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Sharon approaches Summer on the coffee house patio and tells her Nick mentioned she was having some problems, if she’d like to talk. Summer’s afraid if she starts, she won’t be able to start crying.

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Inside, Sharon chats with Lily at the counter, who gives Sharon her new address to send over coffee. Victoria appears. She overheard that Lily has moved out of the hotel and asks if she took an apartment on her own or if she and Billy will be living together. Lily explains they jumped on the condo fast and planned to tell her. They want to ensure the transition is smooth for Johnny and Katie and that they’re all on the same page. Victoria muses, “Sure,” and excuses herself.
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Sharon rejoins Summer, who’s uncomfortable revealing the details about her situation. Sharon counsels that relationships are messy and that’s perfectly normal. You can come back from seemingly insurmountable problems, it’s not easy, but it can be done. “Take it from me.” She reminds Summer that the only two people in the relationship are her and Kyle. Summer blurts, “What if it’s not just the two of us?!” Sharon looks stunned, and Summer clarifies that Kyle’s not cheating. Sharon advises she can control how she responds to what other people do. She urges her to let go of whatever fear she’s holding onto, figure out what’s best for her, and then act from there. Summer thanks her.
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Kyle’s relieved to find Tara and Harrison at the park. He was worried Ashland made a move or she got scared and left town. He’d have come with her to the park if she’d asked, and lets her know that she and Harrison are his priority right now. They chat and Kyle imagines teaching his son to ride a bike. Talk turns to legalities and Tara reveals her lawyer suggested she try for sole custody. She assures Kyle she wants him in Harrison’s life, but Ashland she’s unsure of — he might try to turn the kid against her. Kyle worries breaking that connection would break the boy’s heart. Tara marvels that he’s so concerned about his well-being. Kyle thinks that in the end, Ashland will do what’s right for Harrison. Tara asks if he and Summer have discussed how this will work and assures him he’ll have easy access to his son. Kyle wants all in, and Summer understands that.
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At Society, Ashland tells Victor he’s impressed by how he and Adam have handled the transition. They chuckle over Chance Comm’s article about Victor’s coercion and Ashland figures he’s planning retaliation. Victor observes that Lily would have had to sign off on it — he’s not sure they understand what they’re up against. Talk turns to Ashland’s personal woes and he reveals he has an ironclad pre-nup. When it comes to doing what’s best for his son, he’s not one to keep his personal views out of decisions; it’s not in his DNA.

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In his office, Adam video chats with Connor about soccer and promises to send his love to his mom. Nick enters; he couldn’t help but overhear. Adam admits he’s shielding him from everything happening with Chelsea. Nick wonders what the plan is once she recovers — will they be able to forgive what they did to each other? He never doubted his love for Connor and hopes they’ll get through this. Talk turns to Victor helping Chelsea and Nick figures he has an agenda. Adam’s irked. Nick just finds it odd… but it’s even odder that Adam doesn’t have questions about it. Adam shrugs; it’s the best possible outcome for her. Nick reveals he came by because he and Devon decides to accept his offer to team New Hope with Newman Media. “Let’s hope it works out.”

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At the hotel, Victor spots Billy leaving with his bags and needles him. He say Adam found his article amusing because it was so hypocritical. Billy sees how hard Victor’s trying to hide that the piece bothered him, and invites him to do his worst; they’ll be ready. Victor chides, “Fasten your seatbelt, Billy Boy.”
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Victor joins Adam and Nick at Newman Media and is chuffed to hear that Nick and Devon accepted the deal and his sons will be working side by side. Adam and Nick tease about his dreams coming true and Adam wonders if he can handle things being calm and predictable. Victor muses there will still be battles and conflicts, but now they’ll be by his side helping him put out those fires.

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Later, Nikki pays Victor a visit. He teases he has a birthday surprise in store for her later. She coos about his still spoiling her after all these years. He updates her that Nick and Adam will be working together and asks how she likes the new digs. Nikki worries the name is a dig at Victoria, but Victor reminds her that she sold off the media division. She questions him not having any interest in Newman Enterprises lately. Victor wonders why he would when Victoria made it clear she didn’t want his advice. Nikki replies, “Exactly.”

At their condo, Billy updates Lily on his run-in with Victor, and she advises they have another issue — Victoria learned they moved in together. Victoria appears in the doorway holding a plant. “Yes, I did hear the news! From Lily.” She explains overhearing her and Sharon at Crimson Lights. Billy knows the situation has to be handled the right way with the kids. Victoria insists she’s happy for them. She tells Lily that the kids are genuinely fond of her and will enjoy spending time there. Victoria insists Lily look after the plant.
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After Victoria’s gone, Lily reminds Billy that Victoria told him she wanted him back to his face, but maybe she realizes he’s really not all that, and has moved on. Billy teases Lily about being stuck with him after signing a lease. Lily wonders if Victoria’s getting lucky these days; maybe she’s moved on to someone else. Billy’s seen her with Ashland Locke, but hopes if she’s with another guy, it’s not him.

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Still in the park, Tara steps away to get them some ice cream and Kyle tells Harrison he has a lot to learn about him and questions him about his favorite toys. Harrison blurts, “Daddy!” Kyle, loving it, repeats, “Daddy!” gleefully… just as Summer appears and watches them. She’s about to approach them when she hears Tara call out for them to come and get their cones. They run off and Summer leaves. When she returns with a toy, they’re gone.
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At Society, Victoria wishes Nikki a happy birthday and warns the kids are looking forward to the cake. She also has spa time booked for them. Nikki is thrilled, but has something to discuss. Victoria wonders if it’s about Lily and Billy living together — she just came from there and delivered her best wishes. Nikki’s taken aback. Vikki insists she’s happy for him. Nikki’s puzzled until Ashland passes by and Victoria calls him over. He laments his current situation and Victoria says she’s sorry and wishes there was something she could do. Ashland promises to be in better spirits later if she’ll join him for dinner. Victoria accepts. Ash says it will be the highlight of his day and exits. Nikki leans across the table, “You want to tell me what the hell that was all about?” Victoria shrugs, “We’ve become friends.” Nikki sneers, “Friends?” Victoria confirms and takes a big sip from her drink.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Nick discuss him working with his father and Adam. She supposes he’s seen a genuine change in Adam. Nick can’t forget about the past but then thinks about the things he’s done recently — Sharon may have been the one person who had real insight into the guy. Sharon thinks Nick is saving his life by giving him this chance.
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Adam joins Victor at Newman Media, where Victor reveals he had an employee at Chance Comm help him refine their attack on Billy Boy Abbott. Adam reads it and thinks they should put a pin in it. Victor disagrees. Adam says they’ll have to agree to disagree sometimes. Victor agrees to let it go… for now. He exits, and Adam picks up the phone.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle lets Tara know what a wonderful time he had today. He didn’t realize how much it would mean to hear Harrison call him ‘Daddy’. They’re smiling at one another when a knock comes at the door. It’s Ashland, who wants to speak with Tara alone.
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