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In the hospital, Adam, asleep, hears Sharon crying by his bedside saying Faith’s body rejected the transplant. He protests; that can’t be — he came back to do this for them, it has to work. Sharon fumes, “Of course it didn’t work. You’re toxic.”

As the dream continues, Victor sits across from Adam at a chess table. Victor tells him it’s his move and he must play by the rules. It’s the most important game of his life and will determine his future.

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In the hospital bed, Adam grimaces and turns his head as he hears Victor imploring him to make his move.

In the chess game, Adam figures he should take the knight. Rey appears. He snarls that it figures Adam would want to take out the protector. He complains Sharon felt safe with him, but Adam saw him as standing in the way of what he wanted. Rey adds Chelsea never would have been pushed to the breaking point if he’d loved her as she deserved. Adam argues he was there for her. Rey muses, “Hmm, like the day Sharon and I were married?” Rey feels there’s something broken in Adam. He runs to Sharon because he believes she’s his deepest connection and has tricked her into thinking the same thing. Adam agrees the obsession needs to end. Rey wants him to break his hold on her; it’s the only way she’ll be free. Adam chooses not to take the knight. Rey observes, “There may be hope for you yet.”
Adam chess Y&R

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Adam moves the pawn and Chloe appears. They get into it as Adam suspects her of being Chelsea’s accomplice. Chloe reminds him the last time he was in the hospital she put him there. She marvels that all her attempts to take him down were dismissed as a crazy woman, but Billy was seen as a power player. Chloe calls him out for not seeing the ramifications as his moves, like cutting the power at Chance Comm, which led to Chelsea falling. Adam apologized. He tells Chloe she’s not significant in this game, but she reminds him the pawn moves across the board and becomes more powerful. Victor advises him not to play it safe. Adam needs to protect his rook. Victor muses, “Protecting your castle…”
Victor, Chloe chess Y&R

Billy materializes to say it’s a bad move and warns this is Adam’s last shot at redemption; if he doesn’t start thinking about this game entirely different he’s going to end up with nothing. He talks about the need to let the walls down to enjoy life. Adam’s cut himself off for so long he doesn’t even remember what they feel like. Billy advises Adam to let Victor have the rook, but Adam’s not interested in taking his advice. They go over Delia’s accident. Billy explains it was a defining moment. Adam knows it’s affected them both. Billy says it’s not him Adam needs to forgive and again prompts him to take the walls down. Adam lets Victor take his rook. Billy says, “Good for you,” and Victor tells him he’s one step closer.
Victor, Billy, Adam chess Y&R

Talk turns to the bishop. Phyllis appears and purrs, “You finally see me as a threat.” Adam doesn’t want or need her input. Phyllis reminds them of the fun they had doing blackmail and espionage. She’s certain he’ll never change; people like them try but revert back. Victor snaps, “Enough.” Phyllis smirks, “Hey Adam, call me when you realize I’m right,” and disappears.
Adam, Phyllis chess Y&R

Victor goes after Adam’s queen. Nick appears. He’s the best chance at protecting her; he’s the white knight coming in to save his sorry behind. Nick questions who Adam’s queen is and informs him everyone else knows — it’s Sharon. Adam challenges, “Those are your words,” but Nick replies, “You know I’m right.” Talk turns to Adam seeking redemption. Nick made him believe it was possible. Nick throws up his hands — every time Adam talks about changing he quits.

Sharon enters the chess game next. She declares she’s nobody’s queen. Adam wonders if she believes he destroys everything he touches. Sharon denies it; she wants to help him. She reflects on them falling into old habits; she was his crutch. It’s a wall he needs to break through if he’s going to make the kinds of changes she knows he’s capable of. Adam moves the white night, and Sharon takes Adam’s other rook. She leans close and thanks him for saving her daughter’s life, but asks him to let her go.
Victor, Sharon, Adam chess Y&R

Adam complain to Victor that now he’s left himself too vulnerable; he can’t win. He wonders if that was the point and questions if his father enjoys seeing him flounder. Victor denies it. Adam insists, “There’s no way to win. I forfeit.” Victor intones, “Son you don’t mean that.” Adam does, but asks what would have won the game.

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Chelsea materializes and replies, “Allow me…” She accuses Adam of hoping they’d locked her up and thrown away the key. She reads him for bringing in Sharon during her recovery and calls him out for kissing Sharon. Adam just wanted her to get well so they could have their family back. Chelsea scoffs; even if she was amenable, he can’t get there. The move was so easy — he could have won, she was his queen, but now it’s too late. “Enjoy your lonely life. You deserve it.”
Chelsea, Victor, Adam Y&R

Victor is replaced by Victoria who wonders if Adam really believes he deserves a reset or a do over. He’ll never be a knight like Nick or Rey. The game is about one thing — winning. She moves the black queen across the board and says, “Check.” Adam doesn’t want to play against her; he has no interest in fighting with her anymore. Victoria tells him it’s a little late for that; he provoked her, he taunted her, he framed her, but most of all, he underestimated her… when she’s the one he should fear the most.
Victoria, Adam chess Y&R

In his hospital bed, Adam awakens with a start.

In the waiting area, Sharon and Nick are relieved when Nate tells them Faith appears to be accepting the kidney. They’re startled to see Adam wandering past with his IV. Sharon muses that it looks like he wants to check on Faith.
Nate, Nick, Sharon hospital Y&R

Outside Faith’s room, Nick joins Adam and updates him that everything looks good. Adam’s glad. Nick asks what he’ll do next — he assumes he wants to be with Connor. Adam lost the game but it’s not too late; he has to reset. Nick thinks maybe he should get back to bed. Adam apologizes for everything and walks away. Sharon appears and Nick tells her its seems Adam really wants to change.

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Back in his room, Adam’s surprised when Sharon enters. She’ll never be able to thank him enough. Adam thinks it was the least he could do. She asks him about what Nick said. Adam woke up with a new awareness, a desire to make changes and be a better person. Sharon perches on his bed as he tells her he’s determined to prove himself. Sharon believes he’ll do it. Adam says the first step is letting her go. “Finally and completely.” He’ll stop running to her with his problems and complicating her life. Sharon assures him what happened between them wasn’t one-sided. Adam knows she loves Rey, and he’s good for her. He’ll help them find their way back together. She’s not sure that can happen. Adam can get things done; he will use his powers for good instead of evil. Adam watches and sighs as she walks out the door.
Sharon, Adam hospital room Y&R

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At the hotel, Phyllis is thrilled to hear the good news about Faith. Nick thanks her for being there, he knows his mother didn’t make it easy for her. It’s nice he can depend on her. Phyllis shrugs; she’s changed for the better because of him. Talk turns to Chelsea. Nick’s still trying to process it, but figures it may be a moment of truth for Adam. He’s cautiously optimistic he’ll turn his life around.
Phyllis, Nick Y&R

In the hospital, Victor tells Adam he looks great. Once he’s recovered, they’ll talk. Adam’s ready to get back in the game with him and this time he won’t let him down.

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At the ranch, Victor pours a drink and contemplates his chess board. He marvels, “It was there all along.” He moves the black knight and says, “Checkmate.”

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