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At the penthouse, Lily and Devon compare final notes on the tribute. Devon thinks Neil would love it. Lily agrees; it will bring people into his world in a way they’d never expect. Moses joins them, but explains he can’t hang out, he told Faith he’d meet her at Crimson Lights. After he goes, Lily laughs at Devon getting to experience the teen thing. She updates her brother that she’s moving into a new apartment with Billy. Lily invites him to share his opinion if he has one, but warns nothing will change her mind. Devon says congratulations, he guesses; she has his blessing if that’s what she’s hoping for — he’s a believer they’re in it for the long haul. He’s excited for her and always has a spare room for her if she needs it. Lily laughs, “Shut up.”
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At Society, Sally has a proposal for Ashland, who acts uninterested until she says she has a way to find out where Tara and Harrison are staying. Ashland asks what she wants in return. Sally needs to get someone out of her way and thinks he could offer the person a career move so appealing they’d be an idiot not to go for it. Locke informs her if she can bring him useful information on the whereabouts of his son, he might be tempted to reciprocate. Sally’s pleased.

After Sally leaves, Victoria wanders in and greets Ashland, who tells her she’s made his day better. She replies that it’s nice to see him, and he asks her to join him. Ashland teases that he can’t read her easily. Victoria asks about his proudest accomplishment. He explains that’s something that can’t be bought; time with his son. Victoria agrees; time with the kids is so important. Ashland talks about the book he reads Harrison every night and Victoria shares a story about Johnny.
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Billy walks in and watches them. Ashland spots him and figures he’s looking to speak to Victoria. They agree to continue their conversation at a later date and Ashland walks out. Billy questions Victoria, “What’s going on with Ashland Locke?” She tells him it’s none of his business. Billy warns he’s about to embark on a bitter divorce battle — he doesn’t want her in the middle of it as it will affect their kids. Victoria hopes he’s not telling her who to speak to, and advises him to change his next words very carefully.
Victoria warns Billy Y&R

At the Abbott house, Summer tells Kyle taking space helped put things in perspective for her. “I want to put our wedding plans on hold.” Kyle tries to talk her out of it, but Summer isn’t persuaded. He reminds her of the time she left him a note in the hotel room, and questions if she’s actually having second thoughts about marrying him again. Summer promises that isn’t it; it’s just been a lot emotionally. Her dad pointed out they don’t know what the next few months will bring.
Summer postpone wedding Kyle Y&R

Jack arrives and reports he had a run-in with Ashland, who tried to warn him about Tara and said they don’t know who they’re dealing with. Kyle assumes he’s trying to throw them off balance; Tara’s been completely transparent with him. Summer steps out to take a work call, and Jack tells Kyle that Tara married a rich, older man and had an affair with a younger man — there are questions. He’s curious as to what Locke meant about Tara and thinks they need to go straight to the source.

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After Tara joins them, Jack warns she’ll probably have to go on the offense with Ashland. She knows and says he’s a part-time dad at best. Jack nods; she can use that, then asks if Locke has dirt on her. Tara wonders why he’d ask that. Jack explains Ashland warned him about her. She’s not surprised; it’s a classic move of his to undermine his opponent. Jack asks again, “Are you sure?” Tara wouldn’t risk holding anything back — she hasn’t done anything wrong. Kyle asks, “Not even our affair?” Tara can’t regret that since it gave her Harrison. Kyle can’t disagree there.
Jack questions Tara Y&R

Later, the doorbell rings. Sally stands outside the door and smiles in at Kyle, who regards her with arms folded across his chest. He lets her in, and she tells Jack she’s been trying to hunt him down about the Fenmore’s promos. Jack doesn’t think that’s urgent. She asks to speak to him privately, but he refuses; they have nothing further to discuss.
Sally arrives Abbott house Y&R

After Sally’s gone, Tara rejoins Kyle and is glad she wasn’t around when Sally stopped by; Jack told her she can’t be trusted. Kyle explains about Jack and Sally’s break-up and grumbles that her seeing Tara or Harrison is a headache they do not need. Tara agrees to stay on high alert in order to avoid leading Ashland to their property. Kyle’s pleased to hear Harrison is enjoying it there, and accepts her invitation to join them in the backyard.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick joins Sharon and Faith, who is happy to be out and about. She tells them Moses might stop by if that’s okay. Sharon says it’s fine as long as her homework is done. Nick tells Sharon it’s like Whack-a-Mole with his kids and alludes to something going on with Summer and Kyle. Sharon’s there to listen if he needs. Nick is trying his best to be supportive, and things had been going well. Sharon muses, “Had been?” Nick explains Kyle has baggage and there’s a lot of emotional turmoil. He wants to see Summer enjoy her life without all this drama. Sharon counsels that love is hard and relationships are harder. Despite they’re tumultuous history, they’re doing alright, so she thinks Nick is the perfect person to guide his daughter.
Nick, Sharon discuss Summer Y&R

On the coffee house patio, Summer tells Faith it’s good to see her; she’s looking amazing. They talk about making mistakes until Summer goes inside to speak to Nick. She tells him she put the wedding on hold; it was the best thing to do. Nick asks, “Are you trying to convince me, or yourself.” Summer recaps that once Kyle claims paternity everything is going to change. She feels they’ll need to communicate to get through this, and Nick agrees. He is proud of her.
Nick, Summer postponement Y&R

After Summer leaves, Sharon rejoins Nick as Moses comes in. She tells him how much she’s looking forward to Neil’s memorial tomorrow. Nick’s intrigued. Moses tells Sharon that Devon will be calling; he needs her help with part of the plan. Faith appears and Moses goes off with her to the patio. Nick thinks Neil would be happy their kids are friends. Sharon agrees. They marvel at Moses and Faith being super-students and talk turns to Summer. Nick thinks she’s making mature decisions, but this thing is far from over.

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Jack enters Society as Victoria’s saying a terse goodbye to Billy. He tells his brother about his ex-wife hanging out with Ashland Locke, and intends to find out what’s going on. He doesn’t want Victoria caught in his divorce. Jack warns he could be jumping to conclusions. Billy says he’s gotta’ do what he’s gotta’ do and heads out.

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Billy enters the new apartment and finds Lily unpacking. She has champagne chilling, but wonders what, or who, has gotten under his skin. He fills her in off screen. Talk turns to covering Ashland’s divorce. Lily thinks it’s fair game, but agrees with Victoria that her spending time with Locke is not Billy’s business. She asks if he told her they were moving in together. Billy explains they got sidelined, but he’ll tell her and the kids as soon as possible. He can’t imagine Victoria will be shocked; it should be a civil conversation. Lily wonders how she’ll really feel about it.
Lily questions Billy Y&R

At the Abbott house, Tara tells Kyle that Harrison’s getting more comfortable with him. Kyle’s glad she has them on her side no matter what Ashland gets up to next.

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In Chancellor Park, Sally asks Ashland if he’s familiar with a stuffed fox made of corduroy. Ashland says it’s his son’s favorite toy. “Where is he?” Before she tells him, Sally wants to know how he’ll hold up his end of the bargain. “How do you plan to help me with my problem?” Ashland wants to know who she’s so anxious to lure away from Genoa City. Sally explains it’s Summer Newman, who is Kyle’s fiancée and is running JCV. “She has what I want, and in order to get it, I need her gone.” Ashland admires her drive, but suspects there’s also a personal motive. Ashland’s happy to upset Kyle and can offer her a prominent position at an illustrious fashion house with a huge salary and lots of perks and loads of status. “Worth leaving town for.” He can make it happen with a phone call. “Now where’s my son?”
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Summer returns to the Abbott house looking for Kyle. Tara says he’s gone to the office. She knows this has been difficult for Summer and appreciates her support. Summer knows she’s in a tough position as well. Tara prays everything works out as she hopes it will. Summer asks if she’ll go back to New York if she wins custody. Tara thinks she will need a fresh start, perhaps there, so Harrison can be close to Kyle. Tara walks off and Summer looks stunned.

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