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Jack arrives at the hotel and tells Phyllis they should talk. He reveals the paternity test proved that Harrison is Kyle’s son. She learns that Ashland knows and marvels that Kyle’s a father and Jack’s a grandfather. Jack is already bonding with him, and says Kyle feels the same way. He senses has a problem with this. Phyllis angrily confirms she has a problem with it; her daughter didn’t sign up for this!
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Phyllis reminds Jack of when Diane waltzed into town with his kid — Kyle. Jack feels there are differences and vows to be there to support his son and grandson. Phyllis is concerned about Tara, but also her wolverine husband, Ashland. It’s going to be a bloody custody battle and he’ll pull out every weapon from his arsenal. She warns if he wins, Jack’s heart will be crushed. They debate whether Ashland will do the right thing. Phyllis tells Jack about his threats toward her and the hotel. “A guy like this doesn’t want to lose.” Jack counters if he wants to be unreasonable, he’ll pay for it— the Abbotts look out for their own.

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In their suite after sex, Kyle tells Summer this time was just what they needed. He asks how she feels about the confirmation Harrison is his son. Summer assures him it doesn’t share her dream of wanting to share a life with him… but there will be adjustments. Kyle marvels at the indescribable connection he felt to the boy when they told him he’s his dad. Summer worries he’s getting ahead of himself. She thinks it’s risky to bond with the boy and set himself up for heartbreak. Kyle can handle it and when the time is right, he’ll introduce Harrison to her. “He’s going to adore you.” In the meantime, he’s meeting with his lawyer today to find out what steps to take to ensure he’s in his son’s life.

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At Chance Comm, Billy and Lily get caught up after spending time unpacking. He’d like to set up a room for the kids and she assure him she’s on board. Billy swerves to business and tells her to check the inbox… there’s something there that she might like, but Adam and Victor not so much. Lily looks, and sees that Billy wrote an article saying Victor coerced Ashland into signing a contract and quoted unnamed sources. Lily urges him to run it by legal as a top priority.

At Newman Media, Adam and Victor meet with Nick and Devon to explain why New Hope should team with them. They want to be connected to the community and would like to offer them a free platform. Devon and Nick are about to launch a campaign so it would be helpful. Devon explains they’re also looking for a sponsor for a new building. Victor signs on. Adam hopes it garners goodwill for Newman Media. He wants to show Genoa City he has new priorities. “This is not business as usual for me.” They’re about to conclude when Nick questions the name change to Newman Media. Victor explains it’s his legacy for Adam, and Adam’s for Connor. After Devon and Nick leave, Adam thinks it went well but isn’t counting on anything.
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Chloe visits Chelsea at the mental hospital and recaps that she was found not guilty. Chelsea fumes that it’s costing her the thing that’s most important her. “You’re never going to believe what Adam’s done this time!” Chloe learns he got the restraining order lifted so he can see Connor and feels that was probably inevitable. Chelsea rants that he’s still a danger to Connor and rails that he’ll poison his mind against her. Chloe argues he won’t want to upset the boy. Chelsea insists she’s sane and deserves to see Connor… and to be free.

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At Society, Abby welcomes Nina back from her movie-making trip to Los Angeles. Nina picked up some things for the nursery at her favorite boutiques and asks about Mariah. Abby reports she has a baby bump and they enthuse about how supportive Tessa has been. Abby also received a text from Chance and feels every day is one day closer to him coming home. She next reveals that Mariah’s first ultrasound is scheduled and they’ll be able to see the baby. Summer walks in and Abby asks how she’s doing. Summer is preoccupied and resists joining them.

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Abby asks Summer to be honest. “Is everything okay?” Summer cagily reports that her friend just found out her boyfriend has a kid, and he didn’t even know she had a kid. The boyfriend wants to be a real father and the boy’s mother is all for it, so she’s a little worried for her friend. Nina agrees with her concerns and muses that the woman must have issues to have kept it from him. Abby thinks the woman may have hidden the truth with good reason and hopes Summer’s friend embraces her new reality. Nina counters that co-parenting could rekindle old feelings between the former lovers — it could get messy for her friend.
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In the park, Chloe updates Kevin on her visit with Chelsea. She’s not good and is getting worse. Kevin figures it’s part of the recovery process, but Chloe realized today that Chelsea is much worse off than she thinks. Talk turns to Chloe’s role in Chelsea’s plot. If she’s unspooling, Kevin is worried about Chloe being exposed. She reassures him. Kevin has some errands to run, so they agree to meet at home later.

On Crimson Lights patio, Mariah and Kyle catch up. He notices her wrist brace, and she assures him she’s fine. He reports that the paternity test confirmed Harrison’s his son. Mariah still can’t believe he’s a father. Kyle is having a hard time getting his mind around it himself, but is about to meet with his lawyer to determine next steps. Mariah asks how he’s feeling, and urges him not to put too much pressure on himself. Kyle explains it’s difficult protecting Tara and Harrison, preparing for Ashland’s attack, and reassuring Summer. Mariah learns Summer postponed the wedding and worries she’s having second thoughts — she ran away last time. Kyle says she’s been nothing but supportive; he knows they can do this.
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At Chance Comm, Billy has the green light from legal on his article about Victor and Lily encourages him to run it now.

At the coffee house, Devon tells Nick he’s in favor of the deal with Newman Media, but Nick warns there is more personal issues involved for him. Devon wonders if he can see himself working with his dad and Adam. Nick wouldn’t be answering to his dad, so that’s okay, and he sees Adam is trying to change. When it comes to the offer he wishes there were some guarantee, but that’s not possible. Devon points out that giving people second chances is in their mission statement and asks if Nick believes Adam deserves it.

At the park, Adam approaches Chloe about putting the bad blood behind them. He admires her dedication to Chelsea and is willing to forgive her role in what happened. Chloe doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Adam wants to offer her an online fashion outlet. He observes that she and Chelsea are partners… he thinks she can turn it into something great and it will give Chelsea something to look forward to when she gets out. “Let me know what you decide,” he says, and walks away.
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In the mental hospital, Chelsea’s stunned when Kevin appears in her room and says, “I figured it was time I paid you a visit.” Chelsea asks if he’s there as a representative of the GCPD. He says, “No.” She gathers, then, that he’s there as Chloe’s husband. Kevin tells Chelsea she needs help, he’s just not sure how much. He says Chloe’s concerned, and he is worried about her. Kevin warns if this is a ruse, and it blows up and comes back to harm Chloe, he’ll hold her responsible. He advises her to wipe from her mind that she had any involvement in this outrageous plot of hers. Chelsea thinks Kevin really loves Chloe, but Adam said he loved her too it was all a lie. She turns away. He asks if she’s understanding any of this, then walks out.
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At Newman Media, Victor and Adam discuss Billy’s new article. Adam wants to ignore it, but Victor thinks it warrants a response. Adam thinks it would only led credibility to the garbage. Victor agrees to bide their time, but there will be retaliation… one that Billy Boy won’t see coming.
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At Chance Comm, Billy and Lily relish the number of people reading their article. Billy figures Victor and Adam will take their time before retaliating. Lily’s unconcerned. “We’ve got this.”

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Kyle arrives at home and calls out for Tara and Harrison before going upstairs to look.

In their suite, Summer starts a text to Kyle to call her, and saying she really needs him, but deletes it. She looks at her engagement ring and frets.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle comes back downstairs and calls Jack. “Have you seen Tara?” Jack replies that he hasn’t, not for a while. Kyle tells him in a panic, “She’s gone. And so is my son.”

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