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In the penthouse, Chelsea, looking thoughtful, decides to video call Connor. She tells him, “I’ve missed you so much.” Connor has missed her too and is thrilled to hear that he’ll be able to see her soon. He asks to speak to his dad, but Chelsea lies he’s busy working with grandpa. They chat until he needs to go and signs off. After, Chelsea calls the school and tells them the stories about Connor’s father are true and she’ll be filing a restraining order.

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At Society, Victoria tells Nikki they need to talk and she wanted it to be away from the office. She confides that she believes Victor is letting Adam hide out at the ranch. Nikki hasn’t seen him, but Victoria tells her she saw his favorite brand of scotch out with an empty glass. Nikki muses that if it’s true, she’s really not all that surprised; he’d do the same thing for Victoria.
Nikki, Victoria problem Y&R

At Sharon’s place, Rey tells Sharon he won’t be coming to Faith’s court hearing today; that’s her parents’ job. Sharon wants to talk but he informs her nothing’s changed for him since last night. He still intends to leave. Faith appears and apologizes again for what she’s done. Rey says he’s proud of her; she’s braver and a lot more responsible than some adults he knows. Sharon shoots him a look, and he exits.

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Still at Society, Victoria wonders if there’s anything Victor could do that would upset her mother. Nikki’s learned which battles to pick. She reminds Victoria that Adam saved Faith’s life… and he can’t stay hidden forever. Nikki urges Victoria to savor winning Locke’s company and goes. Victoria picks up her phone and calls Rey. She leaves a message to phone her back; “We need to talk.” When Rey shows up, she informs him she saw evidence of Adam’s presence at the ranch and suggests he check it out. Rey rushes out and Victoria smiles.
Victoria, Rey tip off Y&R

At Jabot, Kyle tells Jack he came to discuss something serious but he’ll lead with the good news — he and Summer are engaged again, and this time it’s for keeps. Jack thinks it’s great but brings up Ashland Locke. Kyle insists he won’t get through him to harm Summer. Talk turns to the rumors spreading about Jabot. Kyle’s convinced Locke is behind them. Jack admits it crossed his mind but doesn’t want to assume. Kyle argues by the time they get proof the damage will be done.
Kyle, Jack discuss Ashland trouble Y&R

At the hotel, Summer tells Nick and Phyllis that she and Kyle are engaged. “We’re getting married! Again!” Phyllis, glancing at Nick replies, “Um, that’s great!” Nick reminds her she bolted on the guy the last time. Summer relays they’re both sure this time. Nick will talk to Kyle man-to-man and then he’ll feel more comfortable. Summer sighs, “Really, dad?” Nick confirms, “Really.” Summer sends her best wishes for Faith as Nick leaves for the court hearing.
Summer, Nick, Phyllis engagement Y&R

Summer starts to leave the hotel after Nick but Phyllis wants to talk through their issues. Her daughter hasn’t forgiven her. Phyllis argues that Sally posed a threat to Jack and Summer. She’ll always protect her. Summer thought Sally was a threat to her job but it was her mom who nearly lost it for her. Phyllis reports Jack broke up with Sally and asks, “Can you thank me now?” Summer concedes that’s something to be grateful for and walks off.

Later, Jack shows up in the lobby and discusses the engagement with Phyllis. He complains that Kyle and Summer couldn’t have done a worse job of handling this thing with Sally. Phyllis hopes he won’t hold this against her daughter; there’s plenty of blame to share. She points out Summer’s gut reaction about Sally turned out to be true. Jack begins to defend Sally then decides not to.
Phyllis, Jack talk hotel Y&R

At Sharon’s place, she and Nick coach Faith to be honest and respectful in court. Christine arrives and backs them up. Faith worries about getting weird looks at school after missing class for a court date, but is prepared.
Christine arrives at house before court Y&R

At Crimson Lights after court, Nick, Sharon and Faith feel the fine, community hours, and rehab assigned were fair. Faith’s relieved it’s all over and reflects that school will be tough. Jordan got suspended and she’ll get blamed; the bullies haven’t gone anywhere.
Faith, Nick, Sharon after court Y&R

In their suite, Kyle’s perturbed that Summer’s dad still won’t recognize how far they’ve come. As they begin to fool around, they ignore Kyle’s phone ringing — the call is from Tara.

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At the ranch, Rey tells Victor he’s looking for Adam. Victor wonders why he thinks he knows where he is. Rey points out the rare brand of scotch and warns harboring a suspect is aiding and abetting. Victor suggests he go see Chelsea if he wants justice. “She’s been playing the victim for far too long.” Rey wants to look around, and Victor asks for a search warrant. Then chuckles. Rey’s convinced his theory is correct. Vic asks, “What theory? Who put that in your head?” Rey retorts, “Your oldest daughter. Does that surprise you?”

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Chelsea disconnects from Connor’s school when her doorbell rings. She jumps in the chair and calls, “Come in.” Rey enters. He thought she might have ideas where Adam’s hiding out. She thinks he should ask Sharon. Rey got a tip he might be at the ranch. Chelsea relays she plans to file a restraining order. Rey’s interested to see her recovery is at the point where she doesn’t need a nurse. Chelsea muses about how similar their situations are, all because of Adam. She hopes Sharon’s owned up to her part in all of this.
Rey questions Chelsea Y&R

At school, Faith greets a student who walks right past her. Another guy comes along, complains she got Jordan suspended and calls her a loser. Malcolm appears and dares him to call her that again. Malcolm thinks ‘Wayne’ looks like a wuss, an idiot and a moron and warns him to step off. Wayne scuttles away. Faith appreciates Moses defending her but could have handled him herself. Moses is sure she would have been scarier than him.
Moses defends Faith at school Y&R

Rey rejoins Sharon at home, asks about court, and reiterate he’ll still be leaving. Sharon’s stunned to hear he’s searching the ranch for Adam after receiving a tip. He hopes that was surprise in her voice. Sharon has no idea where he is. Rey believes her, but surely she can understand why he was suspicious. He gets a text and leaves.

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At the ranch, Victor informs Victoria that she betrayed him by going to Rey. When they have trouble in the family, it stays in the family. He barks that Adam isn’t there. Victoria guesses he helped him to move on, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. They begin shouting as she complains about his problematic blind loyalty to Adam and Victor hollers back — that loyalty extends to all of them. Nikki intervenes, but Victor tells her to stay out of it. He slams out of the room. Nikki fumes that anything involving this family concerns her.
Victor hollers at Victoria Y&R

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At the hotel, Kyle answers Tara’s next call and she warns him that she and Ashland just had a terrible fight. Harrison needs her so she disconnects before confirming it had to do with him. Kyle frets about whether or not to call back and tells Summer he has a very uneasy feeling.
Kyle answers Tara's call Y&R

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Melody Thomas Scott directs viewers to to find out more about underage drinking.

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