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At the hotel, Summer tells Phyllis that Kyle is at Jabot right now to ask his father if Tara and Harrison can move into the Abbott house. Phyllis gawps. She guesses he’ll have to explain his connection to the little boy. “No turning back now, right?”

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Later, Nick arrives and complains to Phyllis that he can’t connect with Summer. He wants to know what’s going on with Kyle and Tara. Phyllis explains she’s gone to lay down to rest. Nick wants answers; “If Summer’s not going to give them to me, then you are.” Phyllis tells Nick that Tara confessed to Ashland that she had an affair with Kyle. He followed her to Genoa City and confronted her in the lobby. Nick wants to know when the affair ended, specifically, were there more than nine months from the time the affair ended to the time Tara’s son was born. Phyllis grimaces. Nick sighs. Phyllis warns him about taking his frustrations out on Kyle and alienating Summer. Nick goes to talk to her alone.
Nick learns truth Kyle kid Y&R

In Summer’s suite, she doesn’t want to talk to her dad, but Nick blurts that he knows about Kyle’s son. Summer’s exasperated with her mother spilling her secrets. Nick thinks she should be more worried about Locke. Summer pleads with her father to understand that Kyle made a mistake and is trying to do the right thing for everyone, including her. She won’t walk away from him. Nick nods.

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At Jabot, Kyle tells his dad he doesn’t have the whole story about Tara. When they parted ways, he didn’t know she was pregnant. “Her little boy, Harrison, is my son.”
Kyle tells Jack grandpa Y&R

Jack learns Sally knew about this. Kyle explains he confronted Tara and she told him the truth but they agreed to keep it secret. Jack’s stunned that he was going to let the boy grow up without knowing he was his father. Kyle didn’t want to blow up his life but it’s happening anyway. Jack asks if Ashland knows. Kyle says Tara lied about the timeline, but warns his father to get ready… once Locke finds out it’s going to get ugly. Jack worries about this being rough on Summer. Kyle relays she’s been great, though she’s scared. He figures fending off attacks from Ashland will be his life now. Jack assures him he’s not alone. He wants Tara and her baby to come stay at the house. Kyle had planned to ask that and is relieved when Jack says he’s proud of him.

At Devon’s place, he and Amanda finish up sushi and she teases that she doesn’t come for the food. She reveals she has an interview with Victor and Devon’s surprised. Amanda explains that new information has come to light and it’s possible they were wrong about Victor’s involvement. Richard’s day planner was found and he had numerous meetings with Victor… two right before he died. Devon muses, “So you’re suggesting Richard tried to blackmail Victor during these meetings?” Amanda only has to create reasonable doubt. Devon warns her about targeting Victor — it will make him furious. She can handle Victor Newman.

Ashland runs into Victoria at Crimson Lights and she invites him to join her. He asks for her take on Kyle Abbott. Victoria says Kyle’s engaged to her niece but she doesn’t really know him that well. Ashland reveals he’s discovered Kyle and his wife had an affair. Victoria guesses that explains the divorce. She’s sorry for what he’s going through. Ashland’s only concerned about his son.
Victoria, Ashland coffee house Y&R

At Newman Enterprises, Victor has Amanda shown in and introduces her to his counsel, Elizabeth. Amanda turns on her recorder and asks Victor about his interactions with Richard. Vic claims he doesn’t know him. Amanda argues he was employed there and shows him a photo. Victor picks it up and muses, “Hmm.” Amanda realizes he recognizes him. Victor explains he knew the man as Rick. He was a charming man, who was desperate. Victor reveals, “He was looking for a missing child.”
Victor shocks Amanda Y&R

Amanda reels but tries to hide it, then asks why ‘Rick’ would go to the CEO of the company with such personal information. Victor explains he knew his history of being abandoned at an orphanage and asked for his help. Amanda asks how he helped him. Victor gave him the number of a private detective and assured him he’d hold his job while he searched. He never saw or heard from him again. Amanda replies, “Because he died.” Victor muses that it makes him sad… his son or daughter will never know their father was looking for them.

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At Crimson Lights, Elena tells Nate the clinic staff threw her a party. He tells her how deserving she is of the celebration. She asked them to save him a cupcake. Nate asks what she’s up to now, and Elena jokes she’ll probably go to the apartment and turn on the TV for background noise. He invites her for lunch instead. She accepts since burgers and milkshakes are involved.

In the hotel lobby, Kyle advises Tara that they’re safe to talk there; Ashland’s staying at the Genoa City Athletic Club, but this is no way to live. He extends the invitation for her and Harrison to stay at the Abbott mansion. Tara thanks him. Kyle will do whatever’s necessary for his son.

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Later, Ashland shows up at the hotel and Phyllis snarks about him being persistent. Ashland has a message for Tara that Phyllis can run up to her suite. It’s a judge’s order for her to stop blocking his access to his son. Phyllis informs him his wife has checked out. Ashland thinks she’s enjoying this and appeals to her as a parent to convince her daughter and Kyle to stay out of this. Phyllis doesn’t need his advice, and warns if his actions affect her daughter in a negative way there is no court, judge or law that will protect him. “I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.”
Phyllis refuses Ashland request Y&R

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle assures Tara that his father is cool with everything. He’s telling her where everything is when Jack comes in. She thanks him for his hospitality. Jack will enjoy the company and looks for Harrison. Kyle calls him in. Jack beams as the tot greets him. Jack tells him, “We’re VERY glad to have you here.” Kyle’s mouth quirks up in amusement. They sit down to chat and Jack asks Harrison to make a whole lot of noise while he’s there. “This house is going to have life in it again.” Kyle tells his dad he’s the best and thanks him. Jack takes Tara and Harrison up to their rooms. Kyle calls someone to come and collect DNA samples.
Harrison, Kyle, Jack Abbott house Y&R

At the coffee house, Elena thanks Nate for lunch and they talk about their work being its own reward. She credits Nate for encouraging her not to walk away from her dream of being a doctor. Nate tells her everyone she works with and her patients are grateful she never gave up. The world needs more doctors like her. He says, “Elena…” but stops himself from saying something more. Elena announces it’s time for a nap, and Nate’s going to the clinic to get his cupcake. She watches him wistfully as he leaves.
Nate, Elena lunch Y&R

At Devon’s place, Amanda updates him on what Victor told her about Richard. Devon asks if he knew about Richard’s ex’s connection to Sutton Ames. Amanda didn’t ask; she was too taken off guard. She tears up, “Victor said he was desperate to find his child.” Devon figures she must be in shock. Amanda muses that if Richard hadn’t been killed, he might have found her and she and Hilary could have grown up with their father. Whoever took his life stole their future and she’s going to make damn sure they answer for that.
Amanda updates Devon Y&R

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Nikki joins Victor at Newman, where he tells her what he told Amanda about Rick Nealon. Nikki sighs; it’s a tragic story. Victor muses that Amanda seemed affected by what he told her, though she tried to hide it.

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