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Summer opens her suite door to Phyllis and vents to her mother about her life. Phyllis gets it, but thinks she’s handling it well. She approves of putting the wedding plans on hold, but Summer questions if it was a mistake. It might be easier to weather this if they were already husband and wife; maybe they should say ‘the hell with it’ and get married today? Phyllis gets upset when Summer reveals Tara plans to stay in Genoa City. They bicker about Kyle only coming clean to Summer when he had to, and Summer wonders if her mom is trying to make her feel worse. Phyllis urges her to be honest with herself. Summer admits when she watches Kyle and Tara together she feels insecure, but she can’t let that destroy what they worked so hard to get right.
Summer vents to Phyllis Y&R

At the Abbott house, Jack assures Tara she’s doing everything she can to protect Harrison right now. The doorbell rings and Ashland starts shouting and threatening to get the authorities involved. Jack tells her not to let him get to her and opens the door. Ashland strides in, sees the stuffed fox, and asks, “Where is my son?” Tara asks him to please not take her son from her, but Ashland questions if she and Kyle are actually exes for all. Jack intervenes and Locke tells him it’s not his concern. Kyle appears and declares Tara and Harrison are staying there and he’s leaving. Ashland bellows that Kyle has no right to interfere in this very personal matter! He has court documents backing him up. Jack reminds him he’s on his property.
Jack, Ashland confrontation Y&R

Tara explains she came there because she was afraid Ashland would have the exact reaction he’s having. Ashland feels he has every right to be upset and tells her she knows Harrison should be able to see him. Tara agrees; the boy wants to see him, but he can’t mention the custody suit or divorce. Ashland snarks that he won’t even mention Mommy’s dirty affair. Kyle snaps, “Watch it,” and warns Ashland he won’t back down. Tara takes Ashland to see Harrison. Once alone with Jack, Kyle says it didn’t feel right keeping the truth from him, but they’ll be in a much stronger position once the paternity results are in.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon thinks Rey seems far off. He confirms he’s thinking about Chelsea’s hearing. Sharon hopes she doesn’t end up in prison, for Connor’s sake. Rey gets a message from Michael that the ruling is in.

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In the mental hospital, Chelsea paces. Michael arrives and informs her the judge issued a ruling. She asks, “Am I going to prison?” He explains they found her not guilty by reason of insanity. Chelsea complains about the person who caused this being out there free. Michael can’t speak to Adam’s sanity, but Chelsea has a chance to get well.
Michael, Chelsea Y&R

Nick spots Victor and Adam in the Grand Phoenix lobby — they’re discussing Chelsea’s hearing. They hope the judge understands she wasn’t in her right mind. Victor invites Nick to join them. He brings up the idea of Noah doing the marketing for Newman Media. Nick thinks he’ll refuse them; he’s worked for the family before and got burned. Victor says he could use his creative talents and might come back full-time. Nick will support it if he accepts the job. Victor next proposes a joint venture between Newman Media and New Hope — two brothers working side-by-side. Adam likes it, but Nick wonders if the angle is to lure him back into the family business. Victor asks what would be wrong with that? He’d like to see them put their feud behind them and work together. Nick would have to think about it, and talk to Devon first. Victor’s pleased — it’s not a ‘no’. Adam gets a call and reports Chelsea’s staying at the psychiatric hospital rather than go to prison. Victor urges him not to worry about her.
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At Society, Sally leaves Ashland a message saying the Italian fashion house looks like the perfect place for Summer. The sooner they can make this happen, the better. Summer shows up and Sally says she’s sorry for their last fight — she overstepped. Summer feels she continues to hurt her. Sally wonders if she should have lied to Tara and say she didn’t know where Kyle was. Summer can tells she’s scheming and suggests she come clean about what she’s up to this time. Sally plays innocent and teases that she may not have to deal with her long; there’s a position opening at Marchetti fashion house in Italy. Summer invites her to go for it. Lauren arrives and Summer mentions the opportunity that’s open overseas for the right person. Summer steps away to take a call from Kyle, who says the paternity results are on the way to the house.
Lauren, Sally talk Marchetti, Summer Y&R

Once alone, Sally calls her Grams and tells her she’s regrouped and made a plan. She asks how involved Eric Forrester is with Marchetti — she may need a huge favor from him.

At the coffee house, Sharon and Rey have learned of the judge’s ruling, and Sharon thinks it’s good she’ll be able to get help. Rey suggests they take a trip, and Sharon suggests they visit his family in Miami; it could be like a second honeymoon. Rey asks, “When do I start packing?” Sharon points out they can’t just hop on a plane; they have jobs and kids to worry about. Faith appears and is nervous about returning to school. When she goes to the patio, Sharon hopes she is ready to go back emotionally. Rey senses she’s stronger than before — and might have a secret weapon by her side. Sharon turns to see Faith joking with Moses.

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On the patio, Moses tells Faith how incredible the tribute was for his dad. She imagines it was emotional and is sorry she wasn’t up to it. They leave for school.

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Victor visits Chelsea and offers her congratulations. She asks if he came to throw away the key. Victor asks why he’d do that, he kept up his end of the bargain. She’s still his grandson’s mother and he wants to see her get the help she needs. Chelsea reminds his this is a ruse, but Victor says she’s far more ill than she’s willing to admit to herself. He suggests she take her therapy very seriously. She points out the doctor is morally compromised. Victor says he’s still competent. Chelsea wonders how long he plans to keep her in there. Victor explains if she plays the game the way he wants her to, she’ll get out of there. If she doesn’t, she’ll stay in there forever.
Victor warns Chelsea Y&R

In Phyllis’ suite, she warns Nick that Summer’s considering forming a united marriage front, but she doesn’t think she’ll pursue that option. Nick’s concerned about the fallout for their daughter. Phyllis advises they not underestimate her strength. Nick still thinks it’s a lot for them to take on. Talk turns to Nick’s sit-down with Adam and Victor. Phyllis can’t believe his restraint with Adam and questions their agenda. She thinks Victor must be in heaven controlling them all. “I smell trouble.”

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Inside the coffee house, Sharon and Rey are flirting over their potential trip when Michael comes in to ask if they’re still alright with Chelsea not going to prison. They are. Michael joins Lauren on the patio and confides that he’s concerned that Victor visited Chelsea today. It makes him wonder… Victor was there when she had her breakdown and personally called in the doctor. “Is Victor pulling the strings here?”
Michael, Lauren confide Y&R

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At the Abbott house, Tara rejoins Jack and Kyle. She reports that Ashland stepped away to speak to his lawyer and Harrison’s with the nanny. Kyle asks why she seems so upset. Tara explains Harrison kept asking where his father had been and when they were going home — it broke her heart. Outside, Ashland barks at his lawyer to do everything he can to get his son back, then enters the Abbott house. Kyle says they’re done, but Ashland declares this is far from finished.

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Tara asks him to reconsider fighting for full custody. Ashland warns she’ll be hearing from his lawyer and advises her not to run again. He tells Kyle and Jack they’ve made a serious mistake. Kyle thinks that sounds like another threat. The doorbell rings. Kyle fetches the envelope being delivered and informs Ashland that Harrison is not his son. “He’s mine.” Ashland, rocked, gawps at Tara, and then looks back at Kyle holding the envelope.
Ashland, Kyle, Jack proof Y&R

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