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At the hotel, Phyllis assures Nick that Faith will be fine; she’s learned her lesson, then adds, “It’s too bad Sharon didn’t learn her lesson where Adam’s concerned.” Nick tells Phyllis her party is arriving and leaves. Phyllis joins Mariah and Lola and explains Abby left specific instructions but she can’t say what. They have a surprise they don’t want Abby to know about as well. Phyllis assures them it’s handled and fishes about the occasion for the party. Mariah confirms the IVF worked and she’s pregnant.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Ashley and Nina lament that Chance isn’t there for the pregnancy. Ashley wonders if Mariah could be carrying twins. Nina confides she has other concerns now that Mariah’s pregnant. Abby, overhearing, asks, “What kind of concerns?” Nina just hopes Mariah will be careful at the party. Abby reassures her before leaving.

Once alone, Ash tells Nina she knows there’s more on her mind. Nina admits she wonders what emotions Mariah and Devon are going to feel as this pregnancy becomes reality. Ash reminds her they have contracts. Nina thinks that’s good because she’s not sure they really understand how this is going to affect them. Ash and Nina agree it’s going to be a hell of a ride and raise their teacups.
Nina concerns Ashley Y&R

At the penthouse, Moses tells Devon he’d like to kick back and talk. Devon asks what’s on his mind. He replies, “Dad.” Moses muses that he always thought they’d have more time and feels they were lucky to have a dad like Neil Winters. He admits he wishes he had more of him. Devon understands. He puts on one of Neil’s favorite jazz records and Moses listens in his headphones. Amanda arrives wanting to talk but stops short when she sees the teen.
Devon, Moses remember Neil Y&R

At Society, Victor bickers with Phyllis by phone about paying for Abby’s party. He disconnects as Jack comes in. Victor explains Phyllis insists on paying for Abby’s party herself and shares the news he’s going to be a grandfather again. Jack’s thrilled. Talk turns to the deal with Ashland Locke and then to Adam. Jack hopes things go well for him. Victor accuses Jack of exaggerating his friendship with Adam; he abandoned him like everyone else. He wishes Jack a good day and walks out.
Jack runs into Victor Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Faith assures her mom she won’t go anywhere as Nick arrives. He gets up to speed on her visit from Jordan and is proud of her. Nick joins Sharon to discuss court. He relays he went to Adam’s lake cottage and he’d gone. He assumes she warned him. She didn’t but assumes Nick would be glad he’s disappeared. Nick replies it’s not that simple given he got Faith to the hospital. Across the room, Faith gets a text from Moses and smiles.
Nate, Sharon discuss Adam Y&R

At Devon’s place, Moses texts with Faith while on the headphones. Amanda updates Devon that she asked Lily and Billy for a leave of absence. She’s been going through the case files and there’s all this information about her father. She’d like to honor him by finding out the truth. Devon’s glad she came over and they can still talk. Moses interrupts. “I have a proposition you’re going to like.”

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At the hotel, Lola thinks Mariah looks sad. She wishes Tessa could be there, but she’s on the road. Talk turns to Lola being single and Elena arrives to join them. Lola senses he’s off. She says it’s just work stuff. Abby enters and Mariah teases she’s glowing. Abby hopes they’re ready to be pampered and gifts Mariah with a sash and tiara. Everyone says, “Baby Chancellor Crew,” as a photo is taken.
Mariah, Phyllis, Elena, Abby party Y&R

Phyllis runs over with the other surprise, which is a sash and tiara for Abby. Phyllis pipes up that Abby will be changing dirty diapers at 2:00 AM so should take all the celebration and tiaras she can get. Abby makes a speech and then makes nice with Phyllis for a moment. She returns the favor. As everyone realizes it’s getting cold in there, Sally appears and asks if something’s wrong with the heat. Suddenly, Phyllis’ phone begins ringing off the hook with complaints. Sally allows herself a secret smile.

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At the coffee house, Faith asks her parents if it’s okay if Moses Winters comes to hang out with her.

At Devon’s penthouse, Moses gets the thumbs-up from Faith and clears it with Devon. He’s about to leave when Nate drops in to see him. Moses leaves and Nate’s disappointed; he wanted to hang out. Amanda says he can hang out with them. Devon flinches almost imperceptibly then offers snacks; the baseball game is starting. Nate admits he’s just messed up in the head — he and Elena talked and realized it will never work out between them.
Nate talks about Elena Y&R

After Nate leaves to check on patients, Amanda observes that Devon looked sad when Elena’s name was mentioned. Devon wanted Elena and Nate to be happy. He wishes he’d been honest with Amanda about what was going on with him and Elena; secrets always hurt the most. Amanda sighs; her life has been one long secret. She’s not doing it anymore — not for her family and not with Devon. He vows to give her the honesty he deserves. Devon has very strong feeling for her even though that gets clouded sometimes because of who she looks like. He struggled to get over Elena, but now clearly knows what he wants. Amanda asks, “Which is?” Devon replies, “I want you, and to know if we could have a life together. If you’ll give me the chance.” Amanda kisses him… and they keep kissing.
Devon, Amanda kiss Y&R

Moses joins Faith on Crimson Lights’ patio and Nick chats with him before leaving them alone. Moses suggest he and Faith study together, which forces her to admit she’s going to have community service and rehab — she was drinking and driving. Moses learns she did it after being bullied by a girl at school. He decides she needs better friends and relays he used to go to AA meetings with Neil. He’s not going anywhere.

Inside the coffee house, Victor arrives looking to speak with Sharon alone. He tells her Adam’s safe and knows he can’t rely on her; he doesn’t want to complicate her life. Sharon asks if he’s still in the states, but Victor says he doesn’t want her to know anything about his whereabouts. Sharon just tried to do what was best. They notice Faith and Moses laughing. Victor approves. He muses about how he relied on Neil during tough times. “We all need someone we can count on.”
Victor updates Sharon on Adam Y&R

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Nick returns to the hotel to find Phyllis frantically fielding calls and trying to talk people out of going to the GCAC. She whispers, “What do you know about boilers?” Nick goes to see if he can help. Phyllis approaches Sally and asks if she’s happy with her handiwork. Sally denies sabotaging the heat; she lives there too. Phyllis snaps, “Not anymore you don’t.” Sally isn’t going anywhere and seethes while saying if she really wanted to get back at Phyllis she would come at her in ways she’d never dream of and hit her right where she lives. Jack enters just in time to hear and is stunned.
Jack stunned Y&R

Afterward, Jack explains he came to see Sally; he thinks maybe for the first time he’s seeing the real her. Sally promises what he heard was out of context. Jack’s not interested in anything between them going any further and walks out. Phyllis smirks. Nick reappears and tells Phyllis the heat is taken care of as Sally watches them and fumes.

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By the hotel elevator, Abby tears up when she unexpectedly receives a text from Chance. There have been some stumbling blocks in the case but all he wants is to get home to her.
Abby text from Chance Y&R

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