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Jack finds Summer in a funk at Crimson Lights. She says she’s happy for Kyle and recalls how hearing Harrison calling him ‘Daddy’ just lit him up, but seeing them with Tara made her realize they looked like the perfect little family. It was a shock, but she pulled herself together and decided to embrace it because losing Kyle isn’t an option. Jack is relieved to hear it. Summer surmises that Jack spoke to her dad about postponing the wedding, but assures him they’ll have a future together. Jack’s betting on them; as their love had endured and grown, they had grown. He predicts one day Summer and Kyle will have a child together. Summer swipes at tears as she marvels how easy being a father came to Kyle. Jack understands what it feels like having become a grandfather instantly. Summer muses that he’ll be happy to know Tara’s sticking around then. He is. Jack doesn’t want to lose out on Harrison’s life and thinks the boy will capture Summer’s heart too. Jack tells Summer what a special place she has in his heart before heading to the door.
Jack, Summer chat YR

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Sally appears and stops him. “Jack! It’s good to see you.” Jack wishes her a good afternoon and exits. Summer needles Sally, who asks her to stop dropping hints to Lauren about the fashion house gig, which is a long shot. She doesn’t want to let Lauren down and would appreciate it if Summer wouldn’t tank her reputation. Sally keeps on about what a great opportunity the position in Italy is until Summer asks what’s she’s up to. She calls the redhead out for trying to stir up trouble, and Sally feels she wants to blame her for every bad thing that happens to her. She thinks Summer should be glad she’s trying for the Italian job and fumes that she’s sick of being her punching bag when things don’t go her way!
Sally, Summer spar Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells Ashland to contact Tara through her lawyer, but Locke addresses his wife to say he doesn’t want to fight; he just wants to talk. Tara will listen to what he has to say, but not here. She asks Kyle to look after Harrison while they go and talk. Kyle agrees, so they walk out.

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In Chancellor Park, Victor surprises Nikki. He knew she’d be there carving out time for Katherine. Victor reveals he’s had roses delivered to the house as well as another special delivery. He produces a giant gift box. Nikki opens it to reveal a biography that she already has. Intrigued, she opens it. It’s two tickets to a concert in Florence, Italy to see Leslie Brooks perform live. Next, Nikki savors chocolates that Victor had flown in from Italy. He prompts her to look in the box again. She brings out a framed photo of a stallion — he’s waiting for her in the stables. Nikki tells Victor he’s outdone himself and she flashes back to the early days of their romance through to the present. Victor tells her there’s more to come and wants to go home. “I love you, my baby.”
Nikki surprise Y&R

In Amanda’s suite, she updates Devon on Denise Tolliver’s revelations. Her father had found her right before he was killed… all that’s left is to find out why. She reflects that her life seems different now; she never belonged to anyone, but now knowing her father rearranged his entire life to find her… Devon is sure it was devastating to hear what Tolliver had to say. Amanda muses that it makes it worse knowing how close he got. They discuss the case and Sutton being against putting Naya on the stand. Amanda supposes the angle that Richard was blackmailing someone at Newman is still her new best shot. Devon debates the point — the new information already creates reasonable doubt. He thinks Sutton stepping in and making her job more difficult is a problem. Devon recaps that this isn’t a normal case, it’s as personal as it gets. Amanda insists she’s dealing with Sutton as she would any client. Devon doesn’t want to see her trying to prove herself to the family.
Amanda, Devon Y&R

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Just then, there’s a knock — it’s Naya and Imani. They enter and Naya announces there’s a personal matter they have to discuss before they get to work. Devon leaves them to it. Once he’s gone, Naya tells Amanda she owes her an apology. She’s sorry things got so tense previously, but it was hard for her to hear that Richard found out about her pregnancy. She didn’t tell him and can’t imagine who did. She wonders if it was Rose, but Amanda explains he only knew about her, not Hilary. Naya admits she avoided Richard when he tried to contact her. Amanda informs her that Richard discovered her whereabouts right before he died. Naya says it breaks her heart that Richard didn’t get to see Amanda before he was killed, but that doesn’t change the here and now — her father is in the fight of his life. “We need to be your focus now Amanda.” Amanda narrows her eyes, then muses, “You’re right. Dwelling on the past, what might have been, is distracting me from the work that needs to be done.”
Amanda stunned Y&R

At Society, Ashland asks Tara to answer honestly, “Are you in love with Kyle Abbott?” Tara replies that they don’t have a relationship. She goes back to how Ashland was attentive and loving when they were dating, but changed after they got married; he was busy and she was feeling lonely and empty. Tara takes him through the summer season where Kyle saw through her façade and talked to her like she mattered. She’s not proud of what she did. Ashland simmers that what she shouldn’t be proud of is letting him fall in love with a child that isn’t his. Tara counters that Harrison is the boy he raised; she wants to make it work but Ashland refuses to even try. Ashland is going to offer her a deal and it’s the only time he’ll make it.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle watches Harrison play a video game and chats about cookies until the boy asks if Mother and Father are mad at each other. Kyle assures the kid they’ll still love him regardless. After, Jack appears and takes Harrison to the kitchen. Tara comes home and reports that Ashland offered her shared custody on one condition — that Kyle never be allowed to be part of Harrison’s life in any way. They bring Jack in on it and he declares that it’s a ploy and assures Tara she has the Abbotts behind her. Tara wants to speak to her attorney before her time runs out. Kyle is appalled that she’s considering cutting him out of Harrison’s life. Tara protests that Kyle didn’t make a move to be Harrison’s father until she asked him to. She continues that Ashland has been with the boy from the beginning and is a loving father. “I have to be smart. I cannot lose my son. I won’t.” She stalks off to be with Harrison. Seeing Kyle fuming, Jack tries to calm him, but Kyle storms out the door.

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In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Devon concludes a business call as Naya appears. She asks if he has a minute. Naya knows Amanda’s confided in him, and tells him she’s concerned that the new information that has come to light is disturbing… she’s worried about Amanda. Devon is also concerned and thinks it may be a mistake for her to have taken the case.
Naya, Devon hotel Y&R

In her suite, Amanda cries until there’s a knock on her door. It’s Imani, who wanted to let her know she’s sorry for what she’s going through. She also wanted to tell her that she took a room in the hotel to make it easier to work together. Imani would very much like to earn her trust.

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On the patio, Sally calls her grandmother to complain about Summer. Grams urges her not to give up and to remember she’s a Spectra. She’s tougher than those people. The only thing Summer has that she doesn’t is confidence. “Turn this sucker around.” Sally vows to take her advice and win this thing. If Ashland won’t help her she’ll have to go to ‘plan B’.

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In the hotel lobby, Kyle angrily fills Summer in on Ashland’s offer to Tara. Now that he’s met Harrison and knows he’s his dad, he could never be cut out of his life.

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