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At the park, Kyle tells Summer he has his lawyers looking into Ashland’s offer — he’s trying to pull a fast one. Summer suggests he focus on what he can control, like picking a wedding date. Kyle says fall, but Summer was thinking August. Kyle agrees they shouldn’t put their lives on hold any longer.

At the Abbott mansion, Tara frets that Ashland’s latest offer is a ploy. Jack thinks she should put it out of her mind until she hears from her lawyer. Tara decides he’s right; maybe everything will work out the way she wants it to. “There’s not much else I can do.” Kyle arrives and they compare notes on Ashland. Jack doesn’t see what he’d have to gain by lying other than to throw them off balance. Tara and Kyle won’t be able to relax until they see the offer in writing. Jack advises them to relax.

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Tara leaves to spend time with Harrison, and Kyle updates his father on the wedding being in August. Jack’s pleased, and he hopes Tara knows how serious he is about looking out for her. Kyle warns there’s something in her past Jack doesn’t know about. After Jack fills him in on the incident Tara told him about, Jack doesn’t seeing it as much of an issue, but suggests Kyle have his lawyer look into it. “We don’t want any surprises.”

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At Chance Comm, Billy is on the phone arranging for beds to be delivered for the kids as Lily walks in. He’s excited to bring Katie and Johnny for their first sleepover. Lily teases him about parenting and talk turns to Victoria going to New York. Billy assumes she’s on Newman business. They circle back to having the kids over and Lily reveals she has some surprises planned.

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At Society, Amanda thanks Sutton, Naya, and Imani for coming, and then gets right to the point. She’s made a viable defense in Sutton’s case but he’s shutting it down. Sutton vehemently insists going public with Richard’s search for his daughter and putting Naya on the stand in court isn’t an option. Fuming, Amanda demands to know why — when he could to prison for the rest of his life, why isn’t it an option?! Sutton argues that his political opponents created this scandal to ruin his chances at re-election and he refuses to let his family be dragged through the muck. Amanda thinks they’d be willing to go through it to keep him out of prison. Sutton refuses to ask them. Amanda wonders why he hired her if he’s not going to take her advice. “I am offering you the best defense possible.” Sutton informs her he made himself clear and won’t change his position. Amanda replies, “Then maybe you should just fire me.” Sutton sneers that may the best idea she’s presented since he arrived and walks out.
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Naya apologizes for the outburst and volunteers to talk to her father. Amanda thinks maybe this is for the best since Sutton won’t let her offer the strongest defense possible. Naya pleads with her not to walk away and Imani chimes in that their grandfather is not an easy person to deal with. Amanda worries she can’t be objective anymore given what she’s learned about Richard. Naya asks her not to make any rash decisions, and goes. Imani tells Amanda she was impressed by her standing up to their grandfather. “You’re not seriously thinking of quitting are you?” Amanda muses, “That depends.” She senses Sutton may not be telling her everything. In fact, she questions how honest all of them are being. “Now would be the time to come clean, Imani, if there’s anything you neglected to mention.” Imani insists she’s as baffled as Amanda is about their grandfather’s attitude. Amanda declares she’s allowed her personal feelings about this family to make her too trusting — that’s over now. She walks out.
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Summer enters Crimson Lights and spots Sally. She understands the redhead has been asking her staff how she’s doing at JVC and presumes she has an agenda. Sally admits she’s been crushing it, though her employees feel she’s been distracted lately. She would be too under the circumstances. Summer relays that she and Kyle are getting married in August… despite her best efforts. Sally reminds her she started this by digging up dirt on her. Summer counters that now Jack sees Sally for who she really is. She hopes Sally goes to Marchetti — it would be a dream come true. Lauren appears and asks, “What would?” They discuss the Marchetti position and then Lauren asks Sally to run today’s staff meeting for her — she’s meeting with Tara Locke as per Kyle’s request to consider her shoe line. Lauren leaves and Sally muses to Summer how generous it was of Kyle to help Tara put down roots in Genoa City.
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At Chance Comm, Lily and Devon chat about introducing Johnny and Katie to music. Devon assures her everything is set up at her place; he’s pleased to bring music to their lives. Lily wanted to mark the occasion of them spending their first night at the condo. She really wants it to go well. Devon thinks she’s a cool girlfriend. He pulls out earplugs for her and Billy and they share a laugh. After, he asks about Victoria’s reaction to them moving in together. Lily says she seemed happy for them. She’s either accepted them as a couple or found another place to put her energy — either way it works for her.

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In the park, Jack runs into Billy. They clear the air and gushes about the connection he felt to Harrison. He can’t wait for him to meet him when the time’s right. Billy relays that Johnny and Katie are coming for a sleepover since Victoria went to New York. Jack mentions Ashland also went to New York, but says he’s not stupid enough to jet off with another woman in the middle of a custody dispute.
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At the Abbot mansion, Lauren talks to Tara about her shoe line. Tara appreciates her interest but things are a little up in the air right now — she won’t be able to give business discussions the time or attention they deserve. Lauren invites her to come by the office to talk if she wants to and they can get to know one another. She lets her know Kyle’s in her corner.

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Later, Jack rejoins Tara and says he picked up a gift for Harrison. Tara loves how he dotes on the boy. Jack looks ahead to the boy joining the family company. Tara shares that she received an offer from Lauren today. Jack advises her to take the meeting, but Tara’s still preoccupied with Ashland. She’s learned he didn’t travel alone to New York. Jack knows he’s been seeing Victoria Newman socially and suspects this tempered his views on custody, which is good for everyone. Once alone, Tara is distraught. Kyle enters and asks if she’s okay. She assures him she’s fine, updates him on Lauren’s visit, and Kyle explains he wants her to stay in Genoa City. Summer enters in time to hear him say that everything’s changed since he learned he’s Harrison’s father. He can’t imagine not being a part of his life now.
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In Amanda’s suite, she updates Devon on Sutton being floored that she refused to obey him. Devon feels maybe it’s time she followed her instincts and got out of all this. Amanda counters that if she’s right, and they’re hiding something, how will she know if she walks away now?
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In the hotel lobby, Victor’s surprised to run into Sutton Ames. Sutton explains one of his lawyers lives there, but he suspects Victor knows that since he was probably the person she interviewed about his case. Sutton reveals he’s going to change counsel and snaps, “My granddaughter let me down.” Victor asks, “Your granddaughter?” Sutton quickly replies, “Imani. She’s been helping Amanda Sinclair.” Victor eyes Sutton as he muses that Amanda Sinclair’s a mystery.

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At Chance Comm, Lily texts Billy that she’s counting the minutes until tonight. It will be great to spend time with him and the kids.

In the park, Billy leaves Victoria a message to let her know he’s picking up the kids soon. “Rumor has it you’re with Ashland Locke. Tell me it’s not true.”

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At Crimson Lights, Sally leaves Eric Forrester a voicemail to call her back… it’s about an opportunity, but not for her, for Summer Newman.

In her suite, Amanda takes a call from Victor, who is back at his office and wants to meet with her. She asks why. He wants to find out about her real connection to Sutton Ames.

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