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In their suite, Summer wakes Kyle up for work. They go over his plan to claim paternity and he doesn’t feel he has a choice. He’s as worried as she is about Ashland, but the boy needs him mom and Kyle’s protection. “I can’t turn my back on my son.” Summer is with him and suggests a paternity test. Kyle agrees that needs to happen but first he has to talk to his dad.

At Crimson Lights, Jack’s surprised to hear things are serious enough between Billy and Lily that they’re getting a house together. Billy says she’s perfect for him.
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At the hotel, Phyllis spots Lily with real estate brochures and asks if she’s losing a guest. Lily confirms it. Phyllis recommends Chestnut Street where she used to live. She purrs that her time there was fantastic.

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In the mental hospital, Chloe pays Chelsea a visit. Her heart is breaking that she’s there. Chelsea assures her she won’t be in there for long. “I’m not crazy.” Chloe learns she pretended to need psychiatric care to get out of going to prison. Chelsea asks what she plans to tell the police. Chloe says Rey questioned her and she denied everything. Chels reveals she summoned him there last night. She needed to tell him that Adam drove her out of her mind. Chloe concludes it was strategic on her part and hopes it worked. She advises her to steer clear of Rey from now on in case he notices a slip. Talk turns to Kevin and Chelsea’s appalled that Chloe told him everything. Chloe couldn’t lie to her husband. Chelsea would never let her take the blame. Chloe assures her friend she’s there for her no matter what. Chelsea asks her to find out what’s happening with Connor. Chloe knows Adam wouldn’t be able to turn the boy against her, and assures her she’ll do her best.
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In the coffee house, Rey wonders to Sharon if Chelsea is playing on his sympathies. Sharon reminds him she’s a con artist. They debate whether she really lost her mind. Rey muses if this was all a calculated move it raises a lot of questions about other things Chelsea said. He decides he’ll have to talk to her doctor. Sharon wants him to leave that to someone else, but Rey argues if she’s faking an insanity plea they need to find out. Sharon worries she’ll come up with more stories about her and Adam, and doesn’t want Rey obsessing about it. He’s just as eager as she is to get past all of this.
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At Society, Victoria runs into Nina and they discuss Mariah’s pregnancy before talk turns to Faith. Nina recalls when Chance donating half of his liver to Ronan. Vikki feels it’s the only thing Chance and Adam have in common. Nina knows they were friends for a while but had a falling out. Victoria’s glad Chance saw him for what he is and wishes her father would too. She wants Adam away from her family. She’s grateful he helped Faith, but now they’re stuck with him. Victoria tells Nina she hopes her son comes home soon before leaving.
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Phyllis stops in on Adam at home. She’s there to warn him. Nick thinks he has the capacity to change, but she knows he can’t. If he takes advantage of his brother’s good nature she’ll come down on him like a sledgehammer. Adam muses that she’s not exactly subtle. He admires her loyalty. Adam thinks they’re alike, but Phyllis resists the comparison. Adam assures her he doesn’t want to harm Nick; he only wants a fresh start. Phyllis warns him again before leaving.
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In his suite, Kyle tells Tara they’ll hire a lawyer and get a paternity test. She thinks she’ll have the upper hand against Ashland as the biological parent. Kyle suggests they let Harrison get to know him to prepare. Tara agrees; she’ll go get him.

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When Tara returns, she’s dressed to go out incognito, and leaves Kyle with his son. Kyle admires the boy’s stuffed animal; he used to have one he brought with him on trips with his mom. They agree moms are pretty cool.
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In the lobby, Tara runs directly into Ashland. He wants to see Harrison and accuses her of using the boy as a bargaining chip. As they raise their voices, Phyllis interrupts. Ashland tells her they’ll take it up to his wife’s suite, but Tara balks. Phyllis informs Locke she’ll have to ask him to leave… again. Ashland warns Tara she’s made a terrible mistake. She informs him they’re not getting back together. He doesn’t want her anymore and has already filed for divorce — his attorneys will be in touch. Ashland leaves, and Tara thanks Phyllis, who says she did it for her daughter. If she finds out she’s a threat to Summer in any way she won’t be on her side. Tara nods; it makes sense, mothers will do anything to protect their kids.
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At Chance Comm, Lily tells Billy she’s leaning toward the condo on Chestnut Street. Billy loves it but warns there’s a reason he’s familiar with the building. Lily says, “Because you lived there with Phyllis.” She wonders if it would be weird for him, but Billy assures her all he’ll be thinking about will be her. Lily’s still unsettled, so he suggests they picnic there as a test run.
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In Kyle’s suite, he updates Summer by phone that he spent time with Harrison and it felt very natural. He took him back to his suite but worried about running into Ashland. He wants to ask his dad if Tara and Harrison can move into the house. Summer thinks things are moving fast and reminds him he’s yet to tell Jack he’s a grandfather. Kyle’s on his way to Jabot.

At Jabot, Summer disconnects from Kyle as Jack enters the room. Jack asks some questions about the engagement party before assuring Summer he’s always there for her and Kyle. She thanks him and goes.

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Nick texts Summer asking to talk as he enters Crimson Lights and approaches Sharon. Summer texts back and puts him off. Sharon and Nick discuss Adam’s fresh start. Nick’s optimistic. Victoria overhears and rolls her eyes at him falling for it.

Victoria and Nick adjourn to the patio, where she’s grateful Adam donated a kidney to Faith but hasn’t forgotten what he’s capable of. Nick’s keeping an open mind and is willing to give him a chance. Victoria feels his attempts to rehabilitate his life are doomed to failure. Nick muses that Victor’s beside him to keep him on track, but Victoria scoffs that eventually they’ll tear each other apart. Nick and Victoria continue to disagree about whether Adam can reform. Nick’s hopeful. Victoria thinks he knows better than to let his guard down this way.
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At Society, Ashland tells Victor he has no hard feelings over his hard ball tactics — in his place he’d have done the same thing. He next asks Adam about being in the hospital and being framed by Chelsea. He muses that’s the thing about relationships; sometimes you don’t see it coming until it’s too late. Victor’s sorry to hear Ashland’s getting a divorce. Locke’s only concern is his son. Adam can relate. Ashland anticipates a custody battle. Billy wanders in and snarks, “I don’t like the looks of this.” Locke doesn’t think he should be worried; his company can handle some healthy competition. Billy and Adam trade insults. Victor announces they’re changing the name of Cyaxares to Newman Media. Billy smirks that Victoria will love it and walks out. Ashland approves of the name change; he likes their confidence. Victor muses this has been a long time in coming.
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At the Chestnut Street condo, Lily welcomes Billy in and asks what he thinks — is he envisioning Phyllis coming down the stairs? Billy reminds her this is a different unit. He pulls Lily down onto the blanket on the floor and kisses her. Anywhere with her feels like home.
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Kyle arrives at Jabot, where Jack wants to hear the whole story involving Tara. Kyle confirms that Ashland knows the truth about the affair and kicked her out. Jack asks if he’ll retaliate against Kyle or Jabot. Kyle warns they have a bigger issue to deal with — Ashland came after Tara. Jack can’t understand why she’s involving Kyle. His son sighs… he wanted to handle this on his own but things escalated. “It’s time you knew the truth.”

Next on The Young and the Restless: Phyllis defends Summer.

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