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At Crimson Lights, Victoria tells Nikki she arrived to a bouquet of flowers in her office this morning. Her mother assumes they were an apology from Victor, but her expression turns disapproving when Victoria reveals they were from Billy.

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At Chance Comm, Lily learns Billy sent Victoria flowers and muses about her getting the wrong idea. Billy doesn’t think it’s an issue. Lily replies that it may not be an issue for him, but Victoria’s demonstrated what she’s capable of when it comes to going after what she wants.
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At Society, Jack greets Nina and Abby. He tells Nina Genoa City has missed her and congratulates Abby on Mariah’s pregnancy. They all enthuse about the amazing journey Abby and the others are embarking on. Talk turns to Phyllis’ generous party and suddenly Abby gets a call from Chance. She runs off with her phone to tell him the best news ever!

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Jack and Nina talk about how it’s hard for Abby to have Chance away on the case. Nina talks about her son’s skill set and muses that Abby’s tough. Jack brings up Kyle, who is also about to get married. Jack wonders if he was a good role model and Nina teases, “No one could say you didn’t respect the institution of marriage.” Jack chuckles; he deserved that and hopes Kyle won’t have as many marriages as his old man. They’re still chatting when Abby rushes back up to the table and reports she was sure Chance was teary when she told him about Mariah.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Tessa tries to help Mariah, who is experiencing morning sickness. She didn’t realize it would be so bad… or continue past the morning. Tessa tells her she’s glowing, though it’s a greenish glow. Mariah goes on about a weird smell and runs off to be sick when she realizes it’s her moisturizer.
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After a shower, Mariah laments not being able to use her favorite products. “This is all starting to feel so real.” Tessa sings her a song and gives her a flower to make her feel better. Mariah tears up.

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Elena arrives at Crimson Lights and looks inside where Amanda and Devon are happily chatting together. They leave, and Lola joins Elena, who updates her that Devon and Amanda have clearly worked things out. Nate made it painfully clear it won’t happen for them, though there’s still something between them. Seeing how Amanda and Devon worked through things makes her wonder why they couldn’t have done the same. Just then, Nate enters the coffee house. He joins them and Lola asks about Moses, trying to make conversation. Elena says he’ll be working at the clinic, but Nate reveals he’s actually having him intern at the call-in medical service. Elena, realizing she’s no longer in the loop, replies, “Oh.”
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After Elena goes, Lola chides Nate to come on — she can see he still cares a lot for Elena. Nate concedes, “You’re right, I do.” His ideal is a relationship with no secrets and has had enough drama for a lifetime. He believes love should be consistent and supportive… and had it once with Caroline before she died. “I’m not sure I’ll ever find that again.” Lola believes he will; she thinks there’s someone out there who will want to share that with him.

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At their table, Nikki’s still worried that Victoria’s trying to reconcile with Billy. Victoria’s mid-denial when she gets a text from Ashland Locke. Nikki gathers by her expression it wasn’t the news she was hoping for. Victoria relays that Locke wants to meet in person. He’s either stalling or playing games. Nikki thinks the man is trouble, but Victoria’s intrigued. She wonders if Victor’s manipulating is behind this. Nikki thinks she’s being paranoid, but Victoria believes he may want to remind her who’s boss. “If he wants to play rough, so be it.”
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At the penthouse, Amanda updates Devon that she heard from Sutton and the official charge is conspiracy to commit murder. He wonders how she feels about the meeting later today. Amanda is intent on getting answers to a lifetime of questions — she’s never been more ready for anything in her life. Smiling, Devon believes she’ll be successful.
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At the hotel, Billy wants to know if Lily wants dinner, or to head upstairs for dessert. Victor walks in and Billy needles him about losing his deal with Ashland Locke because of Adam. Victor gives it back, noting that Billy never came close to making a deal. Billy says Victoria will do something positive with Cyaxares rather than weaponize it as he and Adam were going to do. Victor smirks and tells him not to be so sure. Billy guesses Victor knows where Adam’s hiding out and asks why he keeps enabling him. Victor warns he’s playing with fire and warns Billy this is far from over.
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At Society, Amanda meets with Naya and Sutton, who remarks on three generations of their family being together for the first time. Amanda reminds him it’s a professional meeting and that Devon Hamilton is the only person who knows their true relationship. Talk turns to the case and Amanda believes Richard found out someone at Newman was working on Sutton’s campaign and working under the table to gain favors. The executive may have tampered with Richard’s brakes when he was about to expose him; it’s a way to create reasonable doubt. Amanda wondered why someone would go to such lengths to cover up a white collar crime but realized there must be more to the story. She learned Richard had massive student debt, which is significant. Sutton remarks on how this must make her feel, and points out it will pit her against Victor Newman; it won’t be a good look for him to be unaware of a scandal of this size. Undeterred, Amanda explains Victor’s history with shady dealings plays into their strategy. Sutton and Naya are glad she’s on their side. Sutton invites her to visit and meet the rest of the family. She accepts.
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In Society’s doorway, Victor gets a text from Ashland, who suggests if he ups his offer they may still be able to do business.

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At the hotel, Devon stumbles on Abby who was stewing but hides it. She enthuses about having heard from Chance. Devon asks how she’s really feeling. Abby admits she’s not good. She’s crashing back to earth after the high of hearing from her husband. “Everything is just so uncertain.” Devon’s sorry and soothes that she’s entitled to her feelings. Abby feels Chance would want to focus on the good things and thanks him for being a good friend. As she leaves, Amanda arrives. She reads a message, looks upset, and tells Devon she just got a text from her sister, Imani, “This will only end badly for you.”

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At Chance Comm, Billy convinces Lily they should cover Victor harboring his convict son. Lily’s on board — but only if Billy stays out of it.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack confronts Ashland Locke.

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