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In Crimson Lights, Victoria wonders why Billy’s not bracing for repercussions from her father after posting another article about him. Billy says he ran into Victor, who is taking it in stride. He then clarifies that her father’s calm demeanor is a “tell” and he won’t be letting his guard down for a second.

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At Society, Adam proposes to Victor that they cover local investigative reporting; there are a lot of communities in need of coverage and it will set them apart from the competition. Victor questions why he’s so reluctant to go after Chance Comm and Billy Boy Abbott as they had planned. Adam was on board… at the time. Victor asks, “What happened?” Adam explains he changed — he has an actual shot at turning things around this time. Victor thinks that’s admirable but Billy tried to ruin his life. Adam argues the tit-for-tat will make them look petty and vindictive. He wants to beat them by leaving them in the dust, which will be more satisfying in the long run. Adam’s strategies impress Victor, who still wants to wipe the floor with Billy Boy. Adam warns it could set things back with Nick. Victor argues that Nick can’t stand him. He feels if they let this go, they’ll embolden him. Adam reminds his father he put him in charge for a reason. “Let me do this my way.” Victor agrees… for now.
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In her suite, Amanda introduces Devon to Denise Tolliver. The P.I. reveals she had all her notes from when she worked on Richard’s case and a relative of the foster child’s family still had their old records in the attic. She sighs that this case felt like unfinished business — she’d like to find that little girl now, all grown up, and let her know how desperate her father was to find her. Amanda and Devon share a glance.
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After Tolliver’s gone, Amanda and Devon go through her foster parents’ records. Amanda recognizes the calendars from the fridge and is hoping there will be a record of a meeting with Richard. Suddenly, she spots Richard’s name on the calendar. She realizes the meeting was set for after he died. Amanda can’t believe how close he came to finding her; her life could have been so different. Devon thinks he sounds like an amazing guy, who had a lot of love for a little girl he never even met. Amanda marvels that her father spent his last days on earth looking for her.
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Devon knows how painful this must be for Amanda. Talk turns to the information not being helpful to her case, and Devon sniffs, “Especially since Sutton has tied your hands.” Amanda fumes that she could prove reasonable doubt if he’d just let her. Clearly, Richard was calling Sutton’s campaign office for information about his daughter, and not to accuse him of crime or corruption. It would completely destroy the prosecution’s case! Devon can’t understand Sutton blocking it. Amanda can’t either, but only has Imani’s word for it. Devon thinks it’s odd he’s suddenly not communicating with the head attorney on his case. He believes there has to be more going on — nothing about this seems right. Amanda agrees; Sutton’s pride may end up costing him his freedom.

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On the coffee house patio, Nate asks Imani about her name. She says it means ‘faith’ in Swahili. They realize they’re both on their own so Nate asks her to join him. After getting her coffee, Imani recognizes Nate’s face from the medical website and they share a laugh over people coming up to him asking for advice about moles. Just then, Elena peers in the door and watches them together. She enters, and Nate introduces Imani as a colleague of Amanda’s. Imani has to go, but hopes they can do this again sometime. She leaves, and Nate has to go too, but Elena needs to ask him about something.
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Inside Crimson Lights, Victoria’s relieved Billy didn’t out her as his source to her father. The last thing Billy wants is for her old man to know she told him about him taking advantage of Ashland. He notes she’d never trust him with a juicy story again, and then says he’s doing his best to restrain himself from throwing people under the bus as collateral damage. Victoria wonders if this new attitude is Lily’s influence. She admits he’s not the only one who wants to start doing things differently. Victoria steps away to take a call from Ashland. She says she had a good time at dinner too and agrees to do it again tonight. After, Billy warns she’s swimming in treacherous waters. She tells him, “You live your life, I’ll live mine.”
Billy, Victoria warnings Y&R

Phyllis and Nick arrive at the Abbott mansion, where Jack welcomes them. None of them know why Summer and Kyle summoned them there. They soon appear. Phyllis notices Summer has pastries from her favorite bakery and worries it’s bad news. Nick is on guard too. Kyle relays it’s good news. Summer asks the parents to trust them on this and announces the wedding is back on.
Kyle, Summer wedding is on Y&R

Nick questions if things have been resolved with the little boy. Summer concedes there’s been no custody settlement and there probably won’t be for some time. Phyllis warns about Ashland, and Nick rants about Summer getting caught up in the middle of it. Jack urges them to listen to Summer, who insists whatever happens, she knows that Kyle will handle it as he has all along. She can’t wait to be his wife. Summer wants them to be happy for them. Phyllis grabs the pastries and starts scoffing them down. Nick wants Summer to be happy and isn’t attacking Kyle; he’s actually impressed with how he’s stepped up. Phyllis doesn’t want them to jump into this commitment. Summer feels she already has committed to Kyle. He agrees; he feels they’re partners for life. Jack is glad they have each other and their families. Nick trusts Summer will make the best decisions for her life. Phyllis groans, “Uh, okay. We have a wedding to plan.”

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Inside the coffee house, Mariah introduces herself to Tara Locke and lets her know she’s in the loop about her situation. Tara doesn’t want to be rude, but the Abbotts warned her to be careful who she talks to. Mariah chuckles; they were probably talking about Sally and Theo, not her. Tara can’t take her word for it. Mariah levels, “I understand. There’s no reason you should trust me anymore than I trust you.”
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Mariah muses about Tara seeing how vulnerable Kyle was and taking advantage of the situation. Tara wasn’t doing that in the past, nor is she now. She’s just looking out for her son. Tara will have to get used to everyone knowing her business in this town. Mariah asks about Summer. Jack arrives in time to hear her say she hopes Summer and Kyle work things out. Mariah warns that Kyle has been in love with her forever. “They are just meant to be.” Jack joins them and Tara excuses herself. Jack asks Mariah, “What was that all about?” Mariah explains she introduced herself and that Kyle has filled her in on what’s going on. Jack thinks it’s better things are out in the open and reports that Kyle and Harrison are getting along famously. He asks what she and Tara were talking about. Mariah wanted to let her know how solid Kyle and Summer’s relationship was, and reminds him she’s a cynic.

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On the patio, Elena is about to tell Nate about her friend Carol when Devon appears. They discuss the substance abuse program and then he goes inside. Elena notes things are more relaxed between Nate and Devon. Nate confirms there’s been progress. Elena next reveals her friend Carol got her a job offer in Baltimore. She thinks the idea of a fresh start sounds really exciting. Nate wonders if she’s really ready for such a big change — he didn’t know she was even considering something like this. He then muses, “But opportunities like this don’t come along often.” Elena continues, “I guess what I’m really asking is… Can you think of any reason why I should turn it down?”
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At the Abbott house, Kyle introduces Harrison to Summer. He’s shy and she assures him it’s alright — she knows he’s been meeting a lot of strangers lately. Summer tells the boy they’ll have lots of time to get to know one another. She gives Harrison a toy, and then has to get going to plan the wedding. Kyle prompts his son to thank her and enthuses that the three of them will do tons of stuff together.

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Later, Tara comes in and learns Kyle introduced Harrison to Summer and filed a legal notice of paternity. Tara thanks him for making it official. “Anything else I need to know?” Kyle tells her the wedding’s back on. She thinks that’s great. When he walks to the kitchen, Tara shakes her head.
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Imani joins Amanda in her suite, where her sister tells her they have proof that a meeting was set with Richard and her foster parents before he died. Imani knows this is important to her, but right now she’s supposed to be preparing her grandfather’s defense. Amanda says that’s exactly what she’s doing — they need to get the whole truth in front of a jury. Imani informs her that’s not the way Grandfather wants it. Amanda will need to hear that from him. Imani crosses her arms across her chest — if Amanda’s implying that she forced Sutton into this position she’s wrong.
Imani argue Amanda Y&R

Amanda argues that Sutton’s an intelligent man and wouldn’t put himself at risk, but Imani, on the other hand, has made it clear that she wants family secrets to stay buried. Imani insists it’s not her call. “He made it clear, Amanda. He’s trying to protect his daughter… and you.” Amanda doesn’t believe for one second he’s making this decision for her sake. She stresses he could lose this case. Imani understands, but she’s not the one she has to convince — Amanda needs to talk to Sutton. Amanda tells her to set it up. “It’s time we settled this.” Imani looks wary.

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