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At Society, Kyle and Summer’s toast ends as Tara and Harrison walk in. Kyle will take care of it and joins them. He gazes at the boy as he tells Tara, “This is a surprise.” Tara had nowhere else to go and needs to speak to him privately. Kyle wonders how she found him. Sally Spectra told her. Kyle hisses that it’s his engagement party. Tara picks up Harrison and prompts him to say hi to Kyle. In the background, Jack tells the others how much Traci’s looking forward to the party as they all watch uncomfortably.

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Chloe storms into the penthouse and confronts Adam about having Chelsea locked up in psychiatric hospital. Adam relays she had a break down and confessed; he wasn’t even there when it happened. Chloe knows he was donating his kidney and scoffs at him being treated like some kind of hero. After all the damage he’s caused, Chelsea’s locked up, and he’s walking around free. Adam wonders if she brought her weapons or if this is just a social call. Adam’s been beating himself up and is heartsick about what happened with Chelsea. “If I could go back…” Chloe rants; where would he start?
Chloe confronts Adam Y&R

Adam says he deserves her scorn. Chloe marvels at him taking responsibility and says it’s too little, too late. Adam counters that she’ll just have to trust him. Chloe asks, “Like Chelsea did?” Adam insists he’s sincere about making changes in his life and says he’ll allow Chloe to see Chelsea. Chloe counters that if she can do anything to keep him away from her friend, she’ll do it. Adam replies, “That would be a mistake.” He muses that it’s hard to believe Chelsea pulled off the poisoning alone — she must have had help, and who else but Chloe would hate him so much? He hasn’t shared his thoughts with Rey or Michael yet, but warns her not to stand in his way. Chloe wishes for Connor’s sake he could be a better person, but it’s not possible. She thinks it’s best he stay away from Chelsea.

At Crimson Lights, Rey hates how he’s made Sharon feel. He know she wants to be with Faith but he couldn’t wait to have this talk. Sharon denies an affair with Adam and was shocked he even asked her. Rey hasn’t been able to think about anything else since she left him standing in the hospital and wants her to hear him out. He regrets believing Chelsea and thinks the stroke messed with her mind. Rey sees now she was conjuring up images even though Adam was actually doing his best to stand by her. He should have trusted Sharon. “I accused you of being obsessed with Adam, but I was the one who became obsessed.”
Rey makes amends with Sharon Y&R

Rey apologizes and asks for Sharon’s forgiveness. She admits she was afraid there was no hope for them. Rey laments his stupid insecurities. Sharon believes Mia didn’t realize what a gem she had in him, but she does. He’s kind and was a victim in this too. Sharon asks his forgiveness for letting things get to the point he questioned her commitment. Rey takes her hand across the table.

Mariah arrives at Society, where she and Abby wonder what Ashland Locke’s wife is doing there. Nearby, Tara tells Kyle she needs ten minutes of his time at the hotel. “Please come as soon as you can.”
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Mariah approaches Kyle and asks if he’s okay. Kyle snarks, “It’s my engagement party, I’m over the moon.” He adopts a more jovial tone and rejoins the group to reassure them and Summer pulls him aside. Nick asks Phyllis why Ashland Locke’s wife would show up with their kid. Phyllis pastes on a smile and says she has no idea.

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In Society’s kitchen, Summer asks Kyle what’s going on. Kyle has no idea, but she said she needs him and had nowhere else to turn. Summer thinks they should go to the hotel, but Kyle says he’ll handle it later. “Whatever it is will have to wait.”
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Summer and Kyle rejoin the others, and Summer announces they have to put things on pause to handle a personal matter, but will return. After they walk out, Nick demands someone explain what’s going on between Kyle and Ashland Locke’s wife. Phyllis thinks it’s just business but Nick’s not buying it. Phyllis suggests they let Summer and Kyle handle it and joins Jack pouring more cocktails.
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At the bar, Jack and Mariah try to cheer Abby up about missing Chance. She assures them she’s fine; Chance calls when he can and even sent gifts. She’s anxiously awaiting Summer and Kyle’s wedding. Mariah and Jack exchange a look. Across the room, Phyllis talks up the champagne to Nick, who observes that she obviously knows more about Kyle’s situation than she’s saying. She must be concerned about how he’ll react. Nick warns if this will affect Summer in any way he deserves to know about it.

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In the mental facility, Michael visits Chelsea to try and get a formal statement as her attorney tries to fob him off. Chelsea fumes that it won’t matter what she tells him and adds, “You know why… Adam.” Michael turns on his recorder and Chelsea complains that Adam always wins. Michael just wants her to explain the poisoning. Chelsea rants that Adam can say whatever he wants and she’ll be locked up. No one is on her side. Michael can help, but she has to tell him everything.
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At the hotel, Tara tells Kyle and Summer that Harrison’s in the room with his nanny. She wants to speak to Kyle alone. He protests, but Summer says it’s fine. Kyle and Tara head for the elevator and Sally appears to taunt Summer about them having to deal with the fallout from Kyle’s affair on today of all days.

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In Kyle’s suite, Tara reveals that Ashland asked to clear the air in the spirit of starting fresh and didn’t blame her for seeking comfort in another man’s arm. Kyle realizes she admitted to their affair. Tara confirms that when she came clean he turned into his old vindictive self. He told her he wanted a divorce and wanted her out by morning. Kyle sighs; “So you ran and took Harrison.” Tara pleads, “You’re the only one who can help us!”

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In the hotel lobby, Summer fumes at Sally sending Tara to ruin their night. Sally protests; she didn’t bring Tara there. It’s not her fault her fiancé is still paying for his indiscretion. She warns that Summer should probably be careful, “You know what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater.” Summer slaps her. Sally smirks, “The truth hurts.”
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Upstairs, Kyle asks if Tara told Ashland about Harrison’s paternity. Tara exclaims, “No!” There’s no telling what he’d do if that came out. She reminds Kyle he saw what he’s capable of when he came after Jabot. “He has resources and connections to make good on his threats.” Tara will do anything to protect her son from that bitter vengeful man. “I need your help Kyle, please. Just hide us until I figure something out.” She then adds, “If you won’t do it I for me, do it for your son.”
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At Sharon’s place, Rey tells her he missed it there. Sharon missed him and so did Faith. “There’s no one else I want, Rey.” She declares that they’re only looking forward now… together.

In his penthouse, Adam pops a pain pill and pulls out his phone. He calls the mental hospital to check on Chelsea but changes his mind and disconnects. After, he looks at a photo of Chelsea and Connor and says, “I am so sorry, Chelsea. I’m so sorry.”

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In the mental hospital, Chelsea’s head hurts and she just wants to sleep. The session ends, but Michael says he’ll be back and urges her to put her thoughts down on paper. Once alone, Chelsea thinks to herself that Sharon has destroyed her life.

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