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At Chance Comm, Lily listens to Billy telling someone to follow a lead on the phone. He updates Lily that Nick got on a plane — he bets he knows where Adam is hiding. Billy insists it could be a bombshell. Lily asks if he has proof. Billy doesn’t. They bicker as Lily suggests it could just be a business trip and reminds him he promised to turn his Adam obsession down a notch. Billy argues if someone else gets the lead it won’t be good. They agree to meet for lunch after her conference call.

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In the cellar in Kansas, Nick bashes fruitlessly at the door to upstairs as Adam warns it’s practically steel and he’s going to hurt himself if he keeps it up. Nick repeats that the clock’s ticking for Faith and knows nothing would stop Adam if it were Connor. “Now help me get out of this place!” They start ramming the door together.

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After abandoning the door, Nick tries to work on the window grates and is irked when he spots Adam pouring a glass of wine. Adam says, “Have you heard what is going on above us?” He explains the winds are over 125 miles per hour; he swears he heard a cow blow by. Adam is going to wait it out and then they’ll leave. Nick, brandishing the crowbar, snarls, “Put the wine down!” The house begins creaking ominously and they both look upward. Nick has to do something and starts searching around until he unearths cellar doors to the outside. Adam feels they’re probably padlocked from the outside, but starts helping his half-brother heave against them.
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In the hospital, Nikki and Sharon talk about how brave Faith is being. Sharon’s glad she got to spend time with her. Nikki assures her Victor’s at the ranch calling potential transplant surgeons. Nikki goes, and Rey appears. He couldn’t stay away.

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Sharon brings Rey up to speed on the situation. When he asks if anyone is a match, she tells him there’s only one person who can help Faith. Rey says, “Not Adam…” Sharon confirms it’s Adam. Rey fumes, “So that’s who Nick went to track down.” Sharon says he’s Faith’s best hope at a normal life. Rey hollers about them all knowing where he was and Sharon not even calling him. Sharon complains he does everything by the rules; she couldn’t risk it. Rey’s upset that she thinks he’d stand in the way of Faith getting help. Sharon throws up her hands; she doesn’t know anything when it comes to them anymore! Rey hopes Adam comes through and asks to see Faith. Sharon wouldn’t keep him from her.
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In Faith’s room, Rey banters with her and assures the girl she’ll come through this stronger than ever. Faith wonders if Sharon told him Adam’s the donor, then asks if he’s mad. Rey reassures her. Faith wants to know if he’s really not around because he’s working night shifts. “Did you move out because of something Adam did?” Rey explains it’s complicated but he still loves her mother. He offers to get Lola to discuss the transplant with her. Faith agrees.

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Rey rejoins Sharon and asks if she’s okay. Sharon hasn’t heard from Nick yet and Elena will be taking Faith for tests. Rey wants to take her home.

In Kansas, Nick and Adam keep ramming the outside cellar doors, but Adam insists on taking a break. He tells Nick he’s right — he would be just as driven if Connor was in the hospital. He misses him. Nick will never doubt Adam’s love for his son. Adam muses that this place gives you time to think; maybe he’s just as cursed as Nick’s always said. They recap that Nick will help Adam escape after the transplant. Adam wishes there were a magic pill that could take away his past. Even if he saves Faith, people will still be convinced he only did it because he had something to gain. Nick scoffs, “Can you blame them?” He’ll change his mind about Adam when he starts making an effort. They resume bashing the door and Adam asks what he’d have to do to change Nick’s opinion of him. Nick advises him to start by confessing to poisoning Rey. Adam repeats, “I did not poison Rey.” Nick snarks, “Good luck convincing everybody of that.” Adam, frustrated, leaves him to bash on his own.
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At Society, Victoria tells her mother she’s heading by the hospital this afternoon. Nikki advises that Sharon’s having a hard time and confirms old rivalries fall by the wayside at times like this. Billy arrives and eavesdrops as Victoria questions whether Nick will convince Adam to return —he’ll be whisked off to jail the minute he steps foot in town; it’s why he went on the run in the first place. He lurks as Nikki explains Sharon has been in touch with Adam and Victoria asks what’s next if Adam won’t agree to help Faith. Nikki says she’ll go on the donor registry; but if Adam won’t help she could be on that list for years doing dialysis. Victoria worries Adam will use it to his advantage, but is glad Nick took the jet so no one knows he’s gone.
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Billy interrupts to warn that Nick leaving on the Newman jet isn’t as secret as they think it is. He reveals he’s been listening long enough to know what’s going on with Faith. Nikki threatens him if he does anything to jeopardize Faith getting help. Billy asks to speak to Victoria alone. She rants, “How can you even entertain the idea of messing things up for her? What the hell is wrong with you?!” Billy says he’ll pull the plug on the story. Victoria’s relieved. Billy tells her he’s on her side; she should know that by now. Billy wants to help Faith. Victoria’s grateful he’s not posting a story but worries other outlets will pick it up. Billy will work to throw others off the scent. Victoria’s thankful. Lily walks in as Billy’s watching a tearful Victoria with concern.
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At Sharon’s place, she thanks Rey for driving her home. He insists on making her something to eat. Sharon dozes up and awakens to fret that she still hasn’t heard from Nick. Rey asks where he went and Sharon questions his motives. He’s hurt and she apologizes. Sharon feels awful about what she’s put him through. Rey has something to confess. He reveals, “I’ve been having doubts about Adam’s guilt.” Sharon asks, “You don’t think he poisoned you anymore?” Rey wouldn’t go that far, but his gut tells him Chloe and Chelsea aren’t giving him the truth. Which means he’ll keep digging for answers while taking a hard look at himself — part of him needed Adam to be guilty and let it influence his investigation.

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Moses arrives in Faith’s hospital room to visit. She invites him to stay. Moses asks what’s going on with her. Faith fills him in on her kidney infection and admits she’s scared. She may need a dialysis or transplant but isn’t sure she’s being told everything. Moses knows what to do. He researches her condition on Nate’s medical website and promises to be there no matter what she needs. Moses has a feeling she’ll get through this.
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In Kansas, Nick asks why Adam cares what he thinks of him. Adam muses that when Nick thanked him for saving Faith, he realized that he’s never stopped wanting his half-brother to see him as more than just the sum of his mistakes. Maybe he could take a minute and see his side in some of the things that have happened. Nick shrugs, “Okay.” Adam feels anything would be a step forward. He acknowledges he’s hurt Nick — and everyone in his life — he’s just not sure he wants to be his enemy anymore. Adam needs a fresh start and a clean slate if that’s even possible. “A world where I can raise my son to be a decent man.”

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Nick is pleased to hear Adam talking this way but wants to get back to Faith. They heave-ho against the cellar doors again, and the padlock outside gives way. But just then, a huge creaks sounds. Nick hollers, “Adam it’s the ceiling!” It collapses on top of Adam.

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