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In Amanda’s suite, Devon learns she can’t join him at Billy and Lily’s place because Imani is coming over to work on the case. She misses seeing them at the office though. Devon understands, but explains Billy and Lily are getting serious so he needs to be supportive. Amanda thinks Lily is lucky to have him as a brother.

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In Crimson Lights, Nikki learns Billy is moving out of the Grand Phoenix. She thinks it’s good for the kids and is surprised Victoria hasn’t mentioned it. Billy reveals that she doesn’t know yet. He explains he tried to tell her but she was… busy. Now she’s out of town. Nikki muses that her phone still works, but Billy wants to tell her in person. He confirms he’s moving in with Lily and thinks Victoria will be happy for them. Nikki agrees.
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In the Abbott mansion, Ashland denies that Kyle is Harrison’s father and calls it a ploy. Kyle insists it’s legitimate and Ashland urges him to open the envelope. Just then, Summer rushes into the house and takes in the scene. After Kyle opens it, he hands Locke the document to see for himself. Stunned, he turns to Tara, who says, “Ash, I’m so sorry.” He tells her not another word and walks out. Summer observes to Kyle, “So it’s true, you’re Harrison’s father.” Kyle offers Tara a drink and wonders what they should do next. Tara feels they need to explain things to Harrison since Ashland won’t hesitate to lash out or bad mouth her. Summer can’t believe she wants to do this now — Kyle just found out and there hasn’t even been time for a conversation yet about what this is going to look like or his role in Harrison’s life. Summer’s overruled and Jack suggests they give Tara and Kyle space. Kyle apologizes to Summer, but he has to look out for his son first.
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Once alone with Tara, Kyle asks how they explain to a boy Harrison’s age that his life is about to change. She says they need to make it simple enough for him to grasp. She wants Kyle to be a part of the boy’s life, and for him to feel safe with him. Tara would like Ashland to continue to have a role if he wishes, but she’d like to stay in Genoa City so Kyle and his son can bond. She warns if he wants to be in Harrison’s life he has to be all in. Kyle wants to be a real father to his son.

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Tara brings Harrison out and explains that his father will be going back to New York and they will be staying there. She will ensure she’s well taken care of, and reveals that they’re getting a new person in their family. Harrison learns he has another dad — Kyle — who is so excited to get to know him better. The boy asks, “Two dads?” Kyle kneels down in front of Harrison and talks about the things they both like. Tara thinks they should come up with a special name for Kyle; not ‘father’ because he has one of those. “How about ‘daddy’?” Harrison tries it out. Kyle grins; it works for him.
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At Society, Ashland’s on the phone saying he wants another paternity test to ensure this isn’t a hoax, and needs to find out what his rights are. He disconnects when Jack walks in. Jack doesn’t excuse what Kyle did years ago, but he wants to avoid regrets down the road by doing what’s best for the boy. He warns Ashland not to let Harrison suffer due to his anger. Jack knows from experience that no child ever recovers from being torn apart from their mother.
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Billy arrives at the condo where Lily is unpacking a sea of boxes. He digs in and pulls out a coffeemaker and install it in the kitchen. He teases her and she tasks him with figuring out the printer. As he reads the manual she starts a play fight with the packing materials.
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Devon arrives with a housewarming gift — a framed poster from Indigo. Talk turns to Jack, who also gave them a memento of Neil. Devon says he saw him in an intense conversation with Ashland Locke. Billy heads upstairs, and Devon tells Lily he’s very happy for the two of them — they’re in a good place literally and figuratively. He explains why Amanda didn’t come, but assures her things are good between them. Lily’s pleased to hear it.

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After Devon’s gone, Billy tells Lily there’s something going on with Tara Locke. Why would she come to Genoa City of all places when her marriage blows up? Lily reminds him they weren’t going to talk about work. Billy feels there has to be more to the story. Later, Billy gets a notification that Ashland Locke changed his no-fault divorce filing to fault — adultery. Lily guesses there is more to Ashland’s story.

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In Amanda’s suite, she updates Imani that she tracked down the P.I. Richard was working with to find his child, which will prove he had a legitimate reason for reaching out. Imani warns she brought their grandfather up to speed and he’s not on board with her new strategy. Amanda questions Sutton conferring with Imani behind her back. Imani explains that he would never expose Naya’s painful history to help himself. Amanda’s acting not as Naya’s daughter, but as his attorney. Imani wants her to put the blame on someone at Newman Enterprises. That was her original theory, so she needs to figure it out. Imani suggests that Richard was taking money from someone under the table to finance the search for his child. He could still have been involved in a blackmail scheme. Amanda will know more once the private investigator gets back to her. Imani learns Amanda still intends to keep quiet about her connection to the family. Imani suggests they get lunch… and not talk about work or family. Amanda wholeheartedly agrees.
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At Society, Imani and Amanda realize they took some of the same courses in college as Nate walks in. Amanda introduces Imani as her friend, then steps away to take a call. Imani asks if he and Amanda dated. He admits they did, but it didn’t work out. Nate wonders why he’s never met her before. Imani teases that she’ll be around Genoa City more often… she likes what she’s seen so far. Nate excuses himself as Amanda returns and tells Imani the P.I. can meet them now. Nikki walks in and wonders if Imani is working with Amanda on the Ames case. Amanda discourages the line of questioning and she and Imani exit.
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Jack returns to the mansion and she says the talk with Harrison went well. Jack relays that he had a word with Ashland. Tara isn’t getting her hopes up where he’s concerned — she knows he wants to punish her by taking away her son. Jack promises Tara they won’t let that happen. After, Jack shows Harrison how to wear Kyle’s old baseball mitt and tells him he’s his grandpa. It makes him very special in his life.
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Kyle joins Summer in the hotel suite and tells her he made a full commitment to be a father to his son. It’s what he needed to do. Summer understands and asks how Harrison reacted. Kyle shares it went well, but it has to be as surreal for the boy as it is for him. Summer comforts Kyle, who couldn’t get through this without her. Summer sighs, “Then it’s a good thing you don’t have to.” Kyle’s unsure how to be a father, but Summer has total faith in him. She seeks his assurance that nothing will change for them. Kyle promises they’ll always be okay. They share a deep kiss.
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At Devon’s place, Nate drops off some case studies for Moses, and fishes to find out more about Amanda’s friend, Imani. Devon just thinks they’re working on the case together and shares that Amanda thinks she’s a handful. Talk turns to working together to make sure Neil’s memory stays alive for Moses.

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Amanda welcomes Detective Denise Tolliver into her suite and asks if she remembers working with Richard Nealon. She does. Imani questions her recalling a client from so long ago, but Tolliver explains you don’t forget cases like that. He hired her to find his ex-girlfriend’s child, who he believed was his. He had quit Newman to focus on locating the abandoned baby; it was eating him alive.
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Amanda asks Tolliver if she ever contacted Richard’s ex-girlfriend. She explains that she tried to, but no one in the family was willing to talk. The detective shrugs; it turns out it didn’t matter. Amanda assumes, “Because Richard died.” Tolliver shakes her head. She had other ways of finding out the information she needed and tracked down the baby girl he was looking for — she even gave Richard the foster parents’ address. “Unfortunately, that was right before he died.”

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