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Adam arrives at the penthouse and paces around until Victor reveals himself. He says it’s time for Adam to start a critical new phase in his life, but before they embark on their business venture he wants his son to promise him something regarding Chelsea and Sharon. He reflects that Chelsea’s jealousy over Sharon is what caused this mess — now Adam has to turn the corner. Adam agrees. He wants Chelsea to get well, but it’s best they go their separate ways, and he hopes Sharon and Rey work things out. He’ll focus on his family and Cyaxares. Victor shoots him a look so Adam reiterates there is no room for anything else in his life right now, especially Sharon. Victor is proud of Adam for coming back to town to help Faith. Adam’s turning his life around and is focused on making Cyaxares a huge success — he intends to build it up and then use it to crush Chance Comm and Billy Abbott into the ground. Victor and Adam toast to it.
Adam, Victor promise Y&R

At Sharon’s place, she’s on cloud nine about Faith, but Mariah’s concerned about Adam trying to use what he did for Faith to his advantage. Sharon won’t go under those dark clouds; thanks to Adam her daughter won’t have to go on dialysis and has a new lease on life. Mariah reveals she wants Sharon to reconcile with Rey, but Adam is here to stay and is going to try and win her back. Sharon insists he’s not a threat to Rey or their marriage. Mariah suggests she lure Rey on a getaway — she will stay with Faith. Sharon will consider it.

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At Crimson Lights, Nick stops Rey and suggests he let go of some of his anger toward Adam and work things out with his wife. Rey decides he’ll listen. Nick is sure Chelsea’s accusations about Adam and Sharon got to him, but they swear it didn’t happen and he doesn’t think Sharon would cheat on Rey. He worries if Sharon loses Rey it will put her in a very vulnerable place. Rey doesn’t want any of this. Nick urges him to do something about it.

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On the patio, Lola runs into her brother and says she has great news. He does too, and fills her in on Faith’s successful surgery. Lola hopes he and Sharon can focus on their marriage now, but Rey swerves to her good news. Lola has been asked to be a guest chef at the biggest restaurant in Florida — it will only be for a little while and she’ll return with celebrity chef status. Rey smiles as he realizes how much she wants this. Talk turns back to Rey and Sharon. Lola urges him to open that big heart of his. She reports that she’s made arrangements for her absence with Abby. Rey will miss her. He can’t make promises on the Sharon front, but encourages Lola to follow her own heart.
Lola leave Florida Y&R

Phyllis arrives at Jabot to pick up Jack for the engagement party and jokes about their kids getting engaged every year. Jack believes it will stick this time. He has some ideas about tonight, and Phyllis says they’ll be using hers. Jack grins; his motto is always to listen to Phyllis. Sally watches, unseen as they leave together.

Sally gets on a video call with her Grams to complain about Phyllis. Shirley suggests she move on and forget about Phyllis and Jack. Sally is determined to find out what they’re up to together.
Sally video call complain Y&R

In their suite, Summer and Kyle review progress on their house and discuss their wedding. Summer worries about what will get in their way next; she just wants to get married now, not in the fall. Kyle has a plan to pass the time and pulls her in for a kiss.

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At Society, Abby tells Phyllis and Jack she’s excited for Summer and Kyle and is planning for Chance to return in time for their wedding. Talk turns to the pregnancy before Abby heads to check on things in the kitchen. Phyllis and Jack discuss Sally and he reveals she’s pulling out all the stops to win him back. Phyllis learns of the conversation he overheard with Tara Locke and believes Sally set it up. Jack shrugs that it doesn’t matter; he’s moved on. Phyllis opens up about needing to protect him — he’s gone through so much, and has protected her for so many years.
Phyllis protect Jack Y&R

At the hospital, Sharon and Mariah enthuse with Faith about her going home. Mariah leaves for work, and Nick comes in. He notices a deck of card, and Faith explains she and Moses have been playing. Nick wonders if he should get “dad concerned,” but Sharon thinks it’s nice they’re friends.

Nick finds Moses in the waiting area. He hears he’s been playing games with his daughter. Nikki listens as he discourages the kid from visiting her at home later.

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In the hotel lobby, Phyllis spots Summer and Kyle smooching. Kyle takes off; he’ll see them at the party. Phyllis reveals to Summer that she has a nervous feeling in her stomach and asks her, “Tell me honestly, is this what you want?” Summer wonders where this is coming from, and Phyllis reminds her there’s another ex casting a shadow. Summer has no insecurities where Tara’s concerned and is positive she and Kyle will get married and live happily ever after. Sally watches from the doorway as Phyllis gifts Summer with a necklace that was once given to her by Jack. Summer notes he was a great love in her life and they agree he’s family. Sally storms off.
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At Jabot, Jack is tickled to hear that Kyle asked Mariah to be his ‘best person’ and is honored when Kyle asks him to get ordained and marry them. Mariah takes off and Jack talks up how well Kyle handled Ashland Locke. He gifts his son with John’s pocket watch. He’ll tell Kyle the story about it later at the party. Sally appears so Jack exits. Sally questions Kyle and learns his engagement party is tonight. Kyle asks her to stay far away from it.

At Sharon’s house, Nick fusses over Faith, and she and Sharon tease him about making Kyle sweat as he leaves for the engagement party. After, Nikki arrives and Faith tells her how glad she is to be home. She confides she’s worried about the problems her mother and Rey are having. Adam was the cause of their arguments but she wouldn’t be there right now if not for them. Nikki understands. Some people have big issues with Victor, but to her he’s the most wonderful man in the world. Faith gathers there’s also more to Adam than it seemed. Sharon overhears that last part, and then takes a call from Rey, who wants to meet. Faith and Nikki urge her to go.
Sharon call from Rey Y&R

At Society, Phyllis asks if Abby needs help, but she instead takes Mariah into the kitchen to talk all things “Baby Chancellor.” Jack warns Phyllis that Sally overheard him talking about the party. Nick arrives and asks, “Where’s the happy couple?

In their suite, Kyle and Summer compare the gifts from their parents and marvel at the support they’re receiving. They kiss and canoodle.

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At Crimson Lights, Rey informs Sharon there is something important he needed to tell her.

Summer and Kyle arrive at Society for their party and learn that Victor, Nikki, Ashley, and Traci are all running late. Jack proposes a toast. Summer stop drinking and gasps, “Oh no,” as Tara walks in holding Harrison’s hand.
Tara, Harrison crash party Y&R

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