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At the hotel, Nick tells Phyllis how excited he and Devon are about their collaboration with Adam and Victor. She doesn’t like it and has a bad feeling about it. Nick explains the benefits, but she points out Victor isn’t exactly altruistic. “You’ll be under his thumb again.” Nick insists his eyes are wide open where his father’s concerned, and Adam’s offer was a good one. Phyllis questions how anything good can come from Adam. “He taints everything he touches.” Nick will give him the benefit of the doubt after everything he did for Faith. If he backslides, he’ll adjust accordingly. Nick hopes he doesn’t revert to his old ways. Phyllis respects Nick’s attitude but reserves the right to hate Adam. She teases about being more naughty than usual since Nick is so laid back now. They agree to reconvene later.
Phyllis, Nick debate Y&R

Nikki arrives at Newman Media. She tells Adam she knows Victor’s out — he’s the one she came to see. Nikki saw Victor earlier and he seemed upset. She assumes his mood was due to something underhanded Adam did, and figures the partnership will sour. Adam advises her that they’re getting along better than ever — all the secrets are out there now. He wants to earn her trust and hopes she’s inspired by Nick giving him a chance. Nikki says trust is earned… he can start now by telling her what he said to make Victor upset.

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Adam explains to Nikki that he and Victor had a disagreement about a business thing. Nikki muses, “I suppose he was more irked than upset.” Still, she’s concerned about his health; Victor had almost retired before this. Adam reminds her this was his idea. Nikki knows he won’t be able to let Adam run the place. She asks him what he really wants out of all this. Adam wants to be a man that Connor can respect… the kind of man Hope wanted him to be and Victor’s always known he can be. Nikki hopes he’s sincere, but warns that the moment she thinks he’s reverted to his former self, she’ll show no mercy. Adam asks if she has any other concerns. Nikki replies, “Chelsea.” She’s curious if he’ll try to mend that relationship. Adam says she’ll always have a place in his heart; he takes responsibility for pushing her over the edge, but as for anything else, they’ll have to see. Regardless, he’ll do right by his son. Nikki hopes he does; God knows he has a lot to make up for.
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At Crimson Lights, Rey enthuses to Sharon about how excited his family is to see them in Miami. He warned his mother they’d be on their second honeymoon and would need some privacy. Sharon thinks the beach sounds like heaven but there’s a problem — she’s nervous about leaving Faith. Rey argues that she’s doing better and has plenty of people to lean on. Sharon’s convinced. Nick arrives and tells Sharon not to worry about Faith while she’s gone. He updates her and Rey that Kyle and Summer’s wedding is back on and reveals he gave them his blessing. Sharon’s sure Summer appreciates his support. Faith appears and reports the therapy sessions are helping and that her thoughts have turned to what’s next after high school. Hanging out with Moses has rubbed off on her — he’s so excited about becoming a doctor. Her parents are supportive.
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Adam walks in and says, “It looks like the gang’s all here.” He’s glad to see Faith looking well. She thanks him for saving her life and he assures her she doesn’t have to keep doing that. Faith exits and Adam explains he came for a word with Detective Rosales. Rey asks, “Do you have a problem with me?” Adam does — a big one — “I don’t like what you’re doing with Chelsea.” He reveals Rey has visited Chelsea in the hospital. He assumes he’s trying to prove she should have stood trial, but the decision’s been made and she’s getting the help she needs.

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Rey needles that Adam is reforming his image while Chelsea’s fighting the demons he inflicted on her. Nick and Sharon intervene. Rey’s glad Adam wants to prove himself but warns him to stay away from him and Sharon. “Walk out of here right now.” Adam has somewhere to be anyway. After, Rey’s irked that Nick defended his brother. Nick is giving him a chance to change and suggests Rey focus on taking Sharon to Miami. Once alone, Sharon tells Rey she’s sorry about the whole situation. Rey doesn’t want her to feel sorry and relays he has to check in at work. He gets a text from Michael Baldwin, who wants to see him ASAP.

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Tara comes upon Summer in Chancellor Park and brings up her visit with Harrison and their wedding plans being back on track. She says she’s happy for them. Summer appreciates it and assures Tara that Harrison is Kyle’s number one priority and she’ll support him however she can. As Summer walks off, Sally appears and approaches Tara, who wants nothing to do with her.

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Sally just needs five minutes and promises it will be worth it. She states it’s obvious that Tara’s marriage to Ashland is over and she’s set her sights on Kyle. She knows Harrison is his son; it’s why she’s here in Genoa City staying at the Abbott house. Tara doesn’t concern anything, but Sally continues. “The only thing standing in your way is Summer. I have a way to get her out of both of our lives.” Tara wonders how she knows she won’t blow her out of the water. Sally has a special radar for kindred spirits. Tara insists they’re nothing alike, but Sally’s more certain than ever. She reveals she’s working on an opportunity that will take Summer far, far away — all Tara has to do is make her want to take it. Tara considers, then asks, “How do you propose I do that?” Sally grins. She gives Tara the task of getting Kyle to fall back in love with her. Tara thinks it’s a ridiculous plan — she doesn’t have time for these games. “I’m going to forget we ever had this conversation.” Sally shrugs, “Okay,” but stops Tara and tells her if, and when, she changes her mind to just say the word.
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In Society, Ashland tells someone on the phone that’s not what he wanted to hear and promises to make the necessary arrangements. Victoria appears and he breaks the news he has to fly back to New York tonight. He invites her to join him so they can have dinner in Manhattan. Victoria’s not so sure it’s a good idea considering his impending divorce. Ashland doesn’t think it will impact the matter and besides, no one has to know. They agree they both are people who go after what they want. Ashland shares that he’s decided to take her advice about civility, and then coaxes her to come and enjoy herself in New York. She balks, so he asks her to think on it and he’ll follow back up with her.
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At the Abbott mansion, Summer and Kyle discuss the wedding and Summer fills him in on running into Tara in the park. Kyle’s grateful for her being so positive. Summer teases she can show her how grateful later. Kyle asks her to join him and Harrison for playtime. Once the boy is with them, they decide to go to the backyard. When they come back inside, Tara arrives and asks what she missed.
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Nikki joins Victoria at Newman Enterprises and updates her on her chat with Adam. She’s unnerved because he sounded so sincere about becoming a better person. Victoria doesn’t buy it, but won’t get worked up about it — eventually the truth will come out.
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Nikki notices Victoria’s good mood and asks pointedly, “What’s the reason?” Victoria chirps that she’s just having a productive day. They talk business until Victoria takes a call from Ashland, who’s calling from the park about his invitation. She smiles as she tells him she’ll have to take a raincheck. He insists she could take care of business in Manhattan. Victoria grins that he’s being persuasive but her answer is the same. She disconnects to find Nikki watching her suspiciously. She fishes to find out what’s going on. Victoria doesn’t feel the need to share everything with her mother and likes having a secret of her own.
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At the Abbott mansion, Tara and Kyle each get a text from Ashland, who wants to meet with the both of them right now without lawyers. Tara stashes Harrison upstairs then rejoins Kyle and Summer, who wonders if Ashland is making a power play. Kyle assumes he wants an answer on his offer and would like to know where Tara’s head is at considering it concerns cutting him out of his son’s life. Just then, the doorbell rings. Kyle admits Ashland and asks, “What the hell do you want?”
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In the mental hospital, Adam enters Chelsea’s room. She asks what he’s doing there. Adam wanted to see her. She assumes he wanted to gloat now that she’s been declared insane. Adam just wanted to know how she was doing and relays that he told Connor she’s having treatments and can’t talk right now. She asks, “Tell me how he is.” Adam says he’s doing great and will be coming home soon. Chelsea sighs. She hasn’t talked to him or heard his voice for so long… there’s nothing she wants more than to be with her little boy again.

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