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Billy arrives late at Society, doesn’t see Lily, and sighs. Suddenly, she appears behind him and prompts an apology. Once seated, she asks what the big scoop was, and Billy tells her Ashland Locke had a heart attack. He fills her in on the scene between Victoria and Victor and she asks, “So how did you find out about all of this?” Billy admits that Victoria came to see him and he followed her to the ranch. Lily wonders why she couldn’t have told him about Victor’s deal with Ashland in a phone call. Billy’s unconcerned about her motives and wants to focus on Lily.
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At the hotel, Nikki learns that Victoria told Victor she doesn’t want his interference at Newman Enterprises and is concerned that her daughter has escalated the tension. Victoria states Victor did that. Talk turns to Victor coercing Locke when he was at his most vulnerable. Nikki wonders what her daughter intends to do about it. Victoria muses she’s done being the dutiful daughter. Nikki blames Adam for all of this, but Victoria feels every last bit of this is their dad’s fault. Nikki warns Victor will always have a say in the company. Victoria shrugs; it doesn’t mean she has to listen. She’s been building alliances and he won’t be able to undermine her. Nikki advises never to underestimate him. Victoria’s unbothered; there’s nothing he can do to stop her and she’s counting on Nikki’s support.
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At the penthouse, Chelsea updates Nate that she was able to feed herself and can stand and walk a little. Nate marvels as she takes a shaky step or two before falling back into wheelchair. Chelsea gushes that it’s all thanks to her amazing doctors, including him. In her mind she cackles that her achievements include driving Adam out of town… and her life. Nate asks about Adam. She’s not surprised he would poison Rey and relays that he’s vanished. Once she’s strong enough she’ll take her son and leave Genoa City. Nate wishes her well. After he leaves, Chelsea muses that she just has to keep fooling Rey Rosales.

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At Crimson Lights, Rey looks in from outside as Nick chats with Faith. Sharon joins them as Faith describes how Moses stood up for her at school. As Faith relays it was cool and brave, Sharon notices Rey.
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On the patio, Rey is frustrated by a call that Adam still can’t be found. He decides he’ll have to go about this a different way. Inside, Faith opens up to her parents about her first therapy session and then steps away and gets a text from Moses, who will be there in 10 minutes. She clears it with Sharon and Nick. Later, Moses arrives and Nick thanks him for looking out for his little girl — it reminds him of his dad. Moses is glad to be back in Genoa City surrounded by family and friends that loved him.

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Nick and Sharon adjourn to the patio, where she updates him that Rey’s moved out. He’s sorry. Sharon tells him the story of Adam calling at an inopportune time. Nick marvels at Adam’s ability to mess up peoples’ lives. He’s grateful Adam saved Faith but he’s done awful things to people he loves. Sharon doesn’t think he poisoned Rey; she believes Chelsea set him up.
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Inside, Faith and Moses discuss alcohol addiction after which he teases her about not buying him a brownie. On the patio, Nikki joins Sharon and Nick, and they tell her about Faith and Moses. She looks in at them and says it’s a welcome sight. Nick encourages her to talk to Faith about her recovery program.

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Nikki enters the coffee house and speaks to Moses about Neil before he leaves. Faith tells Nikki she’s not so worried about rehab after talking to Moses. Nikki will be there with her every step of the way. On the patio, Nick urges Sharon to focus on Rey so they can find their way back together.
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At the penthouse, Chelsea paces and complains about how slowly everything is moving. There’s a knock and she scurries into the wheelchair before calling, “Come in!” Rey enters and asks if she’s okay; he thought he heard her talking to someone. Chelsea covers and Rey shares that he has an idea to lure Adam out of hiding. He wants him to pay. Chelsea asks what she can do. Rey wants her to bring Connor back to Genoa City and convince Adam he’s sick. Chelsea’s stunned; “You want to use my son as bait?!”
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Chelsea refuses, but Rey persists; they’d never let Adam get near the boy. Chelsea argues it would traumatize Connor and accuses Rey of not caring about that. She wonders if Rey’s willing to throw his principles away because Adam’s gotten so far under his skin. Rey admits his hatred for the guy is taking over everything good in his life. Chelsea understands what it’s like to be obsessed with something and watch it take over your life. She muses, “Doing the right thing is in your DNA.” She gets a faraway look in her eyes as she adds, “You’re not like the rest of us, Rey.” He watches her suspiciously.

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At Society, Billy and Lily kiss as they prepare to head back to the hotel, just as Victoria walks in. They all discuss whether Victor will use Cyaxares to come after Chance Comm. Victoria warns Lily she and Billy are no match for her father. After Billy and Lily are gone, Victoria reads a business alert that Victor Newman has finalized his deal for Cyaxares. She gets a call from a reporter and gives a quote to the effect that she wishes her father the best in his endeavor and will focus on Newman Enterprises now and always.
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In their hotel suite, Billy and Lily kiss and begin undressing each other. They fall back onto the bed to make love. After sex, as Lily sleeps, Billy reads about Victor’s acquisition of Cyaxares on his phone.
Billy, Lily undress kiss Y&R

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Sharon arrives at home, looks around at the empty house, and sits down at the kitchen table with a sigh.

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