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In a basement in Kansas, Adam grabs a crowbar when he hears a noise upstairs. A man walks down the stairs and he jumps out to hit him. It’s Nick. Adam grimaces; “What the hell are you doing here?” Nick explains Sharon helped find him, but Adam remains puzzled; he didn’t tell her where he was and even if he did, she wouldn’t tell Nick. Nick says she would if it were an emergency and it is — Faith is really sick and Adam’s the only person who can help her.

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Adam questions if this is a set-up. Nick offers to call Sharon. Adam points out they can’t get a signal in the storm cellar and argues if any of this were true she would have called him. Nick would never lie about his daughter’s health. If he wanted the cops to get him he’d have brought them himself. Adam muses they could have the house surrounded right now. Nick thanks him for putting everything on the line to save Faith after the accident — he’ll be forever indebted to him unless he makes a selfish decision now. “Sharon is counting on you, Adam.” He adds, “You can save Sharon’s daughter’s life right now!”
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As Nick pleads with Adam, the trees and wind start banging against the windows. Adam explains there was a tornado warning and they need to stay put. He advises Nick to find another donor, but Nick argues it could take years and insists Adam is coming back with him — he’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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Adam reminds him physical violence could damage his kidneys. He ruminates about them being in the home of the man he killed as a boy and thinks Nick sees him as a monster and irredeemable — he probably still thinks he poisoned Rey. Nick admits he does, but he also knows Adam will never let Sharon down. Adam worries Nick will turn him in after he gets what he wants, but Nick promises he’ll help him escape. His child’s well-being is the only thing that matters to him; it’s the only thing they have in common. Adam agrees to go back and be tested. Nick starts up the stairs when the door slams and they get thrown backwards.

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In the hospital, Sharon awakens with a start. Faith tells her she was having dream; she was making noises in her sleep and said, “Adam.” Sharon explains that she may need a kidney transplant. Faith panics. Sharon tells her a live donor can give her one and the best chance of success is a family member with the same blood type. She has a rare blood type and Adam is the only one who shares it. Faith isn’t keen on Adam being the one to help her, and Sharon reminds her he already has; he’s the one who brought her to the hospital. Faith reveals she had a bad dream about a dark shadow chasing her and she fell down a cliff. Sharon reassures her she had dreams like that during chemo too, and it wasn’t a bad omen.
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Sharon checks in with Elena in the corridor. She doesn’t have good news; the biopsy confirmed their diagnosis and the specialist isn’t hopeful she’ll recover. Sharon cries as Elena explains if they don’t find a living donor, dialysis is a real possibility. After Elena walks off, Mariah rushes in and finds Sharon upset. She explains the situation to her. Mariah’s stunned to hear Adam is a match and asks if he’s willing to be a donor. Sharon doesn’t know; she can’t reach Nick. Mariah spins out about Adam being unreliable and on the run. Sharon asks her to stop.
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Jack meets with Devon at Crimson Lights and touches briefly on Jabot’s crisis before talk turns to the Abbott-Winters Foundation. They discuss the program’s huge success and know Neil would be pleased. Devon  tells Jack about Winter’s Mood. Jack can’t think of a more fitting way to honor Neil. Devon invites him to an event he and Lily are putting on for their dad in a few weeks. Talk turns to Mariah being pregnan. Jack feels he and Mariah have given Abby and Chance a special gift. They chat about Moses. Jack’s glad Devon has someone to keep him company. Devon reveals he’s dating Amanda too. Jack recalls talking to Amanda about Hilary. Devon says she’s different from her twin. Jack assures Devon if he’s happy, then he is happy for him. He’s looking forward to getting to know Amanda better.
Jack, Devon meet Y&R

Later, Devon spots Elena, who seems a million miles away. Her mind is on work. She asks about him. He’s great and has an exciting new project, but he’ll tell her about it another time. Devon guesses she’s thinking about Faith and will say prayers for her. He admires how she puts her heart and soul into her work and wishes her luck.
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At Society, Lola overhears Abby leaving Mariah a message hoping she gets good news about Faith. After disconnecting she explains to the chef that Faith needs a kidney transplant. Lola recalls the fear surrounding her own transplant and Abby talks about the worries she’ll face with her own child. Lola grins; “That is how it works.” Abby knows Chance will be a rock. Lola points out all the love the child will have. Just then, Nina arrives with a package that came from Chance. There’s a sweet note and it’s a mini-honeymoon care package involving the five senses to remind her of the special moments from their trip.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby’s down. She figures Nina thinks she’s spoiled for moping around after getting the package. Nina reassures her. Abby explains the gifts made her miss him even more. She does know how lucky she is, she just needs to be patient. Nina isn’t sure she’d be so mature in her shoes. When Nina goes to talk to her agent, Abby looks at a honeymoon photo and sighs.
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Later, Mariah arrives at the Chancellor mansion and Abby exclaims, “Hi! How was your trip?” Mariah can only think of Faith right now. Abby says, “Of course,” and then asks about her morning sickness. Mariah relays it seems to be subsiding, then nearly vomits from the smell of Abby’s candle. Later on, Mariah rejoins Abby and Nina. Abby’s packed her some crackers to carry with her, but Mariah assures her the sickness has passed. Nina warns of heartburn and sleeplessness to come as Abby sends Mariah off to work with her snack.

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Lola joins Elena at Crimson Lights and asks about Faith. Elena lets her know it’s not good news. Lola thinks back to the wedding on New Year’s Eve and how happy they all were.

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In the hospital, Sharon leaves Nick a voicemail to please call her; she needs to know if he found Adam.

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In the cellar in Kansas, Nick tries to pry the door open as Adam hollers that they can’t go outside in the wind; it’s too dangerous. Nick can’t budge the door. Adam guesses they’re not going anywhere, at least not now. Nick fumes, “That is not an option.”

Next on The Young and the Restless: Faith’s condition takes a turn for the worse.

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