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Nick arrives at Jack’s place and informs him he knows about Kyle and Tara’s affair and that the boy is Kyle’s. Jack confirms they’re doing paternity testing. Nick learns that Ashland knows about the affair, but not the paternity issue, and wants to know how Jack’s handling this. Just then, Tara appears. She introduces herself and Nick snarls, “I know who you are.” Tara apologizes for the situation and exits. Jack explains why he’s harboring Tara and Harrison, and Nick declares that Summer and Kyle’s wedding should be postponed. Jack doesn’t want to go there, but Nick hopes he and Kyle will come to see things his way.

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After Nick’s gone, Tara thanks Jack for everything he’s doing for her and Harrison; she can’t bear the idea of her son being taken away. Jack wants to keep one step ahead of Ashland, but she explains he’s impossible to predict. Tara warns he will try to take the boy. Jack advises that even if Kyle is proven to be the biological father, Ashland is his father, and nothing is guaranteed. Tara knows he must be wondering how she could keep this from Kyle. Jack figures she wanted to keep her marriage together. Tara says Ashland and Harrison bonded deeply, so it got easier with time. Jack warns that bond will work against her. Tara reiterates Ashland’s vindictive nature; it’s going to get ugly. Jack sighs, “And Kyle will be in the middle of it.” He explains Sally Spectra took the information Theo gave her and made this so much worse. Tara says she’s spoken to her, and relays that Sally told her where to find Kyle the night of the engagement party. Jack’s not surprised and warns the young woman cannot be trusted.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally recalls Summer slapping her as she spots her and approaches. She asks how the engagement party went as Kyle appears from the patio and claims she didn’t mean to cause trouble. They accuse her of trying to cause as much trouble as possible — now a little boy may lose his mother thanks to her manipulations. Sally didn’t even know for sure if he was Kyle’s, and claims whatever happens to him is on Kyle. Kyle informs her he’ll never forgive her for what she’s done and neither will his father — he’ll make sure of it. Kyle thinks Lauren should know about this and maybe she’ll fire her. He suggests she go back to Los Angeles. Sally warns that others have underestimated her and come to regret it. Summer informs her, “You don’t get it do you? You had your second chance here and you blew it. You’re done.”
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In Chancellor Park, Mariah takes a breather while jogging and snaps a selfie to send to Tessa. As she continues on, she trips and falls.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby tells Devon that Mariah’s gone for a run and is a dynamo. Devon’s surprised she didn’t go with her. Abby thought about driving behind her, but she refuses to be smothering — at least she’s fighting those instincts. Talk turns to Neil being gone two years and Devon’s plan to honor his life. Abby reflects on losing Brad, who she considered her dad until the day he died. They swerve to the baby and to Chance still being away. Abby misses him but will record every moment of the journey. She asks if Devon would do a cameo. As Devon prepares, Abby notices Mariah’s been gone longer than expected. Suddenly, Tessa enters, warns Abby not to freak out and steps aside. Mariah walks in with a cast on her wrist.

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Abby learns Mariah fell, and wonders why she didn’t call her. Mariah’s self-esteem is more bruised than anything else. Devon wants to involve them in his cameo. As Abby films, Mariah stands up to show Chance her baby bump and explains how she came to have the brace on her wrist. Tessa takes her turn and assures Chance they’re all taking good care of Mariah and the baby. When it’s Devon’s turn, he asks Chance to come home soon and warns he won’t apologize for spoiling the child rotten. “Get home safe.” Devon takes the camera to record Abby, who talks up the other three and says she can’t wait to share this experience with him. “I love you.” Once alone, Mariah talks to Devon about her fears she will do something inadvertently to harm the baby or upset Abby. Devon always has her back.
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At Society, Jack runs into Ashland, who is looking for his son and has a strong feeling Kyle knows where he is. Jack says, “Now you’ve lost me.” He isn’t sure why he’s dragging him and his son into his family issues. Ashland warns Jack he may think he knows what he’s dealing with, but when it comes to Tara, he has no idea! Jack advises him not to come for his family or company. He thought his heart attack might have changed him, but Ashland shouldn’t mistake his compassion for weakness. Jack advises him not to underestimate him — just because he’s ruthless doesn’t mean others aren’t capable of it when necessary. As Jack storms out, Ashland stops him by saying how much that intrigues him.
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Kyle and Summer join Tara at the Abbott mansion, where she updates them on Nick’s visit. She’ll have to be more careful; instead of Nick it could have been someone sent by Ashland to take her child. Kyle soothes that he and his dad will do everything in their power to protect her and Harrison. Once they have confirmation he’s the boy’s father he’ll make things very clear to Ashland.
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Just then, there’s a knock and Tara panics. It turns out to be the technician to do the swabs for the paternity test. Tara takes her to do Harrison. Kyle can see Summer’s having a hard time. Summer notes the connection between him and Tara. She’s not jealous but it’s strange. She’s sure they can get through anything together and doesn’t doubt his love, but she needs space to sort this out. Kyle respects her feelings, but assures her this won’t change his love. Summer leaves.

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In the park, Summer sits listlessly on the bench and holds her head in her hands. Nick appears. Summer warns him not to say anything, but admits she’s scared. Suddenly, she has to be prepared to share Kyle. She’s not worried about Harrison, but Tara comes with the package. Nick wants to speak. She figures he’ll tell her to postpone the wedding. Nick spreads his hands and says, “Well, hell…” He understands she and Kyle love each other, and that he’s doing the right thing by stepping up, but warns as a father his priorities will change. Summer cannot prepare for what is going to happen if she can’t predict it. Nick confirms it’s a lot of unknowns, but it will be difficult getting through this with their relationship intact. He advises her to trust that beautiful heart of hers and to lean on him and her mom.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Sally tells her Grams on a video call that her whole world has blown up. She explains her relationship with Jack is over; everyone was determined to drive a wedge between them and they succeeded. Now his son Kyle and his fiancée are trying to get her fired and run her out of town. Shirley knows she didn’t call her up to boo hoo and reminds her why she left L.A.; she can’t afford to create the same situation in Genoa City. The original Sally Spectra took no prisoners. When Sally decides who to hit, she must make sure not to miss.
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Sally walks into Society, spots Ashland, and walks over to him. She introduces herself and has something to discuss with him. She believes he’ll be very glad they met when she tells him how they can help each other.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle prepares to do his swab as Tara teases he can have cookies after just like Harrison. Kyle swabs his cheek and hands the test kit over. He and Tara lock eyes.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victoria and Ashland find common ground.

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