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At Chance Comm, Billy gets the first clue in a treasure hunt, which is promised to end in pleasure. He ends up following the riddle to his suite at the Grand Phoenix, and then into the washroom, where he discovers the next one, and then heads out the door.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea panics over the idea of Victor taking Connor. Chloe warns she can’t confess, she’ll end up in jail. Chelsea stresses; she has to figure out Victor’s next move and worries that he’s already gotten to the boy. Chloe points out the headmaster would have called — the school wouldn’t release him. Chelsea exclaims, “This is Victor, Chloe! We both know what he’s capable of!” She decides she has to do something. Chloe tells her again that she’d be crazy to confess, and she’ll go down as he accomplice. There has to be another way. Chelsea decides she’ll take Connor out of school and keep him as far away from Victor as possible, but then questions if she can outrun Victor. Chloe feels she did it before and can do it again. She’ll do whatever she can to help he cover her tracks as long as she stops talking about confessing. “Tell me you hear me. Tell me!” Chelsea remains silent.Chelsea considers options Y&R

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At the ranch, Nick explains to his parents that he appealed to Adam as a father and they bonded. He promised that he wouldn’t be arrested at the hospital. Victor asks, “He believed you?” Nick nods that he believes he’ll do anything to save his little girl. Victor thinks they should get Faith out of Memorial and fly her and Adam to a private facility. Nick and Nikki are against moving Faith. Nikki points out they aren’t even certain if Adam’s a match yet. Victor wants a plan once they get the go-ahead. Nick won’t risk Faith. Victor worries if they can trust Nate; he’s asked him to cross lines more than once. Bickering resumes when Nick doubts that Adam’s changed forever. Nikki brings the subject back to Nate — she trusts him and thinks that he will help them.
Nick at ranch after tornado Y&R

Nate arrives at the ranch, and they fill him in on the situation. Nikki asks if they can help them give Faith this chance, and Victor explains the plan is to get Adam to the hospital without alerting the authorities. Nick relays he promised Adam he’d help him avoid arrest. Nate would have done the same as a father. Victor asks, “And as a doctor?” Nate agrees to help and will make all the arrangements. The Newmans are grateful and breathe a sigh of relief as he goes.

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Adam surprises Sharon at her place; he wanted to see her alone. He updates her on his agreement with Nick. Sharon can’t thank him enough for putting his freedom on the line for her daughter yet again. Adam’s not just doing it for Faith — he’s also wants to do it for Sharon. He’s realized that she’s a part of him, and always will be. Adam told himself he was leaving to protect her, but no matter how far or fast he runs, she will always be there with him. Nick only found him because of her; she sees him in a way no one has been able to, even Chelsea. Adam doesn’t expect anything to come of it; he knows nothing can come of it. Once this is over, he’ll be out of her life for good and she’ll be rid of him and his baggage and can move on with Rey. Sharon looks rattled. Adam wonders why — is Rey upset because he’s Faith’s only chance of survival; that she’ll do whatever it takes to save her daughter? Or is he upset because Faith will be carrying around a part of him for the rest of her life? Sharon hadn’t thought of it like that. Adam’s sure Rey has. Sharon swerves the conversation to the need to get Adam to the hospital and confirm he’s a viable donor — otherwise, all of this his moot.
Sharon, Adam surprise visit Y&R

At the ranch after Nick’s gone, Nikki and Victor discuss the possibility that Adam could be arrested. Victor muses if the person who poisoned Rey would come forward, he wouldn’t have to jump through all these hoops. He thinks there’s a way to convince her. Nikki raises an eyebrow and asks, “And how do you plan to do that?” She questions Adam not wanting to stay and fight the charges if she’s innocent. Victor explains he knows that Chelsea’s a con artist — she has fooled everyone. “She is very cunning.” He notes the only person she’s ever been committed to is her son Connor. Nikki cautions, “Victor, you wouldn’t drag your grandson into this, would you?” Victor will do everything he can to protect him, including keeping him from the clutches of his con artist mother.

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Nick arrives at Sharon’s house, where she tells him Adam’s upstairs taking a shower. Nick updates her on Nate agreeing to help them. She’s relieved. Nick relays that after surgery they’ll sneak Adam out of the hospital. Sharon admits she told Rey knows that Adam is the potential donor — she couldn’t keep it from him — but afterward he plans to arrest him on the spot. Nick sighs; they’ll deal with that when the time comes, right now they have to prepare Faith. Sharon leaves for the hospital.
Nick at Sharon's house Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Billy spots Rey and tells him that Nick went to find Adam who is supposedly the only match for Faith. He thinks Rey is in the loop, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize Faith’s health, but he also doesn’t want to see Adam get off the hook for what he did — to Rey. The detective wonders what his angle is and if he’ll use Chance Comm to pursue this. Talk turns to Lily, and how she believes he was letting go of his past with Adam. Billy laughs that things ware going well; she’s got him on a romantic treasure hunt right now. Rey assures Billy he’s highly motivated to take care of Adam, but advises him to leave him to the authorities.

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At Society, Lily smiles as Billy walks in; “You figured it out.” Billy admires her as the most beautiful treasure he’s ever found and wonders what brought on the mystery and romance. Lily relays they have the place to themselves and explains she wanted to do something special in return for the New Orleans-themed evening he arranged. Billy tells her she’s made him a better man — he’s living his best life with her. They slow dance cheek-to-cheek and forehead-to-forehead, and then sit down to enjoy some champagne. Billy thanks Lily for the reminder about what’s really important. He was disappointed when she wasn’t in his suite and it reminded him how empty his life would be without her in it. He’s been fantasizing about coming home to her at the end of the day. “What do you think about getting a place together? A little home to call our own?” Lily thinks it’s one of the best ideas he’s ever had. “I’d love to.” They kiss.
Lily, Billy romantic evening Y&R

At the hospital, Sharon brings Faith up to speed on her father and Adam being back in Genoa City and the preparations being made. She assures her Victor’s bringing in the best transplant surgery in the country. Faith’s drowsy and doesn’t respond.
Sharon, Faith prepare hospital Y&R

Nate comes in and talks about the miracle of transplant surgery. She wishes he was doing the surgery. He does too. Faith also wishes someone else were giving her a kidney — anyone other than Adam. Nate tells her it’s a wonderful thing Adam has agreed to do. They’ll be walked through the procedure soon, and he’ll check in later. Nate leaves, and Sharon appeals to Faith; it’s a really good thing Adam’s doing. Faith argues that Adam doesn’t do good things; he hurts people and could be tricking them. Sharon tells her Adam chose to return at great risk to himself. He didn’t have to do this; he wanted to. Faith worries he’ll run away or Rey will arrest him.
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At Sharon’s place, Nick’s taken aback when Rey arrives. He calls out, “Hey, Rey!” On the stairs, Adam listens in as Rey tells Nick he can’t imagine he came back without Adam given he’s the only donor. He has no intention of interfering before Faith can get her transplant, but warns Nick not to even think about helping Adam escape afterward — it’s called aiding and abetting. Nick only cares about Faith getting what she needs, but he needs his word he won’t do anything until after that. Rey replies, “You have my word.” Adam comes down the stairs and joins them.
Rey warning Y&R

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