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At Jabot, Summer and Kyle debate Tara’s interests until Jack interrupts. His son tells him that Tara may know who is sabotaging Jabot but Summer suspects she’s being devious. Jack pricks up his ears when Summer mentions Tara lied about something. Kyle brushes it off and wanders out. Jack worries that the company isn’t out of the woods yet.

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Kyle meets with Tara in the hotel lobby. She updates him on Ashland’s condition and assures a skeptical Kyle that he’s already taken care of things where Jabot is concerned. Tara insists that the heart attack changed her husband and has turned him into a gentler man. She explains the shuttered plants will re-open soon and that her husband is willing to move forward with his proposed deal with Jabot.
Kyle and Tara talk Ashland at Grand Phoenix Young & Restless

Kyle returns to the Jabot office and informs Summer and Jack that Ashland wants to revisit their deal. Jack isn’t sold on getting back into business with him and neither is Summer. They mull it over. Jack concludes that Ashland’s companies have a sterling reputation — they really have no choice but to go ahead with it, but they’ll cut Locke loose at the first opportunity.
Kyle and Jack talk Tara at Jabot Young & Restless

Standing at the Society bar, Michael and Rey discuss where Adam could have disappeared to. The cop explains that Sharon thinks Chelsea has framed Adam. Michael admits it’s not the first time he’s heard this theory. Rey admits that talking to Chelsea has made him suspicious. The lawyer suggests that he follow up on that.

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After Michael leaves, Rey calls Chloe to meet him. When she arrives, she insists she has no more information on Adam. She gets twitchy and increasingly defensive at his fairly tame questions and repeats that Adam is a monster and he’s always guilty. The cop says opinions aren’t proof. Chloe behaves as though offended, and advises him to find Adam and lock him up, then walks out.

At the ranch, Victor asks Nikki if she’s going to Faith’s substance abuse session. When she confirms that she is, he asks her to give his grandchild a hug and let her know he’s always there for her. Nikki asks about Adam, and Victor admits not hearing from his son is starting to worry him. After she leaves, Michael arrives and assures Victor that Rey is determined to follow the evidence anywhere it goes when it comes to his poisoning. Victor’s skeptical and warns Michael that the ongoing investigation is hurting the Newman reputation — the culprit had better be found.

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At home, Faith tells Sharon she misses having breakfast with Rey, who she assumes is working nights. She’s feeling queasy but insists on going to school. Her mom asks if she has a hangover, but Faith says she’s just stressed. As soon as she leaves, Adam calls Sharon to say he’s far away from Genoa City. He wanted to apologize for his last abrupt message and asks Sharon to allow him to call for updates on Chelsea and Connor. Sharon questions his concern for Chelsea, who framed him for attempted murder. He’s realized she was driven to poison Rey and frame him because he wouldn’t ignore the unexplainable pull he feels toward Sharon. Adam signs off after asking his ex not to tell Rey, Nick, or Victor he’s been in touch.
Adam calls Sharon Y&R

Later, Victor drops by Sharon’s house and asks if she’s heard from Adam. She truthfully states that she has no idea where he is.

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Back at the ranch, Victor sits looking at a photo of Adam on his phone and wishes his son would reach out.

In the same unknown location where he called Sharon, Adam is pleased to read the report on Victor securing Cyaxares on his phone. He wants to call his dad, but resists.

Faith arrives at her school locker, where there’s a cartoon of her wrecking a car on it. Moses appears as she’s balling it up and tells her not to let it get to her. He’s still getting lost so she offers to show him around. Later, they make plans to meet up. Once she’s alone, Faith feels off.

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Sharon runs into Rey at Society. They argue about Adam and she says she’s still willing to fight for their marriage. He wishes they had something to fight for… but the only reason Adam is out of the picture is because he’s running from the law. The fact that it had to go that far to end their connection speaks volumes.

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Esther bumps into Nina on Crimson Lights’ patio. They catch up about Chance and Abby and the surrogacy. As they recall the good old days of Katherine and Jill battling, Nina realizes that Esther misses working in the Chancellor house. Esther admits that she feels left out after spending so much of her life managing the estate. Nina tells her she should come back if she wants to, even if it’s only for the occasional shift. Esther happily agrees.
Nina, Esther chat Y&R

Inside the coffee house, Nikki runs into Tara and they discuss Ashland. Tara brings up Billy’s suggestion that Victor took advantage of the heart attack. Nikki insists Billy just has an axe to grind. Jack interrupts and asks after Ashland. Once Tara exits, Nikki asks Jack if the Lockes have been playing games with him. They pool complaints and he suggests she urge The Mustache to get out of his deal with Ashland.

At Jabot, Sally runs into Summer in the boardroom. She insists she wasn’t up to anything devious with Jack and complains that no one is willing to let her try and move past her mistakes as they all have been able to do. Sally explains no one has lost anything but her; she lost the man she was falling in love with. Jack arrives just in time to hear this.
Sally complains Summer Y&R

Still at Crimson Lights, Sharon and Nikki sit together as Faith arrives and tells them about her substance abuse session. Nikki promises she won’t have to fight alone. When Sharon goes to the counter to get her daughter a sweet, Faith stands up, only to collapse to the floor, unconscious, as Nikki and Sharon cry out in alarm!
Faith collapse Y&R

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack accepts an invitation from Sally.

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