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At Jabot, Kyle and Jack panic as they learn more of their plants have been shut down. Kyle sees that their Canadian plant is closed and they worry about the troubles affecting their international infrastructure. Jack frets that if Locke set this in motion he may be the only one who can stop it. Jack leaves Ashland a voicemail that they got the message and asking what they can do about this. After, Kyle strategizes a workaround but Jack nixes the idea.

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At the ranch, Victor informs Ashland, who is in the throes of a heart attack, that he’s dialed 911; he’ll press ‘send’ once he signs the contract. Locke lurches forward and grasps the pen. Before he can complete the signature he falls backward onto the sofa cushions clutching his chest, and Nikki walks in. She exclaims in horror. Victor forces Locke to complete his signature as Nikki watches. Once it’s done, she calls for help. Locke hisses at Victor that this game isn’t over yet. Victor replies, “You’re damn right it’s not.” Locke asks Nikki to call his wife.
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Nikki takes Victor aside; she can’t believe what she witnessed here — did he just make a man sign papers during a heart attack?! Unbothered, Victor leafs through the contract and explains the deal was supposed to have been completed earlier. After Ashland’s been taken away, Nikki chastises her husband for risking a man’s life over a company. Victor was securing Adam’s future. Nikki thinks he was stealing it back from their daughter. She dials the Grand Phoenix and asks for Tara Locke. Victor fumes that Victoria’s been in business long enough to know that it’s not over ‘til it’s over, and adds, “And this conversation is over!”
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At Chance Comm, Lily understands Billy is disappointed by Cyaxares but advises he let Victoria deal with Ashland Locke and his game-playing. She’s planned a special night for them to commiserate over the loss and to talk it all out and move on. Billy’s ready — should they go now? Lily wants to go get dressed up and then meet at Society. “Prepare to be dazzled.” Billy loves to be dazzled.
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At Crimson Lights, Victoria finishes her voicemail to Billy by thanking him for the congratulatory flowers on Cyaxares, though they may have been premature; she believes Ashland Locke is playing all of them. After, she thinks about Nikki’s advice that things between her and Victor have to change. Just then, her mother walks in and shares what went down between Ashland and Victor at the ranch. Victoria’s in disbelief. Nikki can’t make excuses for Victor any longer; he doesn’t even need Locke’s company; he only wants it to secure a future for Adam. Victoria can’t understand how it will even work with Adam on the run. Nikki advises Victoria to just let them have the damn media company; maybe if Victor’s busy with it he won’t interfere at Newman Enterprises. Her mother wants to go for a massage, but Victoria announces she’s going to see Billy.
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At the hotel, Summer stalks up to Tara and snaps, “Your husband needs to be stopped!” Tara suggests they speak like grown-ups. Summer complains Ashland’s sabotaging Jabot. Tara informs her there’s no stopping the man. They go over the circumstances leading up to this. Tara warns Summer, “If you love Kyle, tell him to stay away from Ashland.” Summer will be doing everything she can to protect him and their relationship. They realize they’re on the same side. Suddenly, Tara’s phone rings — it’s Nikki Newman calling to tell her Ashland had a heart attack. Tara rushes out as Billy enters. Summer tells him she thinks something happened to Ashland Locke.
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At Jabot, Kyle has a thought how to save Jabot; they’ll use Brash & Sassy and Ashley’s My Beauty brand to help them out. Jack’s on board. Just then, Summer rushes in and tells them she thinks Ashland’s in the hospital. When Jack’s on the phone, Summer updates Kyle that she told Tara to stop Ashland, but there’s nothing she can do. Kyle’s worried about Harrison if something happens to Locke. Summer reassures him. Jack returns and confirms Locke had a heart attack but his condition isn’t clear. Summer feels that it gives them a chance to regroup. Jack sighs; as horrible as Ashland is, he has a family; a little boy could lose his father.
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Billy lets Victoria into his suite. She tells him Ashland had a heart attack while at the ranch signing the contract for Cyaxares with her father. Billy’s stunned — she had a deal with him. Victoria thinks Victor took advantage of Locke being incapacitated and is on her way to have it out with him at the ranch. Billy wants to come along but Victoria tells him to go on his date with Lily.

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In the lobby, Kyle runs into Tara, who relays that Ashland is getting a pacemaker. Kyle’s sorry she’s going through this and hopes he pulls through for Harrison’s sake… but beyond that he feels no pity for the man. He explains that her husband is trying to crush Jabot. Tara may have a way to help and promises to call him later.

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At Society, Lola admires Lily’s sizzling dress and they go over the spicy menu she planned that includes all of Billy’s favorite foods. Lily’s sure it will cheer Billy up. Devon appears; he thinks Billy should be deliriously happy every day she puts up with him. They have time for a drink, so Devon fills her in on the embryo transplant being a success. Lily’s thrilled — it’s such great news for Abby and Chance. She recalls finding out when Mac was pregnant with the twins; it’s surreal but mostly joy. Devon intends on being there for the baby; they’ll have a unique relationship.
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Lily fishes to find out about his personal life. Devon says he and Amanda are giving it another shot. Lily’s pleased. Devon’s also glad she and Billy haven’t gone down in flames yet. Talk turns to Nate, and then Moses. Lily can’t believe she hasn’t seen him yet. Devon’s glad he’ll be hanging around her office… he can keep an eye on Billy. Lily rolls her eyes. Just then, she gets a text from Billy that he’s running late due to a huge potential story. Lily catches Devon’s expression and tells him he’s making it worse; if he can’t even joke about it he definitely doesn’t expect them to last!

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Victoria busts into the ranch and demands Victor explain himself. Victor wonders why he’d have to explain himself to her. Billy walks in and says they know he manipulated the situation with Ashland — Cyaxares was hers. Victor reminds them he and Adam won the bid. The confrontation grows heated. Victor’s about to kick Billy’s ass out of there when Victoria interjects; she can speak for herself. She informs Victor she doesn’t want him popping by Newman Enterprises anymore. “I am closing the door on you!” She storms out. Victor tells Billy to get out and he follows.
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