s looking at starting her new life there. Summer wants to talk wedding plans. Tara suggests taking Harrison to the park after. Kyle and Jack get called away to a meeting and Tara encourages Summer to stay so they can get better acquainted.
Summer watches Tara Y&R

Once alone, Summer and Tara make polite conversation about Harrison. Tara wonders if Kyle spending so much time with the boy is a problem. Summer assures her it’s not. Tara admires how she’s handled all these changes. Summer tells Tara she’s sweet to be worried about her relationship, but they’ve survived far worse.

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In a New York suite, Victoria updates Ashland on her business and wants to have a drink to celebrate. He seems out of sorts and she wonders if a deal fell through. Ashland deflects, compliments her taste in wine, and pours. They sit, and Victoria opens up about her love of art and her year in Italy. Ashland reflects on her coming back to her family company, and she wonders if he has an inner artist. Does he ever think about chucking it all and going to Paris? “It’s not too late!” Ashland’s demeanor changes and he sighs. His meeting this afternoon was a doctor’s appointment. As it turns out, it is too late… for a lot of things.

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Victoria wonders if he has to have more heart surgery. Ashland has a carcinoma in his lungs and it’s advanced. “They’re giving me six months.” He swigs his drink; “It’s been a helluva spring.” There are treatments that could extend his life, but he doesn’t want to do that if he’ll only be miserable, or put Harrison through seeing him become frail and sickly. Victoria learns he’s known about this since he got a phone call yesterday. He apologizes for dumping this on her. She’s just surprised he’d want her there right now — they’re practically strangers. Ashland muses that it feels like they’ve always known each other.
Ashland cancer news Y&R

Victoria asks if this changes things with his marriage. Ashland says it’s too late. He can’t blame Tara for everything that happened; he just couldn’t dial it back. He figures Victoria knows something’s about that. He reflects on Kyle being a decent young man and wonders if Summer will be a good stepmom. Victoria’s never thought about her being a mother, but assures they’ll have a lot of support. Ashland marvels at his son growing up with a Newman and Abbott legacy — it brings him some peace.

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In Society, Lauren wraps up a meeting with Sally, who asks how she made out with Tara Locke. Lauren relays she’s not ready to commit. Sally offers to make a sales pitch — she’s gotten to know Tara a little bit. Lauren has noticed Sally’s been a bit subdued lately and assumes it’s because it didn’t work out with Jack. Sally had to let it go and has been careful not to let it affect her work. Lauren asks if she’s happy. Sally says if she’s seemed tense it’s because of Phyllis, who is so determined to see her fail. Lauren assures her she never intended to trash her career, in fact, she wanted her to promote Sally to a prestigious position at Fenmore’s in Los Angeles. Sally asks to knock off early, and Lauren gladly agrees.
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In the Chancellor Estate, Abby reads to Nina about a sting operation in Las Vegas that went wrong — six people went to the hospital including a federal agent. She exclaims, “Oh my God! What if that was Chance?” Nina points out they don’t know where he’s been, but Abby recalls his last case was there. Abby wants to contact with Christine, but Nina reminds her she can’t say anything. They’ll have to tough this out together. Abby wonders what Nina has done to keep her mind off the worry in the past. Nina goes and retrieves a needlepoint she’s working on and offers to teach Abby. As they work, Abby pricks her finger and asks how this is supposed to be relaxing. Her phone rings with an unknown number and Abby worries before answering. It’s Chance. She’s relieved to hear his voice. Abby becomes dismayed as his voice becomes garbled and he begins shouting. She can’t make out what’s going on and then the line goes dead.
Nina, Abby line dead Y&R

At the hotel, Sally passes by Jack wheeling a suitcase and he wonders if she’s moving back to L.A. He thinks she might be better suited to the pace out there. Sally likes the pace there just fine and is staying, but she does have a plane to catch.
Jack, Sally hotel Y&R

Kyle rejoins Tara at the Abbott mansion and learns Harrison is ready to go to the park. Summer went to the office, but will meet them there. She says their visit went well; Summer seems to understand that Harrison is their top priority. Kyle says Summer’s the best. Harrison runs out and calls Kyle ‘Daddy’ and he beams.

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In the park, Kyle and Harrison make friends with another dad, Danny, and his son, KJ. The boys run off to the sandbox together and Danny muses to Kyle that there’s no bigger thrill than watching your son have fun. Kyle grins. Jack arrives and assures Kyle he’s right where he needs to be right now. Kyle reports that Ashland came through with shared custody so he told his investigative firm to step down. They admire Harrison playing and Kyle relays he plans to emulate Jack’s parenting style. Jack assures him he’s doing just fine.
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In L.A., Sally approaches a stunned Eric Forrester, who asks, “What are you doing here?” Sally says she probably should have mentioned she was in town when she left that message, but since he didn’t get back to her, she thought she’d just stop by. Eric reminds her she’s just about the last person anyone around there wants to see. Sally needs ten minutes of his time. Eric will listen since it has to do with Summer Newman and warns it better not be one of her schemes. Sally assures him it’s not.
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Sally leads Eric to believe she and Summer have become friends and she wants the best for her. She confides that Summer has her heart set on the position at Marchetti in Milan, but can’t pursue it herself due to the optics. Perhaps Eric could get Marchetti to pursue her. Eric wonders why she doesn’t pursue the opportunity herself. Sally doesn’t want people to think she couldn’t hack it at Fenmore’s. She dissuades Eric from checking in with Victor first, and he notes she’s going to a lot of trouble to help Summer. Sally explains she’s trying to turn her life around. Eric will consider it, and tells Sally to get back to Genoa City.
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In Victoria’s hotel suite, Ashland apologizes after taking a business call. Victoria reassures him. She asks if he’s afraid. Ashland notes this is different than the other risks he’s taken. Victoria urges him to make every moment count, and husks, “What do you want to do with this one?”
Victoria unspoken invitation Y&R

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At the park, Summer joins Kyle and Tara arrives immediately afterward with Harrison’s jacket. She talks about making the most of their new life there and Kyle offers to help, causing Summer to give him side-eye.

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