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At Society, Ashland toasts to Victoria taking time out of her busy day to join him for dinner. They joke about being workaholics. Ash ignores a business call to give her his undivided attention. The conversation turns to divorce; Victoria has experience as is there if he wants to open up about it.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle informs Tara that he won’t allow Ashland to bully her. His lawyer said they can fight him. Tara spoke to her lawyer too. She reveals that when she married Ashland she signed a pre-nup. If she doesn’t give in to his demands and cut Kyle out of Harrison’s life she’ll end up with nothing. Tara owns her own business but is drowning in debt. Kyle can help her by helping her find something at JVC or Fenmore’s.
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Tara knows Kyle’s feeling anxious. Kyle will make sure she doesn’t lose custody — she’s a good mother; any judge will see that. Tara says Ash will pull out the big guns to prove she’s not, and just may have the ammunition to do it. She opens up about a time Harrison got hurt while with the nanny, and explains Ashland uses it as an example of her negligence. Kyle scoffs — there’s not a judge in the country who would agree with that. He asks if there’s anything else he could use against her. Tara assures him there’s nothing else. Kyle asks her a favor — could he read Harrison a story? Tara can’t imagine anything better than him reading their son to sleep.

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At their condo, Billy tells Lily she looks spectacular as she comes downstairs. She reminds him Jack is coming for dinner and it’s not an opportunity to pump him for information. Jack arrives and Billy pours him a scotch while musing, “I heard you and Locke set off some fireworks at Society earlier today.” Lily warns Billy to knock it off and takes Jack for a tour of the place. After, Jack compliments their home and teases Billy, who somehow turns the conversation back to Ashland and his divorce. Jack suggests they give the Lockes privacy. Lily pulls Billy aside and angrily asks, “Are you through?” Billy knows Jack is hiding something.
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They rejoin Jack, who talks about Abby’s baby. Billy endeavors to steer the conversation back to Ashland Locke. He knows Tara’s living under the Abbott roof and wonders what he’s missing. Jack is not going to be his source. “No comment.” Lily tells Billy to let it go, but he won’t. Jack finally bellows at him to drop it, “Because it might harm my grandson!” Jack explains how Harrison came out of Tara and Kyle’s affair and reminds Billy that the boy is part of his family. Publishing any part of this would harm the boy and further antagonize Locke. Billy persists and Jack snaps at him. He decides to head home, wishes them well, and leaves. Lily snarks to Billy, “Great. Are you happy now?”
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At Society’s bar, Abby and Summer wonder what’s going on with Victoria and Ashland. Abby reveals that Ashland is actually the reason she asked her to come by. She thinks she knows who Summer was talking about when she asked for advice for “a friend” and says, “It’s you, isn’t it?” Summer admits it’s true and reveals that Kyle and Tara had a fling in New York back in the day and Abby has a young cousin named Harrison Locke. Abby asks how she’s doing. Summer tries to convince herself she has a handle on it, but sighs, “I don’t.”
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Across the room, Ashland tells Victoria he thought he and Tara were solid; he didn’t see divorce in the cards. Victoria gets it; there was a time she thought she and her ex-husband could handle anything. When she realized that wasn’t the case she was livid over the wasted time and effort. She decided to let it go. Ashland finds that difficult. Victoria muses that sometimes, she finds civility to be the best revenge. Ashland explains he gave Tara the perfect life and she repaid him by cheating. He recalls how they met when she worked at an antique shop and figures she used her job to land a wealthy man. He now hates the antiques in his New York home and plans to put them back on the market. Victoria posits that Tara may have felt neglected because he was so busy. Ashland argues she had a great life, “And trust me, she loved the perks.”

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At the bar, Summer admits to Abby her insecurities have come back, not because of Kyle, but because of the uncertainty. Abby points out Tara may be drawn to him due to the situation but that doesn’t mean he reciprocates the feelings. She warns her to keep an eye on Tara. They joke about being former rivals, and Abby advises Summer to let Kyle know they’re a team by planning the wedding. Tara showing up there shouldn’t scare her off, it should motivate her.

At their table, Victoria suggests maybe Ashland’s marriage leveled off too much. He marvels at her ability to pull truth from him, but reveals that Tara didn’t just have an affair. He won’t elaborate but intones, “Take my word for it, Tara’s no saint.” Later, he feels bad about droning on. He’d rather hear about Victoria. “If you could choose, what would be your superpower?” She’d want to be able to stop time, but her kids would like it if she couldn’t say “no.”
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Victoria opens up about her children and worries she’s boring Ashland, who decides to confide in her. He thought he was a father, and loves Harrison, but the fact is, he’s not his biological dad. Victoria gapes, “Kyle Abbott? He’s the father?!”

In the suite, Summer orders champagne and texts Kyle that she loves him and misses him, and to ask when he can come home.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle replies to Summer’s text that he’s having bedtime with Harrison and would like to introduce the two of them. He’ll be home as soon as he can.

In the suite, Summer texts Kyle that she’ll be waiting for him and pulls out some sexy lingerie.

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In Harrison’s room, Kyle reads a bedtime story to Harrison as Tara watches. Harrison calls him “Daddy” so he reads it again.

Kyle joins Summer in their suite and they kiss. She reveals she changed her mind about pressing pause on marrying him. She wants to fast-track the wedding and nothing would make her happier than knowing he feels the same way. Kyle kisses her deeply and asks if that makes his feelings clear enough.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby records a video message for Chance. They may not be able to make a family the way they envisioned it, but it’s happening. She loves him as much as the day he proposed, which helped her give a friend the advice not to shy away from love.

Jack arrives at home stressed out from his visit to Billy’s place. Tara appears and he confides he’d have been better off staying her for macaroni and cheese with Kyle and Harrison. “Why is it family can get under your skin like no one else can?” He asks about her family. Tara has a brother in Virginia, but they’re estranged. That’s why she’s so grateful for his hospitality. Jack loves having them there. “This house is finally coming back to life.” Tara hopes he can stand having them there longer.
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At their condo, Lily warns Billy they won’t be the ones to throw gas on this fire. “We’re dropping this, right?” Billy replies, “Right,” but looks thoughtful after she walks off.

At Society, Ashland and Victoria have moved to the sofas for a nightcap. He won’t give up on Harrison and has scheduled his own DNA test. Regardless, he won’t walk away. He’s invested too much time, love and energy into raising that child. But the idea of sharing custody with the man his wife cheated with is almost unbearable. Victoria reveals she doesn’t share DNA with her son, but he needs her… just as Harrison needs Ashland.

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In their suite, Kyle is in the shower and Summer reads a text that comes in on his phone from Tara thanking him for reading Harrison his bedtime story and letting him know how much his support means to her.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Summer tries to connect with Harrison.

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