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At Society, Jack spots Summer brooding over bride magazines and guesses she’s worried about Faith. He reassures her, and she relays she heard there’s a donor who might be willing to donate a kidney. Her father’s following up on it. Jack thinks Faith would like to help Summer plan her wedding. Summer’s hoping for fall nuptials and asks Jack’s help to get Nick on board. She hopes Jack finds someone special to bring as his date — but not Sally Spectra. She warns him not to let her get back under his skin. Jack will take it under advisement and heads out.

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At the ranch, Victor tells Sharon she was right on with her hunch about Adam’s whereabouts. Sharon can’t wait to get back to the hospital with the good news.

At Jabot, Kyle congratulates Mariah on her successful trip. Talk turns to Faith and Mariah explains her situation is dire. Kyle hopes she’ll get the transplant she needs. Mariah asks about the ‘Locke Debacle’ and Kyle explains he accused him of having an affair with his wife and came for the company, but backed off after having a heart attack. Mariah asks, “So he still has no idea his son’s actually yours.” Kyle intends to keep it that way and says he and Tara agreed to go their separate ways. He shows Mariah the photo of Harrison and she can tell by the look in his eye he’s having trouble letting it go. Kyle agrees he hasn’t fully let go, but he will. He won’t inject himself into his life and turn his universe upside-down.
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Kyle tells Mariah he’s looking forward to marrying Summer; the engagement is back on. Mariah is happy if he’s happy. Kyle asks if she’ll stand up for him at his wedding. Mariah gasps, “You want me to be your best person?!” She accepts, but warns she’ll be as big as a house by fall. He asks about the pregnancy and how things are going with all of them. Mariah knows it’s unconventional but they’re all due for a happy ending.

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Later, Summer is with Kyle in the boardroom when Jack arrives and tells them there’s something he needs — permission to throw them an engagement party. Kyle and Summer are thrilled; his support means the world to them.
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At Devon’s place, Amanda thanks him for the dinner last night… dessert wasn’t bad either. She has her first meeting with opposing council today, Michael Baldwin. Devon knows how much it means to her to get the truth about her family. Amanda takes a call from Michael and Devon answers the door to Nate. He knows it’s early but he wanted to see Moses if he doesn’t mind. Nate spots Amanda and muses, “Or maybe you do mind.” Amanda disconnects and leaves for work.

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Nate questions Devon about having Amanda overnight while Moses is there. Devon points out he’s sixteen; he doesn’t think he cares. Devon relays Moses has gone to visit Faith, and Nate explains they’ve gotten close. “Are you okay with that?” Irritated by the questions, Devon wonders if he has an issue with his judgement. Nate apologizes; he thinks his attitude has to do with Elena. She risked her relationship with him to sleep with Devon, only for Devon to decide to build a future with Amanda.

Devon wonders, if Nate feels that strongly about Elena then why doesn’t he work things out with her? Nate admits when he sees Devon with Amanda he’s jealous that they were able to come out stronger. Devon’s glad his cousin can be honest, and hopes he finds what he’s looking for in life. Nate’s pleased they got to this point and asks to hear about the plans to honor Neil. Devon relays Olivia and Malcolm will both be out of the country but he hopes to get as many of Neil’s loved ones together as possible. Nate agrees it’s what Neil would want.
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At the hospital, Sharon tells Faith that her father and uncle are on their way back to Genoa City. Nick explained the situation to Adam and if all goes as hoped she’ll get the transplant she needs. Faith still doesn’t understand how all of this will work… with Adam. Sharon isn’t sure but they’ll find a way. She wants Faith to focus on the positive and let them take care of the rest. Later, Nate arrives and asks Sharon how the search for a donor is coming. Sharon stammers that Nick went out of town to meet with a possible donor. Nate’s amazed it happened so quickly. Sharon doesn’t want to jinx it by discussing it further, but thanks Nate for how he’s treated Faith.

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At the ranch, an irritated Victor leaves Michael a voicemail about Chelsea and wanting to know why he’s getting dragged into the Sutton Ames drama. He disconnects and rants to Nikki about the con framing Adam. She wants to hear more about the politician. Victor fills her in on the accusations against Sutton Ames and relays Amanda is attempting to shift the blame for the murder to someone at Newman. Nikki wonders how Amanda got involved. Victor says it’s a good question; he intends to find out.

At the hotel, Michael meets up with Amanda and muses about her taking on a criminal case. Amanda explains it was her intention to become a criminal lawyer and reminds him the last time they crossed paths he wrongfully accused her client. Michael shrugs it off — all signs pointed to Billy. He questions Sutton Ames placing his future in her hands and asked how the case fell into her lap. Michael offers a deal for Ames, but Amanda senses they’re willing to plea bargain because they don’t have a strong enough case. Michael warns her not to reject it so quickly and smiles as he informs her, “You can’t win this case.”

Michael explains Ames had motive — payments Richard Nealon made to Ames’ campaign can be tied to real estate permits being granted. If the bribery had come out Ames’ would have lost everything… and suddenly, Nealon was dead. Amanda doesn’t try her cases in hotel lobbies and will see him in court.
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As Michael stands to leave, Victor appears. Amanda informs him she was just telling D.A. Baldwin to prepare to lose. Victor notes how invested she is, and Michael interjects that the facts are in the prosecution’s favor. Amanda exits, and Victor asks Michael when Rey plans to investigate Chelsea Lawson. Michael suggests he focus on Faith. Victor says it breaks his heart to see her suffer but there’s some good news. Michael recalls donating a kidney to Danny Romalotti, which gave him the second chance he so desperately needed to start over.

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At Society, Devon and Victor discuss the seriousness of Faith’s situation. Victor asks him to thank Nate for him. Devon tells him about the upcoming event for Neil. Victor thinks his dad would be proud. He takes Devon off guard by asking about Amanda’s case. Devon doesn’t think it’s anything for him to be concerned about. Victor fishes to find out why Amanda would leave her job to devote herself full-time to Sutton Ames’ case. Devon advises only Amanda can answer his question.

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Devon brings takeout to Amanda in her suite. She mentions running into Victor and Devon says he did too — he was asking a lot of questions about why she took Sutton’s case. She assumes he’s fishing for dirt to find any weakness she has in hopes of winning.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor cuts a deal with Nate.

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