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In her suite, Amanda looks at a photo of her father, and then at Imani’s warning text. Devon arrives with food if she’s ready for a break. She smiles, “Perfect timing.” Devon tells her he wants to create a small jazz imprint called Winters Mood with the proceeds going to the Winters-Abbott Foundation in honor of Neil’s birthday. Amanda thinks it’s just perfect.
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Amanda shows Devon the photo of her father and admits she’s feeling conflicted about dragging his name through the mud as a blackmailer. Devon thought that was just to create reasonable doubt… or does she believe it now? Amanda explains it’s the hypothesis that makes the most sense right now; she thinks Richard was waiting for some kind of payoff. Devon warns her that Victor is going to take it as pointing the finger at him and Newman. “Be ready for a fight.” Amanda snarks that he’ll have to get in line after Imani. Devon wonders if she was actually trying to look out for Amanda in some way. Amanda doubts it, but likes the way he gives people the benefit of the doubt. Devon also thinks that the man who passed his genes to Amanda must have been decent at heart. Talk turns to Moses, and Devon enthuses that he’s fun to have around and has turned the loss of their father into motivation. But he assures Amanda that getting to know Moses better won’t get in the way of their growing relationship. Amanda appreciates the efforts he’s making.

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In Billy’s suite, as Lily sleeps, he decides to sneak out.

In the hotel lobby, Billy overhears Phyllis on the phone handling a crisis surrounding a noisy insurance convention and admires her skills. He alludes to having a challenge of his own and she asks if it has a name. Billy tells her it’s a never-ending challenge — Victor Newman. No one knows better than Phyllis does about Victor being problematic, but she can’t help Billy with this — she’s made peace with having to steer clear of him. Billy wishes it were that easy and complains about Victor looking respectable when they know what he’s capable of. Phyllis has given up trying to expose him. Billy understands.
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Later, Billy introduces himself to Tara Locke, asks about Ashland’s health, then stuns her by saying he heard Victor Newman pressured Ashland to sign over Cyaxares while he was fighting for his life. Lily exits the elevator as Billy informs Tara the contract may have been signed under extreme duress. Tara informs him her only concern is Ashland’s health and walks off. Lily approaches Billy and asks, “What the hell was that all about?!”

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At Society, Victoria claims to have no ulterior motives for meeting with Nick. They catch up and she’s pleased to hear Faith’s struck up a friendship with Moses Winters. Victoria updates Nick on Victor securing Cyaxares for Adam, and he guesses she wanted to vent to a sympathetic audience. Victoria admits she wanted to talk to someone who knows what it’s like to deal with their father. She regrets that in trying to be like Victor she pushed things too far with Phyllis and broke their relationship. Nick assures her it was just bent, not broke.
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When Victoria talks about shepherding Newman into the future, Nick warns it won’t be that easy… their father won’t just let her walk away and it could get ugly. Victoria used to want to impress Victor, but now she needs no one’s approval other than her own. Nick toasts to her not becoming the person she’s trying to free herself from.

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At the ranch, Victor hopes Nikki told Victoria what a mistake it was to try and keep him out of Newman business. She reminds him he told her to stay out of it. He blames Billy Boy Abbott’s influence. Nikki wonders what he expected from Victoria when he targeted her ex. Victor chews that if Billy can’t handle some competition he shouldn’t be in business. Talk turns to Ashland, and Victor complains he was trying to renegotiate a deal; you don’t do that. Nikki wants peace in their family and Victor suggests she give that speech to Victoria. He put her in charge at Newman Enterprises. Nikki argues she earned that position and then stomps off to bed.
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At Crimson Lights, Nate and Elena run into one another. He’s about to leave, but she stops him to tell him about a patient who gets to go home tonight after she tracked down her son. Nate says it’s her huge heart that makes her a great doctor. They once-again part ways. Later, a lonely Elena texts Lola to see if she wants to do something together.
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Nate arrives at Society and chats with Victoria and Nick about Faith. They leave and Nate approaches the bar, where Lola appears. He teases her; is she going to spring another surprise date on him? Lola grimaces; if he and Elena want to take a break she should have listened. She’s glad she didn’t scare him away from the restaurant. They start chatting and he learns Lola’s a baseball fan. Over beers they keep bantering about baseball and enjoying each other’s company. Lola doesn’t think Nate will be single for long — guys like him don’t stay on the bench.
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At Crimson Lights, Elena hasn’t heard back from Lola so gathers her things and leaves.

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At the ranch, Victor’s employee tells him he has no leads on Adam’s whereabouts and has looked in Kansas and in the area surrounding Connor’s boarding school. Victor tells him to look in Las Vegas and then asks him to have Michael Baldwin come and see him first thing in the morning.

Back in their hotel suite, Lily complains that Billy’s obsessed with Cyaxares. Billy theorizes that Ashland will nullify the deal since he signed under duress, so the company will come to Chance Comm. Lily grabs her things and storms off to her room to get some sleep — once again his obsession has ruined things.
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After, Billy calls her voicemail and wishes she’d stuck around to hear him say those three little words; “I was wrong.” He thinks they’d have been having make-up sex by now and says by the time she wakes up in the morning he’ll have been thinking about her all night long. Soon, Lily comes to the door. “You know what I came for.” Billy asks, “What’s that?” Lily says, “Those three little words.” Billy intones, “I. Was. Wrong.” Lily finds that so hot; they start making out.

In her suite, Tara sends a text to Kyle asking if he can meet her first thing in the morning.

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In the hotel lobby, Nick pretends to be a flirtatious stranger when he spots Phyllis. She coyly asks, “And you are?” Nick suavely replies, “My name is… Don.” Phyllis smothers laughter then asks if he’s with the insurance convention. He coolly replies that he doesn’t want to talk about insurance. She says she’s Linda, the owner of the hotel. Don finds that very sexy.
Phyllis, Nick role play Y&R

Phyllis tries to roll with it and muses, “So, Don… Dirty Don,” but can’t, and breaks character, complaining that the whole point of role-playing is to choose a sensual personality — Nick chose Don the insurance guy! Nick points out she picked ‘Linda’ — not a name high up on his sexy list, plus she used her real job. They decide they like being themselves. Nick tells Phyllis that ‘Don’ loves her and will tell her that as many times as she wants… upstairs.

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