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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki grills Victoria and finally explains she’s deduced that the invitation to go to New York came from Ashland Locke. Victoria confirms it but insists they’re just friends. Nikki’s not buying it. Victoria completes their business, and Nikki needles if she’s in a hurry to go someplace — like New York? Victoria’s irritated that she has an issue with Ashland given who she’s married to. He’s in Genoa City because he’s being a good parent. Nikki sniffs that Tara may have had a good reason for leaving him. Victoria explains he’s going through a difficult time and she’s being sympathetic.

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Nikki worries Ashland’s using her. Victoria is offended. Nikki argues the man is known for his ruthlessness. Victoria mocks her — she wouldn’t know anything about that. She enjoys talking with the man and informs Nikki that not every relationship is deeply co-dependent like hers is with Victor. Nikki will pretend she didn’t say that. Victoria admits she’s had impure thoughts about Ashland and tells Nikki she’s taking her advice to go out and enjoy herself.
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At the Abbott mansion, Ashland wants an answer from Tara about his offer. Tara protests that he’s put her in an impossible position by asking her to cut Kyle out of Harrison’s life. Ashland thinks it’s simple. Kyle jumps in to say that Ashland has clearly been a good parent and can continue to be one by not forcing him out of his son’s life. Locke wants to know if Harrison’s been told. Tara says he has, but she made it clear Ashland will always be a father to him. They stress he was happy to have another person to love, in fact, a whole new family. Ashland’s glad he wasn’t upset. He doesn’t want Harrison to resent him for keeping Kyle out of his life, so he’ll withdraw his ultimatum.
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Ashland has come up with a new plan for Harrison’s future. It involves a shared custodial relationship with Tara. If Kyle wants to be in Harrison’s life it will have to come out of Tara’s time. He assumes it’s an acceptable solution. Tara’s grateful and Kyle thinks it sounds like a fair compromise. Tara takes Ashland to see Harrison, and Summer muses that it’s great news — there will be no custody battle. Kyle replies, “Sure. If Ashland can be trusted.” He has the feeling he’s trying to pull something. When Ashland and Tara returns, Locke reports that the visit went well. He reminds Tara the pre-nup still stands. Her alimony will be minimal compared to what it would have been if she hadn’t cheated. Tara counters, “If I hadn’t cheated, we wouldn’t have a son.” Ashland exits.

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Summer hopes the worst is over, but both Kyle and Tara want to see it on paper. Summer wants to know what Tara’s answer to Ashland’s ultimatum would have been. Tara would have turned him down. Kyle asks if she believes they can trust Locke or if it’s another of his mind games. Tara senses it’s sincere; she can usually tell when he’s bluffing. Kyle knows there’s something still bothering her. Tara muses, “You always could tell when something was bothering me.” Summer sighs. Tara wants to know what made Ashland change his mind.

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At Crimson Lights, Michael tells Rey they need to discuss Chelsea. Rey says he’s getting the help she needs, “What’s the problem?” Michael tells Rey they both know there are still questions about how she pulled off the plot on her own. Rey agrees it seems unlikely she was able to do this without help. Michael feels the chances she did this alone are minuscule, but worries he’d have to arrest his own sister-in-law. “If anyone helped Chelsea, it was Chloe.” Rey explains he’s brought her up to Chelsea, but she hasn’t slipped up. Michael figures she thinks she’s playing him. Rey feels for her. He decides it’s time to pay her another visit.

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At the mental facility, Adam warns Chelsea not to get excited about Connor coming back to town. Chelsea expects the boy to visit her there, but Adam doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Chelsea knew it — he’s going to keep her son from her and slowly poison his mind against her! Adam would never use Connor to torment her. She sneers, “No?” Like he’d never torment her by kissing Sharon when she was in a wheelchair? Adam apologizes but warns it would scare Connor to see her like this. Chelsea scoffs when he refers to her current ‘state’ and rants, “The truth of the matter is that the sanest thing I’ve ever done was to…” She stops abruptly. Adam asks, “What were you going to say?” Chelsea regroups and says coming there to get help was the sanest thing she ever could have done. Adam maintains that she can’t see Connor until she’s released. Chelsea warns Adam that playing her would be a mistake.

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Rey arrives at the mental hospital and Adam asks why he keeps visiting Chelsea. Rey says she asked him to. Adam warns Chelsea, but she insists the detective is helping her. Adam vows to protect her from being coerced and leaves. Chelsea asks Rey if Adam is right — does she have reason to be concerned? Rey thinks she’s struggling more than she’s willing to admit to herself and he wants to help her. He shares that he and Sharon are going to Miami, and then asks Chelsea how she did it. “How were you able to, in your condition, poison me and frame Adam for it?” Rey points out she keeps skipping the logistics. Chelsea snaps. She knew he didn’t believe her and rants at him to go on his stupid vacation with Sharon and leave her there to rot.
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Adam catches up with Chloe in the park and tells her he just saw Chelsea. She was upset about not being able to see Connor yet and could use a friend. She says, “Okay,” and turns to leave. Adam stops her to ask if she’s considered his offer. She agrees that Chelsea needs a goal but is hesitant. Adam promises to be hands-off. Chloe says she’ll do it, but he’d better not be messing with her. Adam will draw up the contracts and thanks her for being Chelsea’s friend.
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At Society, Sally approaches Ashland, who wants time alone. Sally reminds him they had a deal; she’s never heard a story about him trying to weasel out of one. Ashland wants to enjoy his drink, and then he has a plane to catch. Sally complains that what she asked of him was simple — he needs to make a call so Summer can leave for her dream job in Italy. She points out if Kyle goes with her to Italy he won’t be around Harrison. “You would be that little boy’s daddy in every way that counts.” Ashland writes down a phone number. If the CEO wants to hire Summer, he’ll convince the other investors to support it. “Give him a call.” Sally deflates when Ashland says his name is Eric Forrester.
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Outside Society, Ashland calls Victoria and teases he’s giving her a chance to reject him all over again — he doesn’t think she’ll do it. Victoria muses that she’d have to get Billy to watch the kids. Ashland says, “Victoria. Join me.” Victoria decides, “What the hell. Let’s go to New York.”

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At Crimson Lights, Rey reports to Michael that Chelsea went off when he asked if she acted alone. It was like a performance. Michael surmises she was lying. He wishes Rey would stay in town and keep up the pressure on her. Rey is glad Chelsea’s getting help but admits he wouldn’t go so easy on Chloe.

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At the mental hospital, Chelsea updates Chloe on Rey’s visit and promises to keep her out of it. Chloe’s worried. Chelsea points out that he clearly has no evidence, which is a good sign. Chloe argues that a good sign would be him not having suspicions. She then relays that she ran into Adam, who offered her a job. Chelsea laughs; as if she would take it. Chloe replies, “I said yes.” Chelsea hollers, “Why am I the one in here when everyone else is acting crazy?!” Chloe explains it’s actually for both of them. She’ll get it up and running and then they’ll run it together. Chelsea complains, “We’ll be working for Adam!” She snaps about Chloe’s poor decisions and says this is Adam’s his way of controlling her. She has to find a way out of there!

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