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At Crimson Lights, Lily wonders why Billy rushed her over there. Billy reveals they’re there to meet a realtor to show them houses. Lily’s taken aback that they’re looking so soon. Billy thought, “Why wait?” and wanted to surprise her. Lily pretends to be daunted, then reveals she’s just kidding. She loves that he set this up. Billy’s willing to do anything to live with her.
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Inside the coffee house, Kevin and Chloe park the stroller and sit down. Kevin observes she’s been jumpy and antsy the past few weeks. Chloe blames it on Chelsea ending up in a mental hospital while Adam walked away free. Kevin reminds her Chelsea did it — she confessed to Michael and Rey. He warns it’s a serious crime and asks, “Did you help Chelsea poison Rey and frame Adam?” Chloe admits she knew what was going on and ran some errands for her. Kevin’s apoplectic to hear she picked up the poison. Chloe say she would’ve have stopped if she’d known what Chelsea was up to, and continues to blame Adam for affecting her psychologically.
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Kevin doesn’t want to see Chloe go to prison. She’s sure she won’t be implicated, but Kevin’s unconvinced — he can’t be the only one wondering if she’s up to her eyeballs in this! Just then, Rey appears. He muses that the last time he saw Chloe she was at Chelsea’s. Chloe says Adam drove her over the edge. Rey wonders when she ascertained that Chelsea was having a breakdown and questions how she communicated her state of mind when she couldn’t speak. Kevin intervenes, but Chloe claims she could see the pain in her eyes. Rey wonders why she didn’t get her friend the help she needed — unless there was a reason. “Did you know Chelsea was faking her paralysis?” Chloe denies it.
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At Society, Victoria questions Ashland about her father’s tactics to get him to sign. Locke says he wasn’t feeling well but there was no coercion, he got the deal he wanted. As for Victoria, he figured she was busy running an empire of her own. Victoria asks if he came alone or with Tara and realizes she struck a nerve. Ashland explains he and Tara are no longer together and he’ll be filing for divorce in the morning. His focus is now on his son. They toast to kids. Locke knows she’s also gone through some painful times. Victoria has, but that’s a story for another day. He asks for assurance there’s no hard feelings about the deal. Victoria shrugs that business is business.
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Billy and Lily arrive at Society and greet Victoria and Ashland, who takes off after telling Victoria it was lovely to see her and he hopes they can do this again. Billy and Lily are curious, so Victoria explains it was an innocent run-in. Billy replies, “Now do you want to tell us what’s really going on?” He suspects she’s planning a power play against Adam and her father. Victoria says, “Good night!” and walks out. Billy turns the conversation to choosing a home. He feels their relationship is ready. Lily concurs. They toast.

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In Kyle’s suite, he tries to assure Tara everything will be okay. Tara smiles; he’s always had a knack for calming her down. Kyle promises he’ll do what she wants and claim paternity. Tara tells him this means so much. Kyle offers to walk her back to her room so they can talk more and leaves Summer stewing. She gets a text from Phyllis wanting to know what’s going on and exits the room.
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In the lobby, Summer tells Phyllis that Ashland’s wife and child are upstairs. She insists she’s fine, but Phyllis warns her not to get caught up in someone else’s marital mess — Locke is claiming she kidnapped the boy. Summer reveals Ashland tricked Tara into admitting her affair with Kyle and he kicked her out. She’s worried he’ll take the boy. Phyllis asks why she showed up at the engagement party — what does she expect from Kyle? If Summer won’t give her answers she’ll go up to Tara’s room right now. “Is this little boy Kyle’s?” Summer admits it and cries; she isn’t sure why she’s so upset, it’s not like Kyle cheated.

Summer tells her mother she still wants to be with Kyle. Phyllis asks how long she’s known he had a kid. Summer found out months ago and Kyle did too. She complains when Tara left town that was supposed to be it until she crashed the party. Phyllis learns she wants Kyle to claim paternity so she can get custody and yells, “No, no, no, no!” Summer says he’s already agreed. Phyllis assures her the family will support her. Ashland walks in. He wants to check in, but Phyllis refuses him. He leaves. Phyllis senses he intends to make this very ugly for everyone, but he doesn’t scare her. “Don’t you dare let him scare you.”

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In the mental hospital, Chelsea paces. An orderly enters with dinner and she startles, imaging he’s Adam. She asks to see her doctor right away. Dr. Hedges arrives and reminds her of the arrangement that will see her get off on an insanity plea and stay there until she’s deemed ready to be released. He warns she needs to process her emotions. Chelsea’s still angry at Adam. The doctor reminds her Rey Rosales ended up in the hospital fighting for his life. Chelsea muses, “If I want to turn things around, I know exactly what I need to do next.” She needs to get Rey’s forgiveness, which will help her case. She insists the doctor contact him now.

Nick shows up at Adam’s penthouse. Adam fears he has an agenda, but Nick just wanted to see if there was anything he needed and how his recovery’s going. Adam feels stronger and asks about Faith. He’s pleased to hear she’s home. Nick can’t thank him enough. Adam knows he wouldn’t have hesitated if it was Connor. Talk turns to the place feeling empty and to Chelsea. Adam admits he called to check on her but hung up, not feeling he had the right. Nick doesn’t want to discuss anything too serious, but Adam isn’t sure what that leaves them.
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Nick and Adam watch baseball together. Adam finds the game kind of boring but Nick thinks it’s beautiful. He wonders what else his brother does in his down time. Adam reads… and likes poker. He offers to teach him. Nick chuckles about his Vegas nickname, Spyder. Just then, Victor arrives and is chuffed to see them together; “Well, well, well,” he beams. Nick decides he should get going and Adam thanks him for the brotherly bonding. Victor warns Nick to be careful he might begin to like his brother.

After Nick goes, Victor reiterates to Adam that he’s happy to see them spend time together. Adam suggests he not get his hopes up. Victor’s puzzled. Adam’s sure Nick will soon remember why he hates him. Victor reminds Adam he plans to turn over a new leaf and decides it should be the name of their new company — Newman Media. Adam chuckles. He likes it, and thinks Victoria will hate it. Victor shrugs, “So what?” He declares their first item on the agenda is to crush the competition, and then the sky’s the limit.

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At Crimson Lights, Rey takes a call from Chelsea’s doctor that she’s asking to see him. He tells Kevin and Chloe they’ll continue their conversation later.

At the mental hospital, Chelsea thanks the doctor for getting in touch with Rey. When he arrives, Chelsea asks him to forgive her. He wants an official statement. She tells him he was a means to an end, which sounds awful, but she needed to get Adam out of her life for good, and it made sense at the time. The doctors think it was because of her stroke or being treated so poorly that she snapped. She needs to hear that Rey understands. Without that, she’s not sure she can go on. Rey gives her what she asks for, but wants to know why she didn’t ask for help after she regained the ability to communicate. Chelsea didn’t know she needed help; all she could think about was Adam and Sharon. “I was so completely lost.”

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Kyle returns to his suite and finds Summer gone. He sits on the bed and holds his head before pulling out his phone to see missed calls and a text from Jack wanting to help. He replies to assure his dad they’ll talk first thing in the morning.

At Grand Phoenix, Nick checks in on Phyllis and admits he ended up at Adam’s. It was awkward but fine, considering. He asks about Summer, but she tries to put him off. Summer will talk to him in the morning. Nick’s sure Kyle is going to break her heart again, but Phyllis urges him to relax.

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Summer rejoins Kyle in the suite and tells him she’s a little scared. There’s Ashland, but she’s more fearful about what this means for them. Kyle assures her whatever decisions they make about the future, they’ll make together. “We’re going to be okay. I promise you that.”

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