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At the ranch, Victor guesses Nikki was snooping around looking for Adam on her walk. Nikki muses he may not be here now, but what about that glass of scotch he poured? Victor admits he was there one night and left. Nikki’s upset — that’s aiding and abetting. Victor won’t apologize. Talk turns to Cyaxares. Victor fumes that Victoria only became interested when he and Adam wanted it; she wasn’t supposed to bid against them. Nikki says it had to do with Adam. Victor advises her to stay out of it — it’s between him and Victoria.

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At Society, Ashland can’t imagine what he and Kyle would have to talk about. Tara rushes up to her husband. Locke notices Kyle doesn’t look surprised to see her. Tara takes her husband aside and wants to know why he’s not returning her calls. Ashland learns she found him by following Kyle and notes they’ve been in touch. He muses about a scene in public after calling her out for trying to protect Kyle.

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Across the room, Kyle tells Jack he has to come clean; it’s the only way. He approaches Locke, who has a meeting with Victor and leaves abruptly with Tara on his heels. Jack tells Kyle that Tara may have just done him a huge favor. Summer shows up and is relieved to hear Kyle’s plan was diverted. Kyle insists he’ll tell Ashland he’ll leave Jabot if he leaves the company and everyone else alone. Jack warns confronting him will only fuel the flame. He wants to take a shot at negotiating with Locke first. Suddenly, Jack gets a disturbing message and says they have to get back to Jabot… now!
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At Crimson Lights, Lola comes upon Nate watching a video of open heart surgery. She teases him; is this what he does with his free time? Nate likes to keep up on the latest techniques, and counters that Elena told her she spends her down time trying out recipes. He shows off some of his surgery photos and she jokes she’ll show him one of her deboning chicken. Talk turns to Mariah and Devon helping with Abby’s pregnancy. Lola’s still bummed Abby didn’t marry her brother, but she and Chance are good together. She recalls Nate dated her. Nate couldn’t do the family drama. Lola gets it; thanks to the Newmans her brother was poisoned. They next discuss Nate’s complicated relationship with Devon, and Lola relays there’s hope for them — she knows because Arturo and Rey mended fences. She offers him a free lunch at Society for taking care of Rey and he accepts. Lola leaves him smiling.
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At the ranch, Victor tells Ashland, by phone, that he’ll see him soon. Victoria arrives to discuss Locke holding off on signing the agreement for Cyaxares and accuses Victor of undermining her. Victor counters that she betrayed him. They argue about Adam and Billy Boy Abbott. Victoria fumes that Victor is complicit in Adam’s crime. Nikki interrupts and Victoria leaves. Victor tells her not to worry about it — the truth will come out and she’ll see he and Adam were right. Nikki thinks he should rescind his bid for Cyaxares. He refuses and explains Locke’s on his way over. Nikki walks out.
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At Society, Elena arrives to Lola suggesting she join Nate to figure out a puzzling medical case. Lola tells the pair that her mother’s friend has a high fever and achy joints. Nate and Lola become suspicious when the details don’t add up and the friend’s name changes. Lola dashes to the kitchen and Lola assures Nate she had no part of this. He suggests she join him anyway. After eating, Elena tells Nate she respects his decision regarding not getting back together and can’t understand why Lola’s playing cupid. Nate admits he told her he still cared about her; she probably thought she was being helpful. After Nate leaves, Elena tells Lola it really is too late for them.
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At Jabot, Jack reports that several of their plants were closed down for violations, but weren’t even inspected. Kyle’s certain Ashland’s behind it. Jack takes another call and learns another one has been shut down. He calls another plant and speaks to the manager to ask him to expand production as quickly as possible, but has to put him on hold as news of another shut down comes in. Kyle also gets on the phone to put out fires and Summer heads out. After, Kyle tells Jack how sorry he is. Jack now agrees Locke was behind this. He fumes over how this will affect the employees and the company. It reminds him of the tainted face cream scandal which nearly destroyed them — it’s exactly what Ashland wants.
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At Crimson Lights, Nikki warns Victoria that Victor is likely cutting a new deal with Ashland as they speak. Victoria guesses that’s why Ashland decided in a coin toss — he was just trying to motivate her father. Nikki warns that Victor isn’t so easily manipulated. Talk turns to their frustration over Victor protecting Adam. Nikki says he can’t turn his back on one of his children but Victoria complains he’s screwing her over. Nikki sighs that Victor believes giving Adam a place to work will help him get back on his feet. Victoria won’t go back to bending over backward to make her father happy. Nikki warns he can’t change; if she wants something to be different, she’ll have to do something different. Once alone, Victoria flashes to Victor accusing her of buying Cyaxares to get Billy back and questioning her good judgment. She calls Billy and leaves a message on his phone about a family dinner and game night.
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Elsewhere in the coffee house, Lola apologizes to Nate, who knows she was just trying to help him and Elena. She won’t do it again unless he asks her to. Nate will be taking a break from romance for a while. Lola understands; she’s doing the same herself. They compliment one another and he leaves.

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Ashland arrives at the ranch and asks Victor for something stronger than coffee. Victor wonders if he’s okay. He just has a lot on his mind. As Victor pours Ashland a double bourbon he watches his strange demeanor. Once Locke has his drink, Victor questions why he’s expecting him to sweeten the deal. Ashland complains his son is a liability. Victor doesn’t like it when people renege on a deal. Ashland tells him without his signature that contract is just a piece of paper. Victor puts it in front of him to sign but Ashland declares the deal is off! As he stands up to go, he falls back onto the sofa clutching his chest. Victor queries, “What’s wrong with you?” Ashland gasps that he’s having a heart attack. Victor informs him that if he wants help he should first sign the contract. As Locke agonizes, Victor prompts, “Sign it.”
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