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At the hospital, Adam reminds Nick he can’t get out of there without his help; he promised to help him escape. Nick will keep his word and get him out of there if he wants, but the other option, if he’s innocent, is to stick around and prove himself. Is he ready to keep his word about becoming a better man? Adam isn’t keen on putting his future in the hands of Rey Rosales who hates him and Michael Baldwin, who’s convinced he’s guilty. Nick counters that they won’t want to convict an innocent man. Adam wonders why Nick wants him to be free.

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Nick admits two weeks ago he would have preferred Adam left town, but then he met him in the cellar where he was punishing himself and searching for penance… For the first time, Nick saw regret and that Adam wanted to be a better person. He recaps that Adam didn’t take off; he came back for a brother that didn’t like him and risked his freedom to save his daughter’s life. Nick will never forget that… it begins to heal some of the wounds of the past. If he gives him a chance, maybe others will too.
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At the ranch, Victor remarks on Chelsea’s tour de force performance that fully convinced Rey and Michael she was having a breakdown. Dr. Hedges grumpily reminds Victor he’s participating in the scheme at great personal risk. Victor chuckles; he’ll be well compensated.
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The doctor exits to make arrangements and Chelsea complains that Victor left her no choice in this — he threatened to take away her son. Victor points out that she’ll avoid prison and everyone, including Connor, will understand she wasn’t herself when she committed the crime. She’ll get out of the facility much sooner than she would prison. Chelsea scoffs that Adam will walk away free like he did nothing… all thanks to Victor. Victor argues that Adam deserves to be free; he didn’t poison Rey. Chelsea worries about her future in an asylum. Victor assures she’ll be well taken care of and eventually declared sane and released. He promises to help her start over when it’s all over.
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In the hospital waiting area, Sharon and Nikki marvel at everything Faith has been through. Nikki asks if there’s anything she can get for her. Sharon asks her to join her in a prayer. They thank God for guiding them through the difficult experience. Nikki hopes for spiritual healing not just for Faith and Adam, but for all of them. She prays Sharon and Rey will find their way back to each other.
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At the ranch, Rey joins Victor and reports that Chelsea got into the ambulance without evidence. He still can’t believe she fooled everyone, including her doctors. Rey muses about the convenience of her breaking down there in the presence of a doctor who could administer a sedative. Victor informs him if he’d listened to his wife weeks ago, they all could have avoided this pain.
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In Adam’s hospital room, Nick urges his brother to stay and fight. Adam worries he’s gambling his entire future; he can’t agree to it right now. Nick asks him to think about staying and fighting with dad and Sharon by his side… and him too. He’ll give him time to think about it. Adam stops him. “Nick. Thank you.” Nick suggests he consider why he stepped up to help Faith, which says a lot about the kind of person he is… he’ll know what to do next.

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Outside Faith’s room, Phyllis assures Nick that his girl will be fine. She asks if he was visiting Adam, and wonders again how he got him to come back there. Nick sighs. Phyllis won’t push it. She leaves for the hotel. Nick joins Nikki and Sharon in the waiting area and says he saw Adam. Nikki suggests Sharon and Nick go to the cafeteria to talk about it.

Nikki joins Faith, who is sleeping, and texts Victor to find out where he is; she’s getting worried. Just then, he enters the room. “Here I am.” Faith awakens. They love her and urge her to rest. Victor will tell Nikki about the ranch later, and leaves to see Adam.
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At the hotel, Summer spots her mother and thanks her for keeping her posted on the surgery. She wonders if Adam’s still getting arrested. Phyllis supposes so. They debate whether he’s any more likeable after what he did for Faith. Phyllis doesn’t know how Nick talked him into making this sacrifice. Summer suggests they leave it alone, but Phyllis wants to know what he said; what he did. It had to have been epic.
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In Adam’s hospital room, Victor’s glad to hear everything went as planned. “I want to thank you, son, for what you’ve done for our family, for Faith. It was an unselfish act.” Adam credits Nick for getting him to come home and relays he’s trying to convince him to surrender to the police. Victor informs him he doesn’t have to do that — Chelsea confessed to everything. “It’s over.” Adam asks about Connor and Victor assures him he is fine. He supposes the guilt was weighing on Chelsea too much. Victor fills Adam in on the details of her confession. Adam’s glad the truth came out, but hates this for Chelsea. Victor explains she claimed he had an affair with Sharon in front of her eyes. Adam snaps, “That’s a lie.” Victor tells him Chelsea has been committed to a facility. Adam feels responsible, but Victor reminds him it’s the beginning of a new story for him. Adam marvels that his dad came to his rescue again. Victor says, “I always will my boy.”
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In the hospital waiting area, Sharon and Nick encounter Rey, who informs them that Adam won’t be arrested. Chelsea completely unraveled and confessed to the poisoning and faking her paralysis. “Adam was innocent all along.” Nick walks off. Rey apologizes to Sharon for not believing her. She wishes he had, but understands why he didn’t. She’s relived for Adam, but wants to know where this leaves the two of them. Rey’s not ready to have that conversation. He reveals there was more to what he heard from Chelsea and if it’s true, there’s no future for them. Chelsea said she and Adam were having an affair and making love in her bedroom. “Did something more happen between you and Adam?” Sharon feels the fact he has to ask her that breaks her heart; maybe it really is over for them.
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Sharon joins Victor and Adam, thanks Victor, and explains she just heard from Rey about Chelsea’s confession. Adam asks to speak to her alone, so Victor goes. Sharon and Adam asks each other how they are doing simultaneously. Adam will have to wrap his head around all of this with Chelsea, including the fact he can walk out of there after this. Sharon smiles, “Well, what are you going to do next?” Adam’s first going to gently break the news to Connor about Chelsea, and then he’ll decide what he and his son will do. They discuss Chelsea’s claim that they were having an affair. Adam’s sorry it will make things harder for her and Rey. Sharon believes Adam was going to stay and fight the charges. Adam smiles, “You were right.” He tells her, “Now go and take care of your daughter.”
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At the ranch, Nikki marvels that Chelsea came very close to destroying Adam’s life. Victor says she nearly succeeded and ruminates that the future looks bright for Adam. Nikki thinks he looks very pleased with himself. Victor chuckles that he always takes care of things. Nikki watches Victor thoughtfully as he gazes out the window.

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Sharon rejoins Nick in Faith’s hospital room and they watch her sleep.

At Society, Rey sits alone at the bar deep in thought.

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In his room, Adam picks up his phone and looks at a photo of Chelsea.

In the facility, a sleeping Chelsea suddenly opens her eyes.

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