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At Society, Devon reflects by his dad’s plaque and flashes to when he became a part of Neil’s family.
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At Chance Comm, Moses is joined by Lily as he works on a photo montage of their father on his laptop. She decides to check in with Devon, and brings him up on a screen. He tells them Abby’s putting the finishing touches on everything at Society. Moses says his creation is ready to roll. Lily sends it. She reads off some tributes to Neil online and Moses turns reflective. She asks if it’s too much. Moses reassures her. She hopes today helps him feel closer to their dad — she knows he didn’t get a lot of time with him. Lily and Devon want to help make up for that with stories… and dad jokes. She gives him a few examples and he protests, “That’s enough.”
Moses, Lily, Neil tribute Y&R

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki wonders what Victor’s doing there. He sends her something on her phone that should explain it to her. Nikki reads an invite to Neil’s tribute walk and is astounded at the detail his children have put into it.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Ashley, at the bar, and Amanda, and Nick and Phyllis in their respective suites, read their invitations to Neil’s tribute on their phones. They all marvel over the playlist that’s been compiled in his honor. Nick tells Phyllis he’s looking forward to the tribute walk. Phyllis will meet him there, she has something to do first.
Ashley, Neil tribute Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Sharon reads the invitation and unveils a ‘Neil Winters special’ on the chalkboard to Rey.

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At home, Jack reads his invitation, then gets on the phone and cancels his other obligations for the day. Phyllis shows up. She wanted to see how he was doing since he and Neil shared a special bond. Jack wonders if she’s concerned he’ll slip off the wagon, and assures her it definitely won’t happen today as that would insult Neil’s memory. In honor of his friend, he’ll live this day sober.
Jack, Phyllis, Neil tribute Y&R

In Chancellor Park, Nate unveils a giant framed photo of Neil set amid a sea of beautiful flowers.

At Society, Nate spots Amanda alone as he enters. He thought she’d be with Devon. She explains he wanted to do this day on his own. Amanda admits she wouldn’t even be sure what to say to him. Nate feels he’ll need a friend today.

Devon arrives at the coffee house and thanks Sharon for letting it be one of the stops on the Neil tour. He notices she’s wearing something from Dru’s collection that Neil left her. She likes to think they’re back together again.
Sharon, Devon, Neil tribute Y&R

On the patio, Nick talks to Rey about shooting hoops and hanging out with Neil. Rey doesn’t have problems now but challenges Nick to meet him on the basketball court anytime. Nick grins and then flashes to spending time with Neil. He tosses his cup into the trash, looks up, and quips, “I still got it!”

At Newman, Victor is remembering a time when Neil helped him plot against Jack and Jabot. Jack appears and muses, “Once again we find ourselves on common ground.” They both lost a cherished friend in Neil, who strangely enough, worked with both of their companies. Talk turns to Adam, and Jack muses he spent a lifetime trying to win Victor’s approval — he hopes he achieves it this time. Victor asks about Kyle and realizes he’s hit a sore spot. They think Neil would tell them to stop the fighting given the day. They bid each other “good day” as Jack goes.

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Amanda checks in on Lily at Chance Comm, who is crying but tells her there are a lot of good memories. Amanda knows the day’s affecting her. Lily didn’t think it would be so hard. She deals with the loss of her dad every day… he was an amazing man who was always striving to be a better person. Amanda offers, “It sounds like you’re a lot like him.” Lily says he always showed up. “I want to be like that.” Amanda replies, “I want to be like that too.”
Lily cries Neil tribute Y&R

On the coffee house patio, Devon thanks Nate for taking care of Neil’s portrait. He’s honored. Nate tells Devon the playlist blows his mind; hearing his favorite music makes it feel he’s a part of this. They laugh over Neil and Malcolm’s volatile history and flash to them arguing. Nate notes that losing Neil hit Malcolm hard since they’d spent so much time at odds. Devon and Nate agree not to make that same mistake.
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Inside Crimson Lights, Ashley orders a cup of the ‘Neil special’ from Sharon and reflects on her memories with Neil as she recalls their romance. They toast to Neil knowing how loved he was.

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At Society, Nikki gazes at Neil’s plaque and realizes she knows the music that’s playing. She sits at the piano, looks at a framed photo of Neil, and begins playing along. Jack wanders in and listens. When she finishes, he applauds. Nikki explains Neil asked her to learn that piece for a charity concert. Jack tells her about Winters Mood and Nikki says Neil would have loved it. They muse that Neil meant the world to him.
Nikki piano Neil tribute Y&R

Devon joins Victor at Newman to thank him for the display in the lobby for Neil’s memorial walk. Victor says he contributed a great deal to the company and more importantly, he was a good friend. He was happy for Neil when he started Hamilton-Winters with his son. Victor is glad Moses is in town and believes Neil would be pleased his children are together.

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Later, Moses visits with Victor, who invites him to sit in his father’s chair and try it out. Moses sits in the CEO seat and says it feels great; like he could rule the world. Vic tells him if he changes him mind about medicine, the world of business always needs bright new minds. Ashley enters and tells Moses to stick to guns as his father would have done.
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At Society, Lily thinks back on spending a day with Neil when she was a teen and tears up.

Later at Society, Amanda is sitting and listening to the playlist when Devon enters. His day is better for seeing her. She can’t imagine the sense of loss he’s feeling; she’s never been loved as Neil did him, or loved anyone as he did his dad. She doesn’t want to run from it. Devon appreciates her. Amanda tells him this is a wonderful way to remember Neil. Devon muses that he’s still gone… but at least he went in peace.

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In Chancellor Park, Victor and Nikki admire Neil’s portrait and the beautiful flowers. Victor sighs, “He passed much too soon, didn’t he? Neil was a good man. One of the few I trusted.” Nikki lays a rose in front of the photo. In turn, Sharon and Rey, Jack, Nate, Phyllis and Nick, Ashley, and Amanda each lay a rose in front of Neil’s portrait.
Nate, Neil tribute Y&R

Finally, a tearful Devon is left with his rose. Lily appears and they embrace. Moses joins them, hugs Lily, and Neil’s children lay their flowers before the portrait.
Moses, Devon, Lily, Neil tribute Y&R

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In loving memory of Kristoff St. John.

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