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At Society, Victor’s pleased to meet with Ashland about their contract. Locke’s sorry Adam couldn’t join them and hopes his legal issues are soon cleared up. He wants the CEO adjusted due to the risk, but Victor refuses. He’s paying him top dollar and there will be no adjustments!

Rey arrives home and asks Sharon where Faith is. Sharon says she’s upstairs and asks what happened with Adam. Rey explains he wasn’t in the cabin and figures someone tipped him off. Sharon swears she did not do that. Rey asks where he would go. Sharon feels he couldn’t have gone far; he’s determined to prove he was set up. They debate Chelsea suddenly regaining her speech. Sharon finds it convenient she was able to speak when she did. Rey’s unconvinced. Sharon warns Rey to be careful — if Adam’s right, the woman is desperate and has already tried to kill him once.
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At Chance Comm, Billy and Lily discuss Amanda texting them for a meeting. Lily assumes it’s about Victor poaching their clients. Amanda strides in and requests a leave of absence. Billy worries it’s a medical issue, but Amanda explains the opportunity she’s received through her birth mother. Lily asks her mother’s connection to Sutton Ames. Amanda says she works for him. They’ll miss her and wish her luck… her job will be there waiting.
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After Amanda’s gone, Lily laments that her timing couldn’t be worse. Billy’s surprised to take a call from Ashland, who says he has Victoria on the line as well. He’s having second thoughts about the deal he’s struck with Victor and wants to meet both of them in his suite.
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At Society, Victor smirks as Ashland disconnects from his call. Locke tells him there’s still time to sweeten the deal. Victor wishes him a nice day. Ashland leaves and Vic calls Michael to meet him at the ranch.

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At Chance Comm, Billy thinks Ashland must have listened to him. Lily won’t be going to the meeting; they made an offer and Locke turned them down. It seems like he’s playing with them and she wants no part of it.

At Crimson Lights, Nate tells Elena he wants to talk about them. He hates tip-toeing around. Maybe they weren’t meant to be a couple, but he’d like to get back to being buddies. Elena notices he used the word ‘maybe’… does part of him believe they still could be a couple? She respects him wanting to take a step back romantically, it’s honestly given her a chance to get some clarity. Elena’s realized she wasn’t wrong to feel insecure, just wrong for how she reacted. Devon was attracted to Amanda and trying to go back was pointless. She’s sorry she had the revelation too late for it to do them any good. “Or was it?”
Nate, Elena talk relationship Y&R

Elena explains to Nate it would hurt to just be buddies when she still has feelings for him. She’s finally forgiven herself and has let go of Devon. “I do think we could be happy.” Nate explains it’s not that he doesn’t want it; he just feels they missed their shot. In the back of his mind, he’d always wonder what would happen if Devon wanted her back. Elena understands; she went back and forth too much and ruined the chance they had.

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At the ranch, Victor’s thunderstruck to see Adam in the living room. His son explains he didn’t know where else to go. Adam notices Victor has his favorite scotch and his father says he deserves it for saving Faith. They toast before getting to the poisoning. Victor knows Adam didn’t do it and asks who set him up. Adam stuns his father again by replying, “Chelsea.” He explains she’s not paralysed anymore. Victor muses that Nick told him she’s speaking again; she sent him to Sharon. “Did you ask her for help?” Adam smirks, “What a mistake that was.” He explains that Sharon brought him clothes and food, and went to Chelsea, but she buckled and told Rey where he was — he watched from the woods when he showed up. Victor suggests he hide in the tackhouse until he straightens things out. Adam wishes he’d come to him from the beginning.
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Victoria and Billy arrive at Ashland’s suite where he reports he’s told Victor he’s backing out of their deal. Billy can’t understand why they’re both there — they’ve made their pitches. Locke wants to hear ‘opposing arguments’ and asks Vikki why it would be a mistake to put Billy in charge of Cyaxares. Victoria’s not interested and neither is Billy. Ashland pulls out a coin to toss and decide. Heads it will go to Victoria, tails it will go to Billy and Chance Comm. Billy flips the coin, and then says, “Looks like we have a winner.”
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In the hotel lobby, Billy congratulates Victoria and offers to buy her a drink to celebrate. She’s in a hurry to get the contracts to Newman and points out at least she won’t use Cyaxares to go after him like her father would.

At Sharon’s place, Faith asks her mom to watch a movie. Sharon goes to make popcorn and there’s a knock — it’s Jordan. Faith wonders if she’s there to take pictures of her bruises and post them online. Jordan wanted to apologize; she was just pissed that Sharon wouldn’t let them hang out. She had no idea Faith would react to her prank that way, but could never have lived with herself if she’d died. “I really am sorry!” Faith tells her she was the meanest girl of them all and here she is making it all about her as usual. Jordan insists she’s learned her lesson; she’s been suspended and her dad took away her car keys. At the door, Jordan repeats she’s sorry. Faith doesn’t want to even know her anymore and slams the door in her face.
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Sharon appears and is proud of how Faith handled Jordan. Just then, Sharon gets a text from Adam, “I knew you would tell Rey.” She texts back to ask where he is and what happened. He replies that she did what she had to do, he will too. Turning back to Faith, Sharon knows she’ll have to face her other bullies too. Faith’s not looking forward to it, but she will handle it. Sharon reminds Faith her family’s there for her.
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Rey visits Chelsea and remarks on her progress. Chelsea clears her throat and demonstrates that she can use her arm. She wants to hug her son again. Rey wants her to answer questions about Adam. Chelsea tells him she’s ashamed she fell for Adam again. “You were right; I’ve been a fool.”
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Chelsea goes on to say Chloe opened her eyes; she thought Adam was innocent when he left, but her friend showed her the photo of Sharon and Adam kissing. Rey, watching her intently, asks how that made her feel. Chelsea blurts, “Enraged,” and explains she was humiliated. She realized she’d been kidding herself — Adam is obsessed with Sharon. Rey nods. He asks where Adam is now. She snarks, “Ask Sharon.” Chelsea feels all they want is to be together.

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Back at Chance Comm, Lily’s surprised to hear Billy lost Cyaxares in a coin toss. She goes to update the legal team and pauses to breathe a sigh of relief outside the door. In the office, Billy stews.

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Michael arrives at the ranch and Victor updates him on the theory that Chelsea and Chloe framed Adam. Michael thinks it’s a stretch. Victor explains Chelsea was infuriated by the photo of Adam and Sharon kissing and Adam would never be so stupid as to leave a trail of evidence. If Michael won’t prove his innocence he’ll do it himself. Michael warns him not to interfere in the investigation. Victor won’t have to as long as the detective widens his investigation to include Chelsea.
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As Michael leaves, Victoria arrives. She gloats, “I just struck a deal with Ashland Locke. Newman Enterprises will be acquiring his media empire.” Victor tells her, “Well done.” Victoria knows he didn’t mean that, and muses that, once again, Adam’s gotten in the way of his big plans for him. Victor stands and moves close as he warns she’s playing with the big boys now. She may be his daughter but when you cross him in business… things get dangerous. Victoria glances at the bar, looks thoughtful, then exits.
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